Is it realy necesarry to password your levels? I say no.
I’ll admit I used to password all of my levels, and I’ll admit I edited someone else’s level once, but I’m loyal now don’t password my levels anymore.
The only reason to password a level is if it has an employees only room (yes yes, I admit that I did those too… But not anymore!).
Here (in my point of view) are the pluses and minuses in passwording levels:

-You don’t hvae a password to remember, thus you don’t have a password to forget.
-People can look at your levels more deeply and are able to rate your levels more accurately.
-You made the level and you know all the secrets, isn’t it just fair for others to at least have the ability to find all the secrets?
And there are probably more.
-People can edit your levels without permission.
I can’t think of anymore reasons but I’m sure that there are more.
I’d like to hear your ideas and opinions.

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Link on November 03, 2001 05:00

Well I think that you should always password your levels for online multiplayer playing, especially if they have secrets, because sometimes people will cheat and go look at the level.

But when putting the level up on a download site, you should take the password off, because people rating your level should be able to look at the secrets in case they can’t find them by playing the level.

EvilMike on November 04, 2001 05:00

Well, it’s pointless to password a level if you ask me. If I really want to look at a level in JCS, and it has a password, I will just hack the password. It is not difficult. I know many others that do this too.

Nitro on November 09, 2001 05:00

Link, why is it hceating for the maker to know secrets and clients not to?

Krezack on November 27, 2001 05:00


Krezack on November 27, 2001 05:00

now i cant really get in trouble fro this as its hard to understand and you need a hexeditor and to understand it you need to know how to hack lvls already really so hehe.

oh oops i seem to have made 2 mistakes now i really cannot get in trouble but still it is very simple :)

(Please do not post depasswording instructions. -Trafton)

Link on December 08, 2001 05:00

Nitro, what I meant is like employee rooms and things like that (although you don’t see them much anymore). You don’t want everybody coming in and looking at the level and finding out where the ice is.

Nitro on December 16, 2001 05:00

Those rooms are lame admit it.
Even if theres nothing in there, everyone should be awarded eaqual acces all over the level.

Roseta on January 28, 2002 05:00

Agrees with Link.

Taz on June 22, 2002 04:00

Make on all your levels the same pass.
That works very good.

Darkshadow on October 26, 2002 04:00



I don’t think anyone should password their levels. If theres a secret room they should have it so that the server will be the only one able to access it. (through triggers and such)

Passwords are for foo’s (like spoy)

Most of us already can get past the passwords easy. Verry effective.

Spazzyman on December 06, 2002 05:00

i used to password all of my levels…but now i dont really care, its just sad if someone wants to get into your level to see your emp room…i mean come on, its just a bunch of tiles with events…passwords are not as useful as they used to be, and i see no point to them..unless you have something to really hide. =p

DanYjel on October 17, 2003 04:00

It’s always different. Sometimes is better to password level, sometimes no. Especially in example levels is very silly and fooic to password level. But, if you made easy level with easy secrets, it’s good to make secret room with password. Really good. In other cases is better to don’t use password.

For example you made super cool original episode. But it’s for nothing if it’s original, when it’s passworded. It makes J2 community dead. So, don’t password your level, if you don’t want to make destruct Jazz2 community.

Saphir on November 02, 2003 05:00

Passworded levels are very disturbing if they can be seen in the home cooked levels list. As everyone here knows, there’s only about 250 or so places for levles and if you have, let’s say, downloaded 456 levels and all of them have passwords and aren’t hidden you can’t play more levels unless you move or delete the passworded levels

Dago on December 17, 2003 05:00

I password my levels all the time… but I’m thinking now it is utterly useless. IMO now, I think passwording levels is useless. (‘You’ as in people in general) Often people can’t play your levels because you accidently checked “Hide level in homecooked levels list” and people can’t play your level via the editor.

X2 on December 28, 2003 05:00

People passwording their levels annoy me. I have to go into all the trouble of starting up JJ2 then going to the homecooked levels list just to play the level.

IMHO, it is pointless to password your level. I think you would notice if someone uploads an edited version of your level. The most someone could get away with is stealing your background, which isn’t really too serious IMO.

Sometimes (like Dago said), I can’t play certain people’s levels due to people passwording them AND checking the “Hide Level In Home Cooked Levels List” box. That means that no one can play their level.

Well, that’s all I have to say in reply to this article.

DarkSonic on January 21, 2004 05:00

I know, passwording levels is really unnecessary, although others can edit your levels. Well, there are not many people who edit unpassworded levels. If they do, they’re doing bad things. I never passworded my levels. Yes, I sometimes passworded but it was a long time ago.

Nobody on October 23, 2004 12:13

I hate it when people password your levels when you see something interesting in the level (Like a JJ2 sign popping out of a box) and you dont know how to do that weird thing.

badger on October 29, 2004 12:28

use passwords or people open your level put a bit of text saying they made it on your level and submit it to j2o. maybe you are trying to get people to let down their guard Nitro!

badger on October 29, 2004 12:30

by the way. it\‘s pros and cons. not pluses and minuses.

Tylex on November 13, 2004 10:53

This is aimed @ badger:

1) Don\‘t double post.
2) Don\‘t correct people.
3) I think some people would notice if there was a level which was exactly the same as another level except it said \“By X instead of by 123\”.

Wolfiend on April 13, 2007 07:03

This is all good and useful but my lvls are for play not to teach those who cant make lvls!
And without password theres no meaning doing a secret, I could put text near the secret like HEY PAL, THERES A HOLE IN THE WALL! GO AND PICK UP THE POWERUP! Even sometimes people make the things in jj2 a not smart way which is if seen by the reviewer just lowers the score.
So if you don\‘t have nothing to hide thats the only reason when I would put a password.
So password could be really useful.

Cobra NF on July 10, 2009 09:56

well i have a question…and dont take this the wrong way but….how do you hack a pas uwurd?????bcuz someone wrote an article about it and it is deleted now so….