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20 Oct 2022 at 22:27 (Minor update on 20 Oct 2022)

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RSGDB (More uploads by RSGDB)
Alexander Brandon, Andrew Sega, Robert Allen, Lark, partydude, dfast and minmay for the original music

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File contents Dark Groove (part 1) 465.89 kB 14 Sep 2021 Jazz Jackrabbit 3 1420.17 kB 04 Feb 2022 Jazz Jackrabbit 3 1420.79 kB 04 Feb 2022
K_FARE.IT Farewell 887.74 kB 19 Sep 2022 Lark - Letni 203.19 kB 14 Sep 2021 Oracle2 2064.89 kB 16 Sep 2022 934.42 kB 03 Oct 2022 Incubuss 1408.86 kB 16 Sep 2022 The Heartstone 984.76 kB 14 Oct 2022 Water Level 315.95 kB 19 Oct 2022
Unknown_Phuture.xm Unknown Phuture 2 718.63 kB 16 Sep 2022
70's grove.mod 70's grove 522.94 kB 15 Sep 2021
K_BALLAD.S3M The Last Ballad 543.30 kB 13 Sep 2022
K_RHYTHM.s3m Rhythm Seclusion 697.75 kB 23 Sep 2022
mechanism eight.s3m mechanism eight - necros/fm 729.66 kB 13 Sep 2022
She Walked Tall.s3m She Walked Tall 354.63 kB 19 Sep 2022
song1.s3m 109.48 kB 08 Sep 2021
SONG7.s3m Letni 70.84 kB 20 Oct 2022
tek11bak.s3m Haunted Terrero 420.86 kB 13 Sep 2022


Meant for ingame use exclusively (with one exception). It’s not like you can’t listen to them or anything, but the original files are sufficient for that.

Basically I have 3 categories here: Files that straight up didn’t loop properly to begin with, files that faded out instead of looping – sometimes not fading back in as they were never meant to be used in a game (in Oracle’s case I couldn’t find an appropriate loop point so I just shortened the time between fades) and The last one is different because it’s actually mainly meant for listening, but can also used if you want a version of this track that doesn’t need scripting, which kinda beats the purpose, but still.

Alexander ‘Siren’ Brandon for most of the music here.
Andrew G. Sega aka Necros for Mechanism Eight
Robert Allen for the JJ1 music.
Lark aka labratkid for lrk_letni
M├órtin aka partydude for 70’s Grove
D Fast for Unknown Phuture 2
minmay for plusMusic


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