Bold text is Violet, normal text is Black Ninja.

Thank you for being here today, despite the interview being your idea.

I heard a rumor the Foo Races are going to undergo semi-drastic changes.
this is semi-true. Races 4 through 12 are going to undergo some huge updates. the reason of this is that they stink compared to the new races. the races that arent updated will have milk poured on them.

Foo Races begin at 4, I believe? (As their filenames all begin with Race, like the official race levels)
yes. spotty will lie and say that race 1-3 are foo races, but they are NOT. race4 is the first one.

Why exactly do you say that they stink, anyway? (I mean, some do, but..) I personally preferred the level using Newspaz’s Christmas tileset to several of the later ones, but that might have been after 12. I don’t really remember the filename.
well, as you said before this interview, some races featured things like falling meaninglessly for long distances, only to crash. that stinks ;p
the level using Newspaz’s Christmas tileset will be appearing later in a “Christmas Foo Party”, but for now it is removed from foo races.

So 4-12 will be updated. Are they going to be completely remade, as it seems the Newspaz’s Christmas one will be, or just made better, so they would “0wn”?
they will not be remade at all, but new text, references to fooruman, and more stuff in general will be added.

So these refrences to Fooruman will tease a new player until the race (what number was it?) when he finally appears comes along? Or will the updates have him be there at the beginning?
uhhh. the first thing you said. tease the player until race11, when fooruman appears.

Speaking of Fooruman, how did he come into existance? Was Race11 being made with Hocus01 and the author just decided to use the wizard tiles, or was Fooruman pre-planned?
its a very funny story, actually, full of hilarious anticdotes.
one day, spotty told me that he had finished a new race. I told him to shut up and show it to me, so he did after saying “Foo : p”.
When i saw it, i told him it was good, but secretly, i knew that it really horribly stunk. I told him that i was going to make a few changes. And so, the wizard in the level became known as Fooruman. I added lots of him to the level, added what could be viewed by some idiots as spells, and there you go.

So Fooruman was originally created by Spotty, but you named him and established him?
Sort of. There was a nameless wizard in the level who mocked you through the level. I was reading Lord of the Rings, and i thought Saruman was cool. So, the wizard became an idiot version of Saruman, known as Fooruman. After that, spotty mocked me and made more levels with him. ;p

Back to the main topic, have any of the updates been completed, or is it all in planning?
It is currently in planning. I will probably finish the updates by the end of the month.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese tastes bad if you’ve just eaten strawberries. frozen strawberries.

Thank you for your time. I’ll sell it on the black market.
Alright. milk!

And now some material from Spotty, the other hinge of the door, so to speak. Bold text is Violet, normal is Spotty.

Hello, Spotty. Thank you for assisting me in interviewing you, as I couldn’t do it alone.
Very true

Why do you like Foo Races as much as you do?
Hmm, probably because I make them ;P, and having put lots of time in tilesets and other stuff , Black Ninja also had alot to do with my getting into the foo races and everything with fooruman.

He says you created a wizard who mocked you, and then he made the wizard be called Fooruman and gave him more of a character. Is that correct?
Yes, Originally I didn’t care about the title of the wizard , (race 11) in my mind it was a rather dumb lev so I wasn’t planning on getting further into this wizard, black ninja liked it strangely enough though.

And now Foo Races is a series of levels of a battle between you vs. Black and Fooruman.
:P Yes it took a swing towards that especially in race 9. I mean, 19. Wait.. 9. actualy it is 9 isn’t it?

I heard that 9 took so long to be finished it ended up being a sequel to 13 or something.
Yes, 9 was quite late, it seemed blak and I forgot about it somewhere in the planning process, so Black Made a quick lev for it , he later updated it to what it is today

Is 4 the first foo race?
Yes, I’m rather sick of playing it

Black said you said 1-3 are.
true, 1-3 is what I used to say, but the original game makers did, so I cant steal their work : P

Are there any major plans for Foo Races in the future?
I hear that Black Ninja is releasing a whole more soon.
I know that a single player pack is being thought of for the future it will involve me , firesword, and black ninja it will probably be started around Christmas

A Foo Races single player pack?
Yea ;P
We havn’t got into it much yet, I know im going to be editing some basic tilesets like Carrotus and adding changes and of course fooruman; P

Do you have anything to say on the popularity Foo Races seems to have gained somewhere along the way?
I would think it would be because the levs are a break from the somewhat frustrating race levs that jdc was using alot on their events ;P , it was an easier and funner alternative to many , as well as the story that continued through them , there were a few levs i made though that broke away from the fooruman story

Foo Races are often harder then the stuff JDC uses.
Yes the first ones though are alot easier and those were the original ones

Do you have anything else to add?
I know ill be making more foo race stuff around christmas because I’ll have more time to , grade 11 is putting alot of work on me , and I don’t have the time to make the tileset remakes anymore ,

Thank you for your time and stuff like that.
P ok
May Foo Races still be funny , next summer ;P
I can’t see fooruman lasting that long though
I expect he’ll die another time , probably for good : P


Spotty on November 05, 2002 05:00

*semi amazed at how few people view the articles section on j2o (example no ones commented on this in its first 2 days ;P)

Darkshadow on November 06, 2002 05:00


Personally I think that races are right <strike>up</strike> down there with hotels and test level.

If theres no CTF servers up and lots of people hanging out in spoys foo server I ussally just play a different game than jj2.

Spoy hosting his CTF levels 0\/\//\/3|) Foo Races. IMO.


Violet CLM on November 06, 2002 05:00

Don’t judge Race by foo races. Foo races are, in fact, a very bad example of race levels.

Black Ninja on November 07, 2002 05:00

but it really is true. they are SUPPOSED to be dumb ;p

American on November 09, 2002 05:00

Foo Races aren’t great because of their gameplay as much as because they are interesting to play. They’re terrible for competitions, though, but they rock for just fun play. ;-P

Stilettø on November 11, 2002 05:00

Foo Race’s Are K00l

ESpecially the long ones ;P

Syntax on December 23, 2002 05:00

A minor comic relief, at the least.

KJAZZ on February 16, 2003 05:00

I WUB F00 RAC3Z!112

Gecko on August 27, 2003 04:00

so do I, Kjazz. Gecko says make more.

TheKax on September 25, 2010 16:09

Anyone knows where thece levels can be obtained nowadays, since is not anymore online?

Love & Thunder on January 02, 2012 02:32

TheKax, try the JCF Thread “Foo Races Still Available?”. Just search “Foo Races” in the JCF, it should come up.