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Anniversary Bash 9 starts April 6th, on 17:00 Central Europe Time (CET). It'll last four days (meaning it will end when April 9th passes), and during that time a dedicated server will be hosted. In the middle of the Bash (between April 7th and 8th) it will switch from Battle mode to Capture the Flag. However, that's not all the Bash offers. There's a lot of organised events on the way, and below you have a schedule of them all. There might also be some spontaneous events, and some events hosted by the community members too. Come in, and play!
All the times given below are in CEST (GMT+2).

Friday, April 6th
20:00 -- Roast Tag First person to get a kill becomes "it". The person who is "it" must then try to kill as many people as possible. If anyone kills the person who is "it", they then become "it".
Saturday, April 7th
20:00 -- Team Battle Battle, except in teams this time.
Sunday, April 8th
17:00 -- Assassination Each team has a leader which is usually confined to their teams base. The goal is for you to kill the leader of the enemy team, and to ensure that your leader does not die. 20:00 -- Ground Force Be the last person to survive in a level by shooting the ground and knocking the other players off into the pit. Some levels have control rooms, which allow the "controller" to make special attacks on the arena such as crate drops.
Monday, April 9th
18:00 19:30 -- Flag Run The goal of the game is to grab the flag, take it through enemy territory, and score in the opposition's goal. Players can pass the flag to other teammates using RF missiles. 20:00 20:30 -- Race Complete all laps as fast as possible... duh.