Animated Tiles

Animated tiles are special tiles composed of tiles from the tileset that are animated in frames one after another. Animations can have up to 64 frames. You can create them in JCS by clicking on a tile in the tile view while holding down Ctrl.

Animated tiles count towards a tileset’s tile count, so if there are 1020 tiles in the tileset there can only be three animated tiles and if you use any more, some sprites will go funky. Animated tiles have 5 options you can edit by right clicking on them in JCS.



This is the amount of frames the animated tile will go through in a second.


If this is enabled the animation will go from one frame to the next but, once it reaches the end it will do the same frames in reverse order.

Frames to wait in between two animation cycles

This is the amount of frames it waits before it restarts the animation the frame it shows while waiting is the first frame. if ping-pong is enabled the effect will not change.

Random adder amplitude for frame wait


Frame wait for ping-pong cycle

This is the same as “frames to wait in between two animation cycles” but the wait is on the last frame this only works if ping-pong is enabled.

Animated Tiles and Events

While using trigger scenery on an animated tile the tile will play its animations when the trigger is activated. This will only occur the first time the trigger is activated the next times it will skip to the final frame.

For destruct scenery of any sort the first frame is what the tile looks like before it is shot. if you use more frames the longer it will take to destroy. The last frame is the tile it will become when all the frames are destroyed. The second last frame is the break frame, the break frame is the tile that falls apart into 4 16×16 pixel squares.

If you put an object like a trigger crate on top of an animated tile it will “fall” (more like teleport to the first solid tile under it) straight through regardless of if it has scenery of any sort. to prevent this set the speed to 0, when the scenery is activated it will fall normally.