Now, loads (and I mean LOADS) of ppl have asked me, and some other guys, how to clone yourself in multiplayer. Well, it’s very simple. Just follow these not so easy step-by-step instructions.

1. Run Jazz2. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1.23 or TSF. (This is the old Jazz2)

2. Get Xjj2. You can download it at Haze’s Hideout:

3. Once you downloaded Xjj2 and installed it, run the program. A screen will pop up. Select “Serve a game” and then click “Next”.

***A little note: If you have Jazz2 1.23 running, you’ve got to put Xj22 in your 1.23 folder and then run it from there. If you’ve got Jazz2 TSF running, you put Xjj2 in the TSF folder and run it from there.***

4. A different screen will pop up. It’s not necessary to change the settings in the screen but if you want to, you can do it. Once you’re done with any changes you’ve made, click on “Finish”.

5. Another Jazz2 will start. You have now got two Jazz2’s running at the same time! :-D (This is the new Jazz2)

6. Now to the cloning bit: As you’ve noticed, Xjj2 has made a small screen pop up. Close it by pressing the big button in the middle.

7. Now, start a game with the old Jazz2. Done? Good.

8. Now, on your new Jazz2, quit your server and join another server. Once the listserver comes up, select your server (the one you started with the old Jazz2)

9. Have you successfully joined your server? Then switch over to your old Jazz2 and press F9 to see if you can see your clone.

10. If you have, then CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just wasted a lot of time reading this useless rubbish! (Joke)

Well, this is all folks. If you want to contact me, then send me a private message on J2o or send a email to


White Rabbit.


ElectroPiZZa on February 11, 2002 05:00

There are other methods too.

White Rabbit on February 11, 2002 05:00

Emh…like what?

Super Saiyan on February 11, 2002 05:00

Good Speaking WR. :P

Krezack on February 11, 2002 05:00

Er no…

Just type this in a jaaz2 shortcut you use most: -server battle1
Now what happens when you click that short cut eh? Hehe.

Link on February 11, 2002 05:00

When you finish a multiplayer game (and it is going on to the next level), you can make a lag clone by pressing ESC a whole bunch of times really fast when you see “Connecting…”

Now go back and join the server again. :p

Gargoyle on February 12, 2002 05:00

I just use Project S to open a new window. I also press the wrong button over and over again just to hear the funny sound the comp makes when jj2 opens with no IP setting to join. BEEP.

Bod XAN dbZ on February 12, 2002 05:00

stupid name xan dbz.. andyway WR,thanx for giving us some information about cloning see ya around

!daXáñ¡ aka Glåðîátør

ShephardBB on February 12, 2002 05:00

Pretty nice, but old


4I Falcon on February 12, 2002 05:00

heehee… funny! I confusterated my friend doing that… he goes one way, there’s Jack Flash. He goes the other way, there’s Jack Flash again. He got really pissed off. It was funny.

(In case you didn’t know, I play JJ2 under the name Jack Flash. Everywhere else, I’m 4I Falcon. Kinda cafoozling, but it works. .;)

Stijn on February 13, 2002 05:00

Er… Are you the Flash that came on the JCF some time ago, posted some topics and died?

UmbreonX on February 13, 2002 05:00

ah..finaly a article about clone yourself (its unusefull to clone anyway ;P), there´s coming new players up anyway, so it dosen´t count to say it´s old, it´s new for new players :P

Cazz NP on August 06, 2002 04:00

I already know how to do this. I use XJJ2 to join servers with 1.22 because it won’t join normally.

Toast on March 10, 2003 05:00

Pretty nice idea;


DanYjel on March 15, 2006 21:03

Haha, loser!