accessvio (the question game)

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30 Jan 2024 at 06:10 (Minor update on 16 Feb 2024)

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FabiAN[NC] (More uploads by FabiAN[NC])
Custom / Concept
made by FabiAN[NC] (..its a very old map..this needs a vanilla (normal) jazz2, also for the players who join and play it)
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accessvio.j2l access vio (the question game) 1.54 kB 30 Jan 2024
top3.j2t Top secret ][ 95.97 kB 17 Nov 2018


accessvio (this is also known as the question game
/!\ Warning /!\
- you need a (vanilla jazz2*) to play this level and the players who join also need a vanilla jazz2
(with vanilla jazz2 = i mean a normal jazz2)

+ this level contains a crash code – TAKE CARE!!..
(its a MCE combination)
+ 10x players max.
(can not be played allone)
this need a few player to play (2-3 would be enough)
//to the Story:
there was a time when we all was so endless much bored..
and didnt know whats to next
..then i did came to the idea to build a new map
not something that we saw bevore, just something completly different, than all other jj2 maps..
so i builded a question game
//the idea behind it was:
if a player say the wrong answer, = then he get crashed with a access violation
// gameplay
at the beginning the fastest player can go into the “controll room”
from here, he have to say the questions to all the players
..the players also get sorted in 10x different boxes, where they stay, and listen to the questions
and if a player answer the wrong question, then the Boss have to destroy his crate (downsite from him)
if a player answer the wrong question = then he get crashed with a access violation*
(his jazz2 is closed, and he see a access violation error windows, if he want to continue the question game, he will have to reopen his jazz2.exe and rejoin the server (where the question game is hosting..)
// about the crash code (maybe for the one or other interesting)
if the BOSS destroy the crate, and the player falls 2blocks down, here is (activeBoss event)
then the invalid endboss get active. (that can’t handle a vanilla jazz2*)
and the player gets a access Violation*
(his jazz2 get closed = and he see a access violation (error windows)
we all had much fun on it!!
about the crashed players, they also came back to the server, and they enjoyed the question game
~ dont forget you need a vanilla (normal) jazz2.exe to play this
..and the players who join, have to use a normal jazz2.exe too
.p.s: i also added a screenshot from the access violation
(this was allready fixed by plus)
its a very old map, and it can be only played with a normal jazz2
~ accessvio (or also known as the question game) = can be fun


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It's amazing that you could achieve something like that before plus scripts were available. I wish I was there to play the question game with you!

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Review by FabiAN[NC]

30 Jan 2024, 06:20 (edited 30 Jan 24, 06:21)
CTF Bug (8 Points)
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..some people will say "why was this uploaded?"
you should know: its a ..very old map ( a time bevore time..)
..but i have to say: its nothing, against a question game based on plus scripts
..i uploaded it because maybe the one or other player will like it!
but dont forget: its a very old map, and need a normal jazz2 (also for the players)
to play this with many players can be fun
if you now ask: "after they got crashed, did they came back?"
..and yes they came back and we did enjoyed the question game
it was some kind of fun ;D
~ i think this old map should not be forgotten

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