I didn’t like the old one, so I’m in the process of making a new one with pictures included. =D

Just a few things for you on what the information is going to be based on.

SouthWestern Bell DSL — 4 Port Linksys Ethernet Router
Firmware v1.37 (Find this on Setup page.) — Efficient Networks SpeedStream 5260 Ethernet ADSL Modem

The brochure (Hey! I need a name for it) will be up in two or three days. If the articles won’t allow images, there will be links to view the images for the brochure.


I. Introduction
II. About the router
III. Setting up the router for JJ2
IV. More information on the router
V. Refrences
VI. Conclusion


Link on October 29, 2001 06:00

Actually…it doesn’t disconnect all internet programs. All it does is change the setting in the router. The only way to temporarily disconnect everything is by tapping the reset button on the router.

To login to your router you will need your router password; if nobody changed it it will be “admin”

Violet CLM on October 29, 2001 06:00

And how about joining servers?

Spaz Boy on October 30, 2001 06:00

Fixed both of your problems.

JordanJett on February 22, 2002 06:00

It doesn’t seem that this is done ;)

I can help. Routers and firewalls are big problems with JJ2.

and articles do allow images.

4I Falcon on March 31, 2002 07:00

How much I do hate firewalls. I have so many levels, but I can’t use them! I WANT TO HOST A SERVER, (DARN IT)!

ok, maybe i should shut up now… .;

Can’t wait to read this.

um… where is it anyway? if it’s a url, i mean?

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