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3 Nov 2009 at 06:48 (Minor update on 3 Nov 2009)

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aftermathexa.j2l The Aftermath 3.62 kB 02 Nov 2009
aftermathexb.j2l Scorched Tower 4.35 kB 30 Oct 2009
aftermathexc.j2l Nuclear Winter 4.90 kB 02 Nov 2009
AftermathI.j2t LMAT: Aftermath Inferno 158.88 kB 03 Nov 2009
AftermathT.j2t LMAT: Aftermath Toxic 158.81 kB 03 Nov 2009
AftermathW.j2t LMAT: Aftermath Nuclear Winter 158.86 kB 03 Nov 2009


One thousand one hundred eighty nine days later, a tileset was finally finished! It looks like something exploded a couple of years ago, and you can explore the remains of …an office building? Maybe?

If you helped create it, don’t rate it.

It’s been re-uploaded with a fix for the vines, so if you downloaded it in the last 12 hours, download it again.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.17

RecommendedRon97 rated 10

Finally,it’s out! I think this is a tileset with very nice tiles. I very liked the office part and some tiles are also great. For me,it looks cool and it’s very useful. Winter looks the best for me. There are some tiles that I don’t like,but overall.. Good job,here you go with a download recommendation and a good rating.

RecommendedSt. Louis rated 9

This is the epitome of a well-done collaboration by skillful tileset builders.
The tileset is — as some people like to say — easy to use, but hard to master, which is a common attribute of really well constructed tilesets.
This is a tileset you definitely want to download if you’re looking for a tileset without limitations.
Great job guys.

Recommendedsnzspeed rated 10

well deserved for versatility

RecommendedBluespaz7 rated 9.5

I agree with snz. =]

RecommendedSPAZ18 rated 10

This has got to be the best tileset of 2009 and possibly of all time. The theme is very original. Tileset is easy to use and there’s lots of tiles to be creative with. Three different palettes are included; Inferno, Toxic & Winter.


Recommendedminmay rated 8.2

Versatile and nice-looking for the most part, but some things, most notably the second set of destruct blocks, are pretty poorly done, though that’s probably to be expected of something like an LMAT set.

RecommendedPT32 rated 8

not bad. I liked it.

Not recommendedCarrotusCastle rated 10


RecommendedZoro rated 7

This tileset is Good to use.

RecommendedMildis rated 10

Awesome!!! My favourite… :-) nice details, nice background and nice to play in this scenery…

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8

Review by Hammer

4 Nov 2009, 15:41
CTF Bug (2 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings2 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness57%


I have to agree, they look pretty bad.

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RecommendedReview by Arclite288

1 Mar 2011, 19:13
Frog (19 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings19 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness17%

I did try and use this tileset once, and it just doesn’t work for my JCS’ing style, so I’ll ignore that during rating.

Art Style:

Since I’m so used to Desolation and WTF levels of detail, I can’t say that the visual look is any good, but I’ll be fair and give it a 4.0, because I don’t want to penalise anyone for that.

Diversity of Tiles:

Plenty of different types of tile to see here, so have fun making patterns in the solid and non-solid parts of the level with the main blocks. Some very good animations and compatibility with light events, and the all-too-rare lasers. That in conjunction with the other types of environment (the caves and wreckage) nets this aspect a solid 7.8

Layer Management:

This one can definitely handle the layers well, since many will only realistically need 3 layers to make the main part of the level, while some other tilesets may need as many as 6. The good part of needing only 3 is that there’s more room for background scenery like cooling towers and distant mountains. I give this a 7.4.


This is one cool environment. Since the variant that’s being used changes the location, that’s always a good thing. The good thing about Aftermath is that all three variants can look just as good as each other: put the wreckage and still-functioning scenery alongside the correct lighting and the palette tricks, and you’ve got a masterpiece. This bit gets a 8.2.


Art Style – 4.0
Diversity of Tiles – 7.8
Layer Management – 7.4
Environment – 8.2

Total —> 6.85

Final rating: 7

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