TSF to 1.23 J2T Converter

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5 Mar 2009 at 21:09 (Minor update on 18 Mar 2009)

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J2T_Converter.exe 124.00 kB 12 Mar 2009


This program converts TSF tilesets (that are small enough to work in 1.23) to 1.23 tilesets :D.


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Recommendedpoppst9 rated 9.0


RecommendedISILI123 rated 9.7


RecommendedWhite pinguin rated 9.0

Wonderful! I’ve just used the converter to convert one of my uploaded tilesets into 1.23! Thumbs up! Got a little confused in the beginning though. Didn’t know how to do it at first. It turned out to be very easy! Thumbs up again! If one program could convert both levels and tilesets it would be a 10!

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RecommendedReview by SPAZ18

12 Mar 2009, 11:14 (edited 19 Mar 09, 12:11)
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
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Here, we have an excellent utility that can convert TSF tilesets into ones that are usable in 1.23 as long as the tileset does not exceed 1023 tiles.
I have tested this with a few TSF tilesets and it actually WORKS! :D
After dragging the .j2t file on top of the “J2T_Converter.exe” file, the tileset is converted within a few seconds!
The only thing I think this could do with is maybe to include an option to overwrite the existing TSF tileset that is in the 1.23 folder with the 1.23 version so that I wouldn’t have to deal with two files. You can also convert more than one tileset at the same time by dragging two or more .j2t files on top of the converter file.

This utility is very useful since you can expand on your vast library of tilesets you already have and make some 1.23 levels with TSF tilesets (only if it doesn’t have more than 1023 tiles) that was not previously possible.

Since the only minor annoyance is the extra file with the “#” that is created I will not be too harsh on the rating. I am going to give this a well deserved 9.9 as I did not encounter any errors when using this utility.


EDIT: The utility can now overwrite the existing file or you can type in your own text for the new file. The files with the “#” no longer appear, so I’m gonna bump this up to a rating of 10.0!

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RecommendedReview by sonicnathan 1

24 Mar 2009, 18:43 (edited 11 May 09, 21:42)
Spaz Slackrabbit (136 Points)
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Time for another review on this great program.

What this is
This is basically a simply utility designed for the sole purpose of converting TSF tileset to 1.23. (As long as it doesn’t surpass the tile limit.) I have to say, it does what it says it does. I tried using it on a couple of tilesets and I didn’t have a single problem at all.
This has to got be one of simplest programs to use. All you do is drag the TSF tileset onto the converter. It will then tell you to type in a name. If you don’t type in a name, the original tileset is overwrite. (Which is a nice feature) It then runs for about a second and your done! Couldn’t simpler.
All this is a simple EXE file with no graphics, but I’m not going to rate that part as I don’t see a need to.
Does it work?
As long as the tileset isn’t to big, yes no problems at all.
Final Score:20/20
Rank: S
DR? This is a useful utility that ever Jazzer should download. this will really give 1.23 players a chance to play some TSF only levels. You really are an idiot if you don’t download right away!

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