Central Park

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14 Jul 2023 at 21:50 (Minor update on 2 Apr 2024)

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Loon (More uploads by Loon)
Capture the flag
PurpleJazz, FawFuL for giving helpful feedback. Tileset creators (mostly Nick Stadler).
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)

File contents

xlmcentral.j2l Central Park 116.46 kB 02 Apr 2024
central005.j2t central005 652.17 kB 03 Apr 2023
SEfirework.j2a 5.19 kB 27 Feb 2018
SEroller.j2a 7.81 kB 27 Feb 2018
xlmcentral.j2as 7.05 kB 08 Apr 2023
SEfirework-mlle.asc 1.13 kB 18 Jul 2019
SEfirework.asc 8.02 kB 01 Dec 2022
SEroller-mlle.asc 1.01 kB 18 Jul 2019
SEroller.asc 9.71 kB 27 Feb 2018
SEweapon.asc 14.07 kB 10 Dec 2017
inverse_conscious.mo3 484.64 kB 03 Apr 2023
SEfirework1.wav 175.22 kB 27 Feb 2018
SEfirework2.wav 140.57 kB 30 Dec 2017
SEroller.wav 98.96 kB 16 Jan 2017
MLLE-Include-1.6w.asc 24.49 kB 02 Apr 2024
xlmcentral-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 26.13 kB 02 Apr 2024
xlmcentral-MLLE-Data-2.j2l MLLE Extra Data 29.36 kB 02 Apr 2024
xlmcentral-MLLE-Data-3.j2l MLLE Extra Data 22.71 kB 02 Apr 2024


Located in one of the biggest cities in the world I present to you: ‘Central Park’.
A large CTF map with plenty of ammo, powerups and carrots to give you hours of playtime.

Please note that some tilebugs have been fixed after the AB25 upload, so highly recommend you redownload these files.

EDIT 2024-04-02:
Placed a missing ‘one way’ event.


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RecommendedReview by minmay

15 Jul 2023, 01:55
Turtle Goon (57 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness80%

A futuristic vision of how much better our cities could be. Efficient yet cozy apartments. Progressive zoning laws recognizing the utility of mixing residential buildings with cafes, optometrists’ offices, and fireworks. Spacious, scenic sewers. Neighborhoods navigated with rocket jumps instead of noisy, dirty, dangerous cars.

Central Park’s a big level with lots of paths, but with all the long-range powerups and ammo around, you can expect to roast and get roasted pretty fast anyway. Cool all-directions gameplay in the center, with the carrot and powerups being tempting but difficult to control, and the bases are also vulnerable to long-range attacks from several directions.

It’s a Loon level, so of course you can expect lovely visuals with inventive tileset edits. The park and buildings are nicely rendered, with lots of neat little details and color choices that distinguish them from every other town level, and a few simple additions even breathe new life into Colonius’s sewer tiles.

Be warned, this level has a very demanding script (every pickup has a custom behavior to prevent being shot down), so you’ll need a fast CPU for the best experience.

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