Rocket Turtle

The Rocket Turtle endboss is one of the bosses who made it into the game, but wasn’t used in the official levels. Unlike most of the bosses, the JCS event supposed to spawn him in the level was misplaced – it was put in the Bad Guys root category instead of End Bosses for unknown reasons. This endboss is also one of the least used bosses in custom levels.


Behavior of the Rocket Turtle is very different from every other game boss. He flies around, following the Area ID events. The endboss will not fly on the Area ID events he has been on. When the player dies, the turtle will not fly on the events he’s been on before player’s death either, meaning that after the player dies he must restart the level in order to make the boss work.

How to use

In order to make the endboss work, one must make a three event thick layer of Area ID events on the upper left to the Rocket Turtle event and a path made out of Area ID events all over the level. The path must begin next to the Rocket Turtle event.

Endboss Statistics

  • Non-powered up blaster shots to kill: 100
  • Points awarded: 2000
  • Speed: Difficulty level dependant

JCS Details

Parameter Default Range Description
EndText 0 0-15 Number of the text string displayed after boss dies