List of Known Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Bugs

Jazz Jackrabbit 2, like a majority of computer programs, contains a lot of bugs. Because support for the game stopped early, there are many big errors left unpatched. As a matter of fact, some additional bugs were created as a result of patches. While there are some bugs still remaining undiscovered, this entry tries to list all the errors which have been found.
Many of these bugs are fixed in JJ2+.

Access Violations

  • Flipping an animated tile with a scenery event on it (such as trigger scenery or destruct scenery) in JCS will give an Access Violation when you get near it.
  • Flipped tiles on layers with textured background turned on will cause Access Violations.
  • If MCE‘s are improperly used, they can crash the game.
  • If an SCE or MCE kills a player in a multiplayer game, the entire server will crash.
  • Lasers from the Laser Shield, in multiplayer, will easily crash servers if used excessively.
  • Loading a savegame state from a level which has been saved in JCS since will crash.
  • In multiplayer, long names will crash the server.
  • If an excessive amount of pepper spray is shot too close to a large amount of objects, the animations will glitch, and the game usually crashes afterwards.
  • If a warp with no corrosponding warp target is used, the game will crash once the warp is entered.

Amnesia Error

Amnesia Errors occur when the game runs out of memory; several patches, including JJ2+, increase JJ2’s memory allocation, making these errors less common.

  • Excessive amounts of enemies in a level cause Amnesia errors.
  • Music files that are too large may cause this error.

Divide by Zero

  • Two or more players on the same spot on a bridge may cause a crash with a Divide by Zero error.
  • Touching a bridge with a width of 0 will almost always cause a similar crash.
  • If a gem ring is frozen, the game will return a Divide by Zero, as there is no animation for a frozen gem ring. (Note: in version 1.00g, a large blue object appears instead.)


  • A player can get stuck in tiles under certain conditions. Trying to jump won’t help – the player will sink but not leave the tile. If two players are stuck in the same tile, they will slowly rise through the masked tiles until they reach an unmasked one, a phenomenon known as wallclimbing. The only solution is for the player to kill himself (in single player, using “JJK”), or to be killed by someone else (in multiplayer). If there is an unmasked tile under the player, it is possible to escape by holding jump and pressing down rapidly. It’s also noteworthy that getting stuck wasn’t possible in early beta versions of the game.
  • Placing a Warp Target to the right of a solid wall will cause players to get stuck in it.
  • Placing a Start Position below or to the right of a solid wall will cause players to get stuck in it.
  • Some end bosses will go offscreen, like Bubba. They can also be blasted off using TNT.
  • In a Capture the Flag game, if a player touches the edge of the level with the flag, every other player’s chat log will be flooded with “Player X has captured the flag” messages. This is commonly known as the flagbug.
  • If TNT explodes next to an “unfrozen- frozen green spring” The spring’s path becomes “warped”.
  • Trigger Zone events using id #0 do not work.
  • Team Chat doesn’t send messages to other members of the team. If the player’s number is odd, it messages every other odd player, and likewise with even numbered players. This is a holdover from earlier versions, where the option to choose a team color was not available.
  • Team chat for even-numbered players (usually red team) does not place brackets around the player’s name, unlike for odd-numbered players (usually blue team).
  • If a player dies on the enemy team’s flag, he will respawn with the flag in his possession.
  • If a player stands on a ledge and faces the drop (also making sure that he sees the ‘almost fell’ animation and/or has part of his rabbit standing in mid-air), he is unable to look up, but can look down without any problems. However, if he turns away from the ledge he will once again be able to look up, even if part of his rabbit is still standing on mid-air.
  • When a player exits via a warp target and immediately goes into a sucker tube with a delay of x seconds, then the sucker tube will make him stuck and never release the player’s rabbit. He is now able to shoot however, but do little else.
  • Crates automatically open when the tile under them switches from unmasked to masked.
  • When underwater, the vine event works like One Way made upside-down.
  • When a player dies on a carrot, the message displays the s/he has been killed, but the player would still be alive, although they would have a black screen for a few seconds.
  • When two or more players take the same H-pole, at least one of them ends up being stuck in the ground underneath the pole (assuming the pole is a tile above the ground, otherwise this would not take effect). It is a good idea to place One Ways in the ground under H-Poles to prevent this.
  • If a crab MCE is put in a crate and the player breaks it, and then gets hit by the MCE, all sound except the music will mute until you exit the level.
  • “I hope you know that weapon switches don’t record properly in macros, right?”

Common Misconceptions

  • Players cannot get stuck by using a Warp Target a tile below a masked tile. Only Start Positions can make players get stuck this way. However, since there is the possibility that a Spaz player can double jump and therefore get stuck after warping, it is not recommended to place Warp Targets in this manner.