Have you ever thought “Oh, I wish I could change those boring demos to something else. I wish I could make my own demos.” ?

Well I haven’t :P

But I’m sure some other people have thought that, and I know how to do it. It isn’t a hugely long article, but it does explain how to do it.

First you have to decide on a level to use, and make some time to record the macro, because you don’t want to leave the computer in the middle of recording it, because that will look bad.

Once you have decided on the level, you have to run JJ2. But wait! You have to do it like this:

Press the start button, then click run. Now type in the path to JJ2 (in quotes), then -spy, then the level filename, then -record.

So, for example, it could be:

“C:\Games\Jazz 2\Jazz2.exe” -spy castle1.j2l -record

All that -spy does is show the spy window (don’t worry…it isn’t spying on you or anything).

Get ready, and click OK.

Now play exactly as you want the demo to look like. Remember it records every single move you make in JJ2. When you are done (remember, demos usually aren’t the whole level), exit by pressing the X button in the corner with your mouse. You don’t want to use the ESC->Quit Game thing, because that will record in your macro.

If you are quick enough before it closes, you will see in the spy window the filename that it saves the macro as. It will be levelfilenamewithoutj2lextension.j2m

Take note of that, and start up Windows explorer. Go to your JJ2 path, and in explorer, click View->Arrange Icons->By Type. This arranges the files by their extensions. So scroll down until you get to the .j2m files. Now rename (right click on the file and choose rename) all the ones you don’t like from “whatever.j2m” to “whatever.j2m.bak” (unless you hate them so much you just want to get rid of them; in that case, delete them)

Now you will have a few left (or maybe just the one you created) as .j2m, so you are done! Now whenever you leave JJ2 unattended for a while, it will gradually cycle through all of the .j2m files (together with the hi scores and intro and everything)

Now there has got to be some way of running the macros without doing the demo thing, but I don’t know how to do that. When I hexedit JJ2, then I see J2M and J2L near where the command line options are, but when I run JJ2 like ““C:\Games\Jazz 2\Jazz2.exe” castle1.j2m” then it doesn’t work. If anyone has info on how to do this, please post it as a comment here.


aiko on October 27, 2001 04:00

Old news, Link. You should better make a TSF version of your great ChatLogJJ2 proggy :-)

Black Ninja on October 27, 2001 04:00

GREAT article link.
but for some reason my demo NEVER plays. ;p

JordanJett on October 27, 2001 04:00

I’m learning of new (sorta) demo screens waiting through all these to see mine.

Hellraiser on October 27, 2001 04:00

I have a problem with mine… I recorded the Devan Boss fight, but it wouldn’t play as “Damn2.j2m” so I replaced the stupid “Marrinated Rabbit” one with mine by naming it “beach.j2m”.

But now, when JJ2 goes to play it, it gives me an error:

“cannot find tileset for ending.j2l”

But there’s no such level as ending.j2l, and it can’t be referring to “ending.j2v” because I didn’t record the ending movie in my marco.

any ideas on how to fix that?

Cesar on October 27, 2001 04:00

Recording could have been funner if you can also record multiplayer games online.

Local split-screen works though.

blurredd on October 27, 2001 04:00

ooo, I just found some other cool stuff that you could do. If anyone’s interested, I could right a little article on it.

et on October 27, 2001 04:00

Even if this was old news, I had never heard of it. This feature could be very useful for tutorials on how to complete huge levels like QoB. Anyone remember that HUGE level by Dethman :). Plus you could use it for previews of level packs. Instead of giving people the tilesets and levels ( you might have to include them anyway) you could make a role playing demo of the level pack so people get the idea of what its like. Thanks Link, for posting up this article.

Thanks link and the person that put up the original

Link on October 27, 2001 04:00

Well even if it is old news, I don’t see another article about it.

I will make a TSF version of ChatLog sometime…but right now I’m working on another program.

FQuist on October 28, 2001 04:00

Spaztic, I think you would have to provide the tilesets too, then. Macros aren’t movies, right?

Tik on October 28, 2001 04:00

Thanks for posting this Link, I had never tried to make macros before, now I’m thinking about releasing some demos of my new pack using macros. Good idea. Or would anyone like a macro of how to get through Mines of Moria? Tehe =) Anyways, thankyouverymuch.

Stijn on October 28, 2001 04:00

Post your stuff, BlurredD!

Stijn on October 28, 2001 04:00

BTW, I didn’t even know that there were other demo files as beach.j2ml and colon1.j2m (they have some weird jazz cinematic sprte errors, so…). Anyway, Link, thanks for this great article.

Gzou on October 28, 2001 04:00

Ok, i tried it, it worked BUT… There are a few problems.Here is a list of the problems and possible solutions:-

1.I tried changing weapons but in the macro, it d’oesnt change weapon and it starts doing things you didn’t.So D’ONT CHANGE WEAPONS DURING RECORDING.

2.My brother likes using cheat codes during single player mode and in the recodring, the cheats didn’t show up(eg:he used the morph code and in the demo jazz didn’t morph into spaz)and jazz starts doing things again that you didn’t.so D’ONT USE CHEAT CODES DURING RECORDING.

3.When you’re demo play’s once comletley, and if you let it play a second time jazz doesn’t move or do anything!(except things like eating a carrot). I d’ont know what the solution to that problem is but if you know it,please e-mail me the solution.

So that’s it. OH! by the way am i the only preson with this problem? If yes then i say good bye to you for a while beacause i have to smash my computer and buy a knew one that works. If no, then i will be releived and i w’ont have to pay 3000$ for my new computer.

THAT’S all. cya!

stinger on October 28, 2001 04:00

I don’t have the jazz2.exe!

stinger on October 28, 2001 04:00

Or maby i do

stinger on October 28, 2001 04:00

It diden’t save my demo

Link on October 28, 2001 04:00

Yes…the macros are just commands of what Jazz does. You still need the level file and the tileset to run the macro.

Hellraiser on October 29, 2001 05:00

I changed from BB bouncers to Blaster in mine, and at the part where I killed Devan, (this was damn2.j2l), when it played, Jazz just stood there ans Devan killed him. then the mrco ended. weird…. Guess I’m having Gzou’s problem. But I like the Blaster, and when yopu collect BB bouncers, it automoaically switches to them (I really really hate that!!!!!!!!!), so it can’t be avoