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Confused about JJ2TSF editions


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Aug 16, 2017, 12:29 AM
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Confused about JJ2TSF editions

I've been looking at the various JJ2TSF editions, and I'm getting a little confused. So far, I've found this editions:

- LK Avalon 1 (Setup.exe size is 61,772,524 bytes). I own a CD of this version, published by hemming in Spain. It has polish language, and contains every Jazz Jackrabbit 2 original episode, plus "The Secret Files" (obvious), the shareware episode, "Holiday Hare '98" and the home cooked levels.

- LK Avalon 2 (Setup.exe size is 53,529,024 bytes). It seems to have the LK Avalon videos (and polish language). The contents seems the same as the above release, but the setup is smaller (?).

- Original ? (Setup.exe size is 49,537,223 bytes). It has not polish language, but it only contains "The Secret Files" and home cooked levels. The original episodes are not contained on this release.

- The Christmas Chronicles (Xmas '99, setup.exe size is 60,855,958 bytes). I also have a CD of that release. It does NOT contain the LK Avalon videos but does have polish language. It conly contains an episode called "The Christmas Chronicles".

(I've listed only the installers I've found, in ISO dumpings and my own CDs.. Also, many abandonware sites have compressed files that contains the game without installer, but I haven't lis.)

So I've got some questions about those releases...
- Was there any "original" (=non LK Avalon) edition that contains original JJ2 episodes?
- Are there any list of all editions of this game with their own features?
- How can I distinguish between an "original release" and a "LK Avalon" release before buying it?

And some questions about the contents:
- I've read that the ending of JJ2 was changed in JJ2TSF. Are there more differences between both games?
- Are there any differences between contents in JJ2 and TSF? Were the levels adapted/changed for Lori?


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Aug 16, 2017, 12:58 PM
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I have a question to add to this.

Are there any differences between 1.00g and 1.00h? I can confirm the existence of 1.00h, because I own it.

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