The Rabbit Sleeps Tonight

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5 Mar 2024 at 23:39 (Minor update on 6 Mar 2024)

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Single player
PurpleJazz and zapS
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Jung1_1.j2l Thriller Gorilla 11.92 kB 05 Mar 2024
Jung3.j2l The Rabbit Sleeps Tonight 10.88 kB 06 Mar 2024
jparadise1.j2t Jungle Paradise 1 306.54 kB 25 Feb 2024
jparadise1_1.00g.j2t Jungle Paradise 1_1.00g 309.31 kB 25 Feb 2024
jparadise2.j2t Jungle Paradise 2 306.52 kB 25 Feb 2024
jparadise2_1.00g.j2t Jungle Paradise 2_1.00g 309.25 kB 25 Feb 2024
jparadiseD.j2t Jungle Paradise Day 306.57 kB 25 Feb 2024
jparadiseE.j2t Jungle Paradise Eve 306.61 kB 25 Feb 2024
jparadiseN.j2t Jungle Paradise Night 306.60 kB 25 Feb 2024
a walk in the rain (looped).it A Walk in the Rain 1033.88 kB 25 Feb 2024


My first attempt at creating a fully original level, presented as a hypothetical secret Jung3 stage. My inexperience is probably on full display here but I will appreciate your feedback nonetheless.

In the course of making this I ended creating something of a mini tileset conversion, combining elements PurpleJazz’s Jungle Paradise (, the 1.00g versions of the Jungle tilesets (extracted by zapS) and the main game’s Jungles into 7 tilesets which contain all the elements from all versions (as well as adjusting the masking on a few tiles, the ones which involve the wooden pillars).

Minor update: Renamed Thriller Gorilla’s .j2l filename as the previous one caused issues.


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Review by Slaz

21 Mar 2024, 20:38 (edited 21 Mar 24, 20:48)
Spaz Slackrabbit (123 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings56 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness90%

A decent level for a first attempt. The pits with random warps as a means to escape felt a bit strange. If it isn’t an instant-death pit, it’d be better to offer a more straightforward way to escape. Also on the subject of pits, the first part of the level has goodies placed below with little to no indication that it’s safe to go there. Then there’s some treetops that don’t make it very clear which parts are masked. A lot of the gameplay involves relatively long jumps across 1-tile wide platforms, too finicky for beginners and too basic and predictable for the JJ2 veteran. Aside from the platforming, most challenge comes from the flying enemies (both types of bee, butterfly, and dragonflies) and luckily the ammo placement to deal with them is alright. Scarce enough to not just keep firing, but enough to get the job done. There are no significant secrets aside from some partly obscured objects and a coin warp. Some crate stomping to unlock the exit and the level was over. Maybe a bit more variety, a more intuitive layout and more length can vastly improve it. But as I said earlier, it’s not bad for a first attempt, I’ve seen far worse (including my own first level).

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