Easter The 9th

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9 Apr 2023 at 14:22

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Slaz (More uploads by Slaz)
Single player
The easter bunny.
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Easter9th.j2l Easter The 9th 17.02 kB 09 Apr 2023


Here’s the usual vanilla level made using the Easter99 set. So traditional it should’ve been released in ’99, but instead it’s released this year on easter the 9th!

Don’t expect anything special. It’s just something for you to play this easter.. Or not, then I suggest you to at least enjoy the warmth of spring! :D


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RecommendedPrimpy rated 8

It’s a fine level if you like the kind of levels that Slaz makes. A bit claustrophobic and lacking in enemy variety though.

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RecommendedReview by abgrenv

13 Apr 2023, 10:13
Bee Boy Swarm (37 Points)
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Finally, a new single player level I can check out :)

This is a really fun, well crafted level. If you like secret hunting, then there’s plenty to find here, you’ll also get a large percentage of your coins in secrets, though other than for being a completionist (which luckily I am, or at least try to be) the reward is not that big of a deal, plus it’s put right at the end, before the boss room. It also gives a 1Up powerup, which is usefull I guess, but the boss and the level overall isn’t difficult.

Enemies are standard turtles and lizards, but their placement is pretty well thought out, meaning you can’t just rush through the level. Tileset is the standard Easter tileset from Secret Files, which is fine since it’s an easter themed carrotus which is already a pretty varied and userfriendly tileset, though I wouldn’t have minded something else when it comes to the music, though that’s mostly a personal thing.

It’s too bad JJ2 never incorporated the end level score for enemies and pickups like JJ1 did, because 100%-ing this level is a lot of fun, there are a ton of side areas which aren’t even necessary to finish the level, all full of mini secrets. I actually managed to find enough coins for the coin warp on my first time, since I always try to explore everything I can, when I’m enjoying a level, which in this case I certainly was.

I don’t think there’s much more to add, it’s a tightly crafted fun level, which is definitely worth playing through.

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RecommendedReview by Stijn

16 Apr 2023, 22:11
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (456 Points)
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A fun level! Nothing too revolutionary, but it does a good job of throwing new things at you often enough to stay interesting, and manages to be both not completely linear and not confusing, which is no small feat.

There are some neat ideas too, like the crate you destroy by hitting it from the bottom. One of the text signs even got a laugh out of me. Overall just a nice level that’s worth playing.

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