JJ2+ is an add-on to Jazz Jackrabbit 2, working with both the 1.23 and TSF version for PC originally created by BlurredD. Later other people joined the team, notably Violet CLM and Seren.

According to the JJ2+ readme

JJ2+ is a massive mod of Epic Games’ 1998 masterpiece Jazz Jackrabbit 2, adding countless features and bug fixes to both Single Player and Multiplayer gameplay.

One way to think of JJ2+ is as a series of tools built into various parts of the game to give you and other users more ways of creating new Jazzy experiences for yourselves. For example, level designers have their options broadened hugely by JJ2+‘s easy-to-use scripting language and the various new options for use in the Jazz Creation Station level editor.

On the multiplayer side of things, JJ2+ expands Party Mode’s four basic game modes (Battle, Capture the Flag, Treasure Hunt, and Race) by adding eleven new modes (Roast Tag, Last Rabbit Standing, Extended Last Rabbit Standing, Team Last Rabbit Standing, Pestilence, Team Battle, Death CTF, Jailbreak, Flag Run, Domination, and Head Hunters) and applying numerous bug fixes and feature additions to the old ones.

In particular, JJ2+ expands multiplayer play with roughly two-hundred different console commands (many with matching options in the game’s dropdown menu) for enabling or disabling game modes, weapons, and numerous other options like spectators or mouse aim gameplay. JJ2+ builds on Jazz Jackrabbit 2’s strong foundation to create the world’s foremost 2D Arena Shooter experience, even more feature-rich than many of its 3D competitors.

It both fixes a huge amount of game bugs and implements a large variety of new features, such as:
  • A built-in chat logger,
  • Cheating and hacking protection
  • A whole bunch of new game modes
  • Game stats
  • IP logging
  • The ability for players to spectate games,
  • Remote admin access and in newer versions,
  • It allows level creators use MP3s for music in their levels
  • Fixes 30 second timeout

A description of all Plus features may be found in the readme accompanying the patch.

External Links

  • The latest version of JJ2+ can be downloaded via https://get.jj2.plus
  • To download JJ2+ or read more information about it, for feedback and troubleshooting help please visit the JJ2+ website.