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JJ2 Widescreen Up-scaling Tutorial

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Oct 11, 2016, 04:46 AM
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JJ2 Widescreen Up-scaling Tutorial

---Widescreen Upscaling Tutorial [For Border less Window mode] ------

Game: Jazz JackRabbit 2
Version: Windows


In LCD monitors you're plagued with linear filtering when using an Non Native
Resolution that makes your screen look like a blurred up ass. And only way to
remove this blurred shit is by playing in Borderless Window mode.

This isn't an issue with 4:3 resolutions because they're natively supported by
JJ2. But it's not normally possible with Widescreen resolutions.

Before starting this tutorial, you're gonna need:

1] JJ2 Plus [Download it from JazzRabbit Community Forums].
2] BorderlessGaming Tool [Installation File given].
3] DxWND Tool [Installation File given].

*Install JJ2 Plus or you won't be able to select Widescreen resolutions.

STEP 1] Okay, JJ2 Plus will allow you to select any resolutions which is euqal
or less than 800x600.

So Maximum Possible widescreen resolutions are given below:

_Aspect Ratio_ _Resolution_

_ 16:10 _ _ 800x500 _

_ 16:9 _ _ 800x450 _

_ 21:9 _ _ 800x342 _

^ These are only some of the Examples. [Note that Max limit of Width is 800 pixels]

STEP 2] Your Monitor probably won't have these resolutions by default. So you need to
create a Custom Resolution which is Possible on all modern Nvidia, AmD GPUs. And it's
probably Possible on Intel iGPUs too.

Set a Custom Resolution as shown in "Step 1".

In Nvidia GPUs, you can create it through your GPU driver. I've given a screenshot
which might give you an idea. (The screenshot link is dead, so that's out of count)

If it's not possible to create a Custom Res through driver, then you might need CRU tool
but use that carefully as doing anything stupid might screw up your PC. So do it at your

STEP 3] So you've set a custom Resolution. Now start Jazz Rabbit [The one patched with
JJ2 Plus, must]. Set your screen resolution to 640x480x16 and switch to Window mode.

Now quit your game [DO NOT QUIT BY PRESSING ALT+F4] by pressing the Quit Game from
main menu of the game.

STEP 4] Install BorderlessGaming and Extract Dxwnd tool.

STEP 5] Open "Dxwnd". From File menu, click on 'Import'.

Now Import "Jazz JackRabbit.dxw" and click on Save from file menu.

STEP 6] Run Jazz Rabbit 2 from dxwnd.

STEP 7] Once the game is opened. Go to Options/Video/Screen Resolutions.

STEP 8] You won't see the widescreen resolutions. But staying in the Screen resolution
selection menu, Press "ALT+ENTER", the game will turn into Fullscreen but it will be
forced to run in a Window by Dxwnd.

STEP 9] Once you Pressed "ALT+ENTER", you will find your widescreen resolutions that
you've created through your GPU driver.

STEP 10] Select your desired Widescreen resolution, for example 800x342.

STEP 11] Now Run Borderless Gaming tool. In the Left part of the tool, you'll find
Jazz Rabbit. Select the game and then Click on the Black Arrow Icon facing ">" right
side. Once you do this, the game will be stretched to fullscreen.

*You must do this when you're in the main menu. Do not do this while playing a level
or in the intro video of the game.

STEP 12] Now quit the game by selecting Quit Game from main menu [DO NOT ALT+F4]

It's finally done. Now you can always start the game through Dxwnd. You need to start
Borderless Gaming tool before starting the game so that it automatically stretches the game to Fullscreen.

Now you can enjoy clear upscaled game without being plagued by blurry ass vision.

Oh, and Vsync is turned on too since it's basically running into fullscreen but being
forced to run in window mode. So no screen tearing


1] SAMI [aka me]
2] Appels [For sending me Dxwnd]
3] JJ2 Plus team [without whom, widescreen resolution wouldn't be possible at all]
4] Dxwnd and Borderless gaming authors.

Do not Fuck with the credits or you get fucked.



Quick View:


------Widescreen Upscaling Tutorial [For Exclusive Fullscreen mode]-----------

For non blurry image in Fullscreen, follow the Tutorial below and download the necessary files from the link given below:

Jazz JackRabbit 2 Anti blurred Fullscreen Fix

Note► For the NooBoobs who tends to fuck up while experimenting. Please, do read this text before you try the fix. If your PC gets fucked up because your Noobish skils, I shall not be liable for the damage. Even if your PC get's fucked up by following the tutorial, I shall not be responsible for your loss, not! :P

But hey, there probably won't be any damage but your GPu can melt. Okay, here we go:


-Set Widescreen resolution following the guidelines of the previous tutorial above.

-Extract the "" in a folder.

-Copy "DDraw.dll" from "MS" folder of DgVoodoo and paste it where Jazz JackRabbit 2 Game '.exe' file is located.

See, all you need to do is copy and paste the "DDraw.dll" to your exe root folder.

-Now open "dgVoodooSetup.exe" and follow the "Anti-Blurred-Ass-Jack-Jackass.gif" to enable the appropriate settings for eliminating the blurry filters. Hit Apply and close DgVoodoo. Here's the ".gif" tutorial just incase you need it right now:

Now start Jazz JackRabbit 2 and you can enjoy Spaz's ass and Lori's low res boobs in it's full pixelated glory.


♠ Myself aka SAMI (Sami 1999) ofcourse for figuring this shit out.
♥ DgVoodoo's author Dege for making this useful tool.
♣ Jazz JackRabbit Plus Team for making the game great again.

