Hehe welcomed to my first interview. It’s on Disguise, master of tilesets after Agama interviewed by Red_XIII I hope you guys enjoy it.

TonyConker2 is ME
DisguiseDa is HE :)

TonyConker2: ——=——-= Welcome to the Start of The Interview =——-=——

disguiseda: BOO!

TonyConker2: 1. Disguise, also know as Wisey, how did you “discover” jazz?

TonyConker2: (btw, this is gonna be posted on jazz2online)

disguiseda: It was on a demo CD of PC Format back in South Africa. I loved the treasure multiplayer so I got online, and that’s the story

TonyConker2: PC format?!?!?!?

TonyConker2: Wow, I swear I got the same CD

TonyConker2: Did you find it on that disc?

disguiseda: Yes, but I got it in a different country, there are varieties

TonyConker2: the one that was 1998 or something the other….

TonyConker2: Lol, back to the subject ;)

disguiseda: yes, 1998

disguiseda: :-D

TonyConker2: wow, hehe


TonyConker2: 2. Did you ever wanted to be a great tileset maker?

TonyConker2: long wait

disguiseda: Not really, I just wanted to play, but then I saw some custom made tilesets and thought: “Hey, I can make stuff like that!” and started pumping them out like crazy ever since. People really liked Ultimate World when it was released so another tileset wasn’t far off :)

TonyConker2: Yes…… 38 wasn’t it……..

disguiseda: 36

TonyConker2: 3. What is your favourite mode of play on jazz?

TonyConker2: Whatever, ;)

disguiseda: Tough one, I’m undecided between CTF and Battle at the moment. I suppose if you have to go into the smallest little details about strategies and such I would have to choose CTF

TonyConker2: Heheh, ok…..

TonyConker2: 4. What is your worst tileset you think you have made?

TonyConker2: 5. What is your best tileset you think you have made?

disguiseda: I suppose I shouldn’t say Green Matrix is my worst, but that’s what it comes to at the end. Some people like the animations but it strains your eyes into nothingness :)

disguiseda: My best set is Nature’s Ruins, I’m a sucker for nature stuff and I always will be

TonyConker2: I liked Green Matrix…. It was kool…. l33t……

TonyConker2: Nature’s Ruins roolz, hardest tile to use I think after africa

TonyConker2: :)

disguiseda: hard? i didn’t think so, hehe, that’s one of the easier ones to use, look at blue world and metal mania :-D

TonyConker2: Yes but….. stops himself

TonyConker2: 6. Do you think you will ever make epic-like tilesets like Agama one day?

disguiseda: Never! That’s way over my head! Someone like Mirrow will do that in no time

TonyConker2: hehe, ok, so you’ll keep with your l33t 3d look? Good.

TonyConker2: (Houston we have lag!Sir, I did not mean any attack on you…. (Note to self, never use that cliché cos he’s a deputy master))

disguiseda: l33t 3D look? haha, it’s just a bunch of effects

TonyConker2: Well……… ;)

disguiseda: ?

TonyConker2: Hehe, deputy master of school is Houston…..

disguiseda: lol

TonyConker2: 7. (Darn, these are long, ;) 3 more…) What do you think would be your greatest tileset you hope to make? (except 35. )

disguiseda: No idea, I was hoping Nature’s Ruins would take that place. A lot of plannign went into that set, but at the end I had to remove an entire section because I just lacked the amount of tiles needed. I hope it will be a nature set someday, but there are so many of those that it’s not that easy to make an original one. As for that censored set, I reckon it was pretty good, but you won’t kill yourself because you don’t have it ;)

TonyConker2: 8. Hmm, what are you favourite top ten games outside of Jazz?

TonyConker2: 8 1/2. Woo, you type tooooo long messages, :)

TonyConker2: 9. What do you think of other tileset makers? Who do you think might be l33t? (ME ME ME)

TonyConker2: Hmmm…. Response meter……… -100000/100000000000000000000

disguiseda: I doubt I even have 10, but i’ll list some good ones:

1) Warcraft 3

2) Aliens versus Predator 2

3) Unreal Tournament


TonyConker2: :|

disguiseda: i dun have nox ;.;

TonyConker2: hehe, answer question 9 if you please?

disguiseda: sure, but why are there only 10 questions? lol

TonyConker2: 10. What would you think will happen to Jazz and out of 10 out of a l33t meter, what do you think your tilesets are?

TonyConker2: 10 years later

disguiseda: Anyone who puts enough effort into tilesets will become good. Just look at my first sets, you’ll see what I mean. Mirrow will without a doubt be l33t. His sets are shaping up to be amazing pieces of artwork, and they’re already great. Not far behind is ET and Skulg.

disguiseda: sorry, brb

disguiseda: Jazz will stay like it is today I think. It has for a long time now, and I see games just like jazz that ‘died’ years ago. I’d give my sets a 7

TonyConker2: Cool….

disguiseda: shouldn’t that be 2 questions?

TonyConker2: So we done prods the camera

TonyConker2: Um………

TonyConker2: runs off

disguiseda: lol

TonyConker2: 11. Any positions you wanna tell us?

TonyConker2: (such as um….. gpw leader, clan talk leader….)

disguiseda: eh?

TonyConker2: forget it……………… runs off to the Land of Mordor where sleeping shadows lie and……

disguiseda: lol

TonyConker2: ——=——-= Interview terminated =——-=——


ElectroPiZZa on March 08, 2002 05:00

Interesting interview, except for the fact that Disguise is NOT the “master” of tilesets. ;-P

Red_XIII on March 08, 2002 05:00

Um….. Agama then, he’s the second? :)

FQuist on March 09, 2002 05:00

Now to make it a readable interview, like I said in the news post.

For example, Bold the names, remove the random chatter that doesn’t belong to the conversation..

Red_XIII on March 10, 2002 05:00

sees Fquist on his server falls into shock sees Fquist on his interview dies?

SPLASHcc on March 11, 2002 05:00

Good interview. Bravo!

Roseta on March 11, 2002 05:00

Intresting interview..

mirrow on March 12, 2002 05:00

Nice one.. one day i ll be l33t mwhahaha ;P

Skulg on April 27, 2002 04:00

Wow… I’m not far behind Mirrow? Cool… is proud
Thank you! n.n

defalcon on May 10, 2002 04:00

Wow, I only just saw this. _ Old, but cool.

Skulg’s sets are cool, but no more TSF sets ;P

Taz on July 28, 2002 04:00

There is no Tileset king.. But there are some best tilesetmakers. Like Agama, Fishguise,Mirrow,Blade,Skulg, etc. (err?)

BlackRabite on September 02, 2002 04:00

Y’know, I’d probably be a great tileset maker if that grid wasn’t so confusing.x.X

Master Cheater on April 25, 2003 04:00

Agama musta tried really hard to be a Master Tileset maker
Agama! Agama! AGAMA!
Mabye…..Disguise too

PurpleJazz on October 15, 2006 17:56

diguise has made a great tileset: Mega megatropolis!