Acquiring the Games

A common question regarding Jazz Jackrabbit games is how to get them. Users may be forced to find sites where they pay $30 dollars for JJ2, and some never find a good site. To this end, here is a list of the cheapest places (that we can find) to buy Jazz Jackrabbit games.


Jazz Jackrabbit is available for ("free") download at various places. While we do not endorse downloading copyrighted and non-free games such as Jazz Jackrabbit, we understand that you might want to download the game anyway. Feel free to use your favourite search engine to locate a site to download them from ;)

List of Games and Shops


  • Haze's Hidout has the most extensive list of locations where you can buy Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and its expansions.
  • Google's Froogle can aid you in finding a copy of one of the games.
  • Old computer games are regularly for sale at online auctioner eBay
  • Keep an eye on the Twitter Panel on our frontpage, people occasionally announce offers there.

Jazz Jackrabbit 1/Jazz Jackrabbbit CD

JJ1: Holiday Hare '94 and '95

Jazz Jackrabbit 2

JJ2: Expansions

  • Holiday Hare '98 at Amazon
  • Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (MAC) (Apple MacOS version) at Amazon
  • The Secret Files at Amazon
  • The Christmas Chronicles seems to be unavailable in international internet stores. Check local online stores or the budget area of your local software retailer.

Jazz Jackrabbit Advance

  • As Jazz Jackrabbit Advance is a relatively recent games, it is still available in some "real" shops. Most online stores selling GameBoy Advance games will also have it.
  • Amazon