No thanks to Lori Bori for low quality sprite.

Do try to fuck with the credits or you'll be fucked as usual. If there are any missing credits, notify me asap so that I can fix it.

Further Notes

There may be spelling mistakes in this text. It was inevitable and it's not a school for fcuks sake.

The triangles here Do Not represent Illuminati for Fuks sake! Do not create conspiracy theories about meh, period.

You can Upscale any resolution if it's supported. So you are not limited to widescreen. You can upscale 800x600 with black bars and have clear vision following this procedure.

Report any bugs to me @JazzRabbit Community forums.

And most off all, enjoy the clear vision.

Download Link:

Screenshots [Please see in full size or the resizing filters might screw up the image]:

Just Monika

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Oct 11, 2016, 04:47 AM
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I'm uploading a video for quick view, hopefully it will get uploaded in 3 hours unless my net gets fucked again.

Edit: Video Uploaded, see the First post [Below Download link].

YouTube Video Compression sux ass, so you won't see the clear upscalled picture there anyway. YouTube is plagued with blurred ass vision too. But you get the idea of what I'm doing, from the video. Hopefully.
Just Monika

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Oct 12, 2016, 06:08 AM
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Originally Posted by SAMI View Post
Resolution that makes your screen look like a blurred up ass.
blurry ass vision.
Do not Fuck with the credits or you get fucked.
The blurred ass made me ROFL.

These instructions seem very detailed and well written.
Though you wrote JazzRabbit instead of JazzJackrabbit
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Oct 12, 2016, 07:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Jelly Jam View Post
The blurred ass made me ROFL.

These instructions seem very detailed and well written.
Though you wrote JazzRabbit instead of JazzJackrabbit

Yeah, I was already distracted by blurry vision, so forgot to type the names correctly :P
Just Monika
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Dec 30, 2016, 11:13 PM
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I've made a new tutorial for up scaling in real fullscreen mode. This is much simpler and performance friendly compared to previous tutorial. Of course you can't Alt Tab instantly now. But this is for Fullscreen users. See the first Post for further informations.

Tips: Incase you don't know, hovering the mouse over the screenshot's/images will enlarge it to it's actual size.

Hold Shift and then move the mouse wheel to scroll horizontally or Press/click the Mouse wheel and move freely.

The .gif tutorial's speed is 2 seconds. I know it's a little pain

But it's not much hard anyway. After seeing 2-3 times, you will already know what to set.

Edit: DXGI worked too. But there were far too much artifacts.
Just Monika

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Jan 5, 2017, 09:23 AM
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Similar problem on Linux. Maybe someone in the dark future will need this?

Problem: I run JJ2 in Wine on a Linux desktop environment, and I'm unhappy with the small window. I want a large window, e.g. JJ2's internal 640x400 scaled to 1280x800, but I don't want fullscreen. I can drag the window borders with the mouse and that produces the desired upscaling, but starting the first level instantly resets the window size to 640x400.

My first attempt was with devilspie, but that program resizes windows only once when they open, not continuously.

Duct-tape solution: Write a script to force the large window size 100 times per second, overriding the reset. As a downside, for a frame, I see the small window before it springs large.


cd ~/softw/win/jazz2
wine Jazz2.exe &

while true; do
    xdotool search --name "Jazz Jackrabbit 2" windowsize 1304 824
    sleep 0.01
  • Requires xdotool, but that depends only on X, not on any particular desktop environment.
  • Relies on GNU sleep's ability to sleep for fractional seconds.
  • Edit the path to where JJ2 sits.
  • Edit the window size, because 1304x824 in the above code depends on my window decoration. (I want 1280x800, and I found that I have to add 24 in each direction on my particular desktop environment.)
Works with vanilla and TSF, with or without JJ2+.

-- Simon

Last edited by Simon; Jan 5, 2017 at 11:18 AM.
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Jan 6, 2017, 05:03 AM
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@Simon, thanks for linux solution.

More solution the better .

It seems that DxGI is better for 4k upscaling compared to DgVoodoo. DgVoodoo starts to stutter if I use anything above 2880x1800. But DxGI works fine at 3456x2160

All the solutions here work with both vanilla and plus though. But Vanilla has only 640x400 and 320x200 widescreen resolutions which are also 16:10.

For having res like 768x480/720x450/800x450 you need JJR plus.
Just Monika

Last edited by SAMI; Dec 6, 2017 at 03:30 AM. Reason: Fixed spelling errors.
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Dec 28, 2023, 05:01 AM
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I've found another useful tool for upscaling JJ2. It's called Magpie and offers several different methods for upscaling from window mode to borderless fullscreen.

Notable upscaling methods include: Integer scaling, CRT geom and FSR1.

Another advantage is that it can disable the desktop composition vsync on borderless window mode. Meaning you will get screen tearing but there will no added input lag that you get from the desktop composition vsync on window mode.

If you've RTX 20xx GPUs or newer gpus than that, you can also disable the desktop composition vsync directly on window mode [meaning you don't even have to turn it into borderless window via magpie for this]. The game window itself will have screen tearing and reduced input lag. This has been possible thanks to multiplane overlay feature on newer cards.

I will add more details on magpie on the 1st post later. But for now, here are some example screenshots with different scaling methods:

Nearest neighbor:



800x450 upscaled to 1920x1080 with FSR1 looks quite decent from my first impression. It's usually a hit or miss but the art assets of this game seems to scale well here.
Just Monika

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