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Old February 28th, 2017, 05:25 AM   #1
Sonic Boom
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Your favourite Things about Jazz 2

This is my first thread. yay.

Well, as the title says, here we talk about our favourite parts of Jazz Jackrabbit 2.
I'll just show you how you could structure your posts here(may include opinions )

(Official Stuff Only)

Episode: Formerly A Prince
I just like how it plays. Probably nostalgia involved.

Level(not related to episode): A Diamondus Forever
I love Diamondus.

Character: Jazz

Weapon: RF Missiles
I use them while jumping to create a wall of rockets.

Enemy: Normal Turtle
Classic Enemy.

Tileset: NOT Tubelectric, but Diamondus
I love Diamondus.

Event: One Way
So useful.

Mode: Battle

Of course, post how you want.
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Jelly Jam
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Episode: Funky Monkeys, was so excited when I first made it there.
Level: Jungle1.j2t, read the stuff I said above.
Character: Jazz Jackrabbit (obvious)
Weapon: RF, I like doing tricks with it.
Enemy: Fat Chick, when she first slapped me totaly killed me.
Tileset: Colonius, I like the looks and it has two enviroments.
Event: Jazz start, what do you suppose this is for? Way easier to set a random spawn position when making a level instead of waiting for Jazz to fall from the sky.
Gamemode: Capture the flag
It's fun and I like to play ladders, but duels too. The duels especially.
The Rabbits' history book
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January 15th 2017
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Because the main content is..meh.

On actual content itself though, I like the RF and TNT tricks, along player movement physics (when they aren't counter intuitive).

Also, I actually like the Queen boss. She feels more dynamic than most other bosses. The difficulty level is just too early in the game. I also wish she went a bit faster though.

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Favourite stuff:

Episode: Demo (Shareware)

Character: Jazz and Spaz.
I'm crazy, Yes I mean crazy.
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