The Witch is an enemy from Jazz Jackrabbit 2. It also is an JCS Event.

Character details

The Witch has a green skin and tail and seems to be some kind of reptile. She sports black witch clothing (including a witch hat). She uses a broomstick to fly around and follow the player around.

When she hits the player using the magic balls she fires, she turns him or her into a frog, and flies away, off screen. She is very hard to kill, because her shots follow the player around. When she is accidently touched by the player, he/she gets hurt, but does not turn into a frog. When killed, the witch gets burned and desintegrates into ashes.

Enemy Statistics

The Witch only appears in Jazz Jackrabbit 2. It takes 30 shots to kill her and a kill earns the player 1000 points. Note that if the player somehow morphs into a frog without the witch’s involvement, she also flies away.

  • Non-powered up blaster shots to kill: 30
  • Points awarded: 1000
  • Speed: Fast

JCS details

This event has no parameters

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