BrainFart is a community comic project started on the JCF on October 24th, 2005. It was originally proposed by ThunderPX, but is mainly written and drawn by CrimiClown.


Early life

BrainFart started out in the Art Forum, in a topic called “Iiiiit’s brainfartin’ time!”, in which ThunderPX proposed to create a webcomic based on happenings at the JCF. In initial interest, CrimiClown quickly created two comics and a short Flash animation. Although ThunderPX was initially upset at Crimiclown’s “hijacking” of the idea, he quickly relented. The comic morphed into a system where Crimiclown made the “official” comics, and everyone else could contribute guest comics, which were sometimes connected to the canon by Crimiclown in subsequent comics.

Community input

Apart from the guest comics mentioned above, ThunderPX would periodically write character descriptions based on what was seen in the comic, although these would often contain erroneous statements spawned through miscommunication. For example, Fawriel had a faulty description for a while; “Nobody likes him”. This was, however, also turned into a running gag in the comics, where forum member n0 (also known as Nobody) was used as a substitute for everything that said ‘nobody’.

Drop in popularity

Around the end of 2006, most of the fun things had been used already. Inspiration was low, which caused only a few more comics to be made every month, as opposed to the few comics per week, like it happened before. A few attempts were made to resurrect the topic, but it failed every time.


According to CrimiClown, BrainFart is not dead. Rather, it is in coma, and it’s later years of life has yet to come.

Writing style


The comic occasionally uses story arcs, usually themselves a product of randomness. However, after negative response to a storyline where the three “main” characters (CrimiClown, LittleFreak and Fawriel) went on seperate vacations, the comic abruptly changed back to random jokes.

Running gags

BrainFart has several running gags, such as the aforementioned “Nobody likes Fawriel”, and a gag where Pako constantly dies.

Another minor gag is that LittleFreak, a forum user who is represented by a piece of paper with a smiley on it, has a girlfriend made of wood. In fact, she resembles a stick.


  • The topic contains over 150 comics, but most of them got lost because of the durability of Imageshack links.
  • Radium did a guest comic named SuperCrimi Adventures, in which he portrayed the BrainFart universe as an epic superhero-comic. Only three comics were made, and unfortunately never continued.

Useful links

"The BrainFart topic".