Aurora Mountains

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12 Dec 2021 at 20:28

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Dragusela (More uploads by Dragusela)
Tilesets: Nick Stadler, Biohazard, Blade Music: idk why there isn't the name of the author i hate this man g
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)

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xlmfreeze.j2l Aurora Mountains 8.85 kB 12 Dec 2021
Aztec2.j2t Aztec 2 401.51 kB 16 May 2018
BioWinter.j2t BioWinter 128.35 kB 16 Nov 2009
Psych1.j2t Psych 1 163.94 kB 06 Jan 1999
This Is Gonna Be Good.mp3 3195.41 kB 25 Mar 2017
xlmfreeze.j2as 0.38 kB 04 Dec 2021
xlmfreeze-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 3.87 kB 12 Dec 2021


Map for the last Cup of the Week season 1
2 PUs
3 Carrots


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.2

RecommendedForthRightMC rated 8.2

The aurora effects in this xlm level are perfect! 8.2/10!

Oh, the music (This Is Gonna Be Good) is made by Randy Newman, and is from the Disney movie “The Princess and the Frog”.

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Not recommendedReview by Violet CLM

13 Dec 2021, 18:32
I might as well work here (531 Points)
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The aurora in layer 8 is quite lovely, but the rest of the level doesn’t charm me as much. The layers of mountains and trees in front of it are dull gray, neither silhouettes in front of the green glow nor illuminated by it. Frosted Peaks does a better job of blending these background colors. The darkest color in the blue grass gradient is still too bright, distractingly so. Electroblaster pickups are common but the layout does not seem designed for them. Barrels and masked trees appear because the tileset has them but mostly don’t seem to contribute to gameplay, instead getting in the way of easy movement. Multiple top right corners of walls can’t be jumped up against because of improper masking (and no One Way events). Most egregiously, innumerable platforms are simply too high up to reach unless playing with a double jump. Several in particular are placed ever so slightly higher than the highest point reached by a spring that appears to be intended to take you there, but, only if you are Spaz. Other springs bump you into ceilings or are hard to find, set not quite flush against the nearest walls. The design process seems to have prioritized graphics (though with some questionable palette choices) above gameplay flow, but both are important. The areas with bridges or vines are generally nice and interesting, but it’s frustrating to get around the rest of the level.

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