Characters - End Bosses

Bilsy - Bolly - Bubba - Devil Devan - Queen - Robot Boss - Schwartzenguard - Tweedle - Uterus

Name: Bilsy
Tileset: Holiday Hare 98
Score: 3000
Speed: Fast
Description: Bilsy is a tall slim devil who enjoys throwing fireballs at you. After he attacks you, he teleports to another location, making him difficult to hit. He is used in Holiday Hare "98 and Christmas Chronicles.

Name: Bolly
Tileset: Medivo
Score: 3000
Speed: Slow
Description: Bolly poses a double threat: In addition to hitting the player with his hooks, he also fires missiles through a laser on occasion. He may be slow, but he"s especially dangerous in a small area.

Name: Bubba
Tileset: Inferno, Diamondus
Score: 4000
Speed: Slow
Description: Bubba is a red devil who throws fireballs, much like Bilsy. However, instead of teleporting, he swirls around in a tornado which hurts if he hits you!

Name: Devil Devan
Tileset: Damn
Score: 0
Speed: Fast
Description: Devil Devan is the last boss in the game, and probably also the toughest. At first, Devan runs around with a gun shooting at you. However, after he dies, he will come back and transform into a flying devil. Due to a bug in the game, the second stage sometimes does not occur.

Name: Queen
Tileset: Castle
Score: 0
Speed: Slow
Description: The Queen is perhaps the scariest mother-in-law of all time! She stands her ground, yet screams so loud that dangerous blocks fall from the ceiling and the player is pushed back! Also, she can only be hurt at certain times. You"ll have to knock her off the ledge before you can get past her!

Name: Robot boss
Tileset: Labrat
Score: 2000
Speed: Medium
Description: This Devan-built robot (which requires the Devan Robot Boss event to work) is controlled by Devan Shell via remote control. It runs around and shoots you. There is also a great fireworks display when you beat it!

Name: Schwartzenguard
Tileset: Carrotus
Score: 5000
Speed: Medium
Description: If you thought the Tuf Turtles were tough, the Schwartzenguard boss will be nearly impossible! He throws his chain and runs across the ground. Fortunately, Schwartzenguard isn"t very smart. With good timing, it"s not hard to beat this buff turtle.

Name: Tweedle
Tileset: N/A
Times to shoot: N/A
Score: N/A
Speed: N/A
Description: Tweedle was removed from Jazz Jackrabbit 2. His animation is still to be found at some places though, and here it is. The character was inspired after Lewis Carol"s Alice in Wonderland.

Name: Uterus
Tileset: Beach
Score: 3000
Speed: Medium
Description: The Uterus boss floats and is usually found in water levels. It will occasionally drop a crab enemy out, so be careful when fighting it. It can also only be hit at certain times. But if you avoid the crabs and keep your distance, the Uterus is not a difficult foe to defeat.