Gadgetary Abundance v2.1 (Streetfight)

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17 Dec 2022 at 22:10 (Minor update on 21 Dec 2022)

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TreyLina (More uploads by TreyLina)
Richard Jacques for the music, Noka for the conversion - and all those who played!
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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ga.j2l Gadgetary Abundance v2.1 8.45 kB 17 Dec 2022
IC - Tubelec2.j2t IC - Tubelec2 145.78 kB 17 Dec 2022
16-panic-puppet-act-1.ogg 3037.87 kB 17 Dec 2022


My first ever finished level…
Which was originally removed since the new plus broke it, and couldn’t be bothered to fix.

Since there’s so few streetfight levels on J2O (many of them are edits for some reason??), I might as well re-upload this anyway. It was highly edited years ago for JDC 24. The base gameplay remains – grab food along the way and collect coins to redeem a warp that gives you a shield and lots of food!

It’s funny, this map was made at the time when Lori was ignored in streetfight. Now she’s considered OP.

V2 CHANGLOG (big changes!)
  • Actually works in new versions of plus! Permanent no-fire parameter used.
  • Removed the dumb gimmick where you had to clip through walls with Lori’s kick in order to reach areas.
  • Top right area removed. It was too hidey and the layout is already big enough as-is.
  • Added some floating moving platforms in the middle left since it was way too open.
  • Removed the warps that took you to random tubes in the level
  • The coin warp is on the floor and now visible!
  • Added carrots for those who prefer to play streetfight with health.
  • Removed a lot of obtrusive walls and floors, so it should be much easier to navigate.
  • Layer 8 no longer moves with the player
V2.1 Changelog
  • Fixed some tilebugs
  • The automatic background moves much slower. Hopefully it’s not nauseating anymore.
  • Added missing ceiling death-warps

As an ancient 2010 level – number ratings are disabled but you can still commentate the overall gameplay experience. Feel free to edit the level – I would’ve scripted no buttstomp inside the tubes and auto prize-redeem too, but couldn’t be bothered.


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