Race is an official game type that can be played in splitscreen. It allows Jazz Jackrabbit 2 players to test their racing skills against other players. There can be 2 to 4 racers at the time.


The main idea is to run from point A to point B. When a player has reached point B, he or she warps back to point A. Each player has to do 5 laps to win. The game ends when all players but one have done their 5 laps.

Race levels

Good level makers make the race hard to finish. There can be different kinds of obstacles and traps on the way to point B, like springs that bounce the player back, destructive floors or tricky jumping sections.

Network playing

Race can also unofficially be run online or on local network, using an alternative program (as an add-on) or the command line.

Some level makers also used the Treasure mode to play races.