JJ2+ is an add-on to Jazz Jackrabbit 2, working with both the 1.23 and TSF version for PC that is created and updated by BlurredD.

It both fixes a huge amount of game bugs and implements a large variety of new features, such as:

  • A built-in chat logger,
  • Cheating and hacking protection
  • A whole bunch of new game modes
  • Game stats
  • IP logging
  • The ability for players to spectate games,
  • Remote admin access and in newer versions,
  • It allows level creators use MP3s for music in their levels
  • Fixes 30 second timeout

A description of all Plus features may be found in the readme accompanying the patch.

External Links

  • To download JJ2+ or read more information about it, for feedback and troubleshooting help please visit the thread on the JCF.