This was an April Fools Joke, but it’s still cool to have it here… :)

=Interview Start=

Well, it’s sad to seem him go, but i guess i can only wish him the best in his proffesional gaming career. One last interview with Shad i guess…

- BeAuMaN is the Interviewer.
+ Shadow[GpW] is the one being bombarded with critisizing questions.
BeAuMaN: Well, i must ask ye Shadow, why is tae clan leaving JJ2? for that matter, where will i go? =(

Shadow[GpW]: We want to go in proffesional gaming so this “fun” game goes down, don’t have time for it anyhow.

BeAuMaN: So basically, your saying all you Quake and Counterstrike players are a buncha big shots and don’t have time for JJ2 anymore?

Shadow[GpW]: No I don’t play Quake anymore but Return to CastleWolfenstein, we have the chance to go to the world cyber games, cs is also a fun game now.

BeAuMaN: bah. And what are your current members on JJ2 supposed to do, now that you’ve abandoned them?

Shadow[GpW]: I don’t know, if they still wanna go on then NewSpaz or Disguise will prolly take over the remaining clan.

BeAuMaN: So why weren’t there any warnings of this happening? Did you not have the heart to tell us ahead of time?

Shadow[GpW]: I don’t know really i geuss it’s the second warning, how ever haven’t been active for a while now.

BeAuMaN: Well ya, that fact that we havn’t been any wars and such was kinda sad, but i dunno, leaving like this? Almost like a dead-beat dad… So… Who exactly are you electing to take hold of the remains leftover from GpW? or do you not care?

Shadow[GpW]: Oh, well i know who can take over and have the skills for it. Just what ive told you, before NewSpaz or Disguise are fine leaders.

BeAuMaN: ya, but i mean who IS going to take over, NewSpaz or Disguise? or do you not really care?

Shadow[GpW]: They can do both :)

BeAuMaN: heh

BeAuMaN: aight…

BeAuMaN: So, since “GpW” is leaving the community, the clan that NewSpaz or Disguise is going to take over, will it still be allowed to be called GpW? or since you left, do you forbid it?

Shadow[GpW]: They are allowed to call it [GpW] heck they can even have our old site (

BeAuMaN: So, from what i’ve gathered, GpW isn’t really leaving, it’s being killed. I take it your just going to be part of [Blaat] on CounterStrike?

Shadow[GpW]: BLaaT is a funclan, but The Central Gamers Organisation is the pro clan and will play RTCW for the TCGO.

BeAuMaN: How much money is up for the taking at this Tournament?

Shadow[GpW]: well max win is $55,000, but we already made it to the Dutch Finals (chance for a Geforce 4ti 500) after thet you go to the world cyber games.

BeAuMaN: Are you going to be leaving [Blaat] too, since it, too, is a fun clan, that dosn’t fit in your busy pro-gamer schedule?

Shadow[GpW]: I dunno, will see

BeAuMaN: Where will the World Cyber Games be held, so that we might be able to attend, to either cheer you on or beat you over the head with a large trout?

Shadow[GpW]: In Korea

Shadow[GpW]: the CPL is in USA (LA)

(Note: For all who don’t know, CPL is a gaming tournament similar to the World Cyber Games, except the prize is $500,000

BeAuMaN: So, who do you wish to tell goodbye? Any last shout-outs? Cheers and Jeers?

Shadow[GpW]: Well, Goodluck old bunny will miss ya. ;_;

Shadow[GpW]: Well, Bye Bye JJ2. Thanks for all the Help, Dethman, Wakeman, FQuist, Bobby, NewSpaz, Disguise, Gene and all other people

Shadow[GpW]: oh and you BeAuMaN.

BeAuMaN: Ehehe, i feel loved i guess… even you are abondoning us, heh.

Shadow[GpW]: Well, Goodluck old bunny will miss ya. ;_;

Will Miss Ya, Shadow, some good games we have played together… May you become a great pro-gamer in the years to come…

=Interview End=


Disguise on March 28, 2002 06:00


Man, this really sucks, this REALLY REALLY SUCKS! sigh
As I stand here right now, Disguise is clanless, there is no replacement, and never will be. Don’t ask me to join your clan, because I won’t! GpW will remain a good memory to all of us, and the years of loyalty I’ve given to the clan will not be wasted by joining another clan! NEVER! LOOONG LIVE THE MEMORY OF THE GURUS!!!!

Alberto on March 28, 2002 06:00

I would like to see him back in JJ2 when all ends.

Tik on March 28, 2002 06:00


This is crazy! My Spring Break has just gone down about 3 notches! CURSES!

Da-SleEMaNGirL on March 28, 2002 06:00

This is so sad. I had a slight feeling about that comin’ up.. I remember when we talked, shad. Mah god.. you got me all depressed now >.< I didn’t play much JJ2. GpW is what mostly kept me on… I don’t see much reasons left. Heh. This is so sad… i can’t believe you really did it after all.. x.x I just hope everything will go well in your business n’ all… for me, well, I’ll play jj2 .er.. two times a month instead of two times per three weeks. shrug ..I’ll miss ya shad.. this is so sad.. GpW was such a great clan while it lasted. I swear I’ll never join another clan, unless its [GpW] again, with Shad as Clan Leader. Beside that.. the rest is crap. Sorry. I mean it.

>CelL< on March 28, 2002 06:00

Yesh. This really is a depthpoint in the history of JJ2. It’ll be hard to see GpW leave… .. … . .. .. ..
.. .. . .. . .. . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .
. .. . . Well.. The best of luck to all of you, especially those who will be left behind.. …. . …. ..sits down in a corner and does nothing

Haze on March 29, 2002 06:00

scratches Shadow from his JJ3 character list :P

Nah, just pokin’ ya! Wish thee well and see thee again somewhere in the future! :D

defalcon on March 29, 2002 06:00

And I was having a good day. THis drags my easter holiday down as well. :(

Shadow, you’d better come back some time, even if just to catch up with us. Although I wasn’t in the clan, long live the Guru’s! God’s Plan to Win!

Krezack on March 29, 2002 06:00

The world changes, life goes on. Its really not that terrible guys. G/L with your er….i guess you call it work now eh Shad? afterall you are paid to do it ;)

Red Ninja on March 29, 2002 06:00

crap…man, this sucks! is it worth it? Can’t you do both? I play RTCW and Jazz2, it’s not that hard. well, not at the same time, but i still do.
as alberto said, I’d like to see some old friends at the end of jazz…

BR>Harry on March 30, 2002 06:00


Black Energy on March 31, 2002 07:00

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JoJo a.k.a. IP-Dope on March 31, 2002 07:00


Oh well, just like I said one the JCF, it’ll change many things for Jj2, and I’m really sad to see you leaving…Good luck with yer pro-gaming and hope to see you back some day! We’ll wait for you!

(Flame tag removal. -Trafton)

Red_XIII on April 02, 2002 07:00

Hallo Bolt, kills ShadoW april fools indeed.

Bolt, a) you hate shadow. b_you hate shadow. c)you hate shadow. d)you hate shadow.

American on August 04, 2002 06:00


Washing Man on January 29, 2003 06:00

All right! Right e-mail was! Sorry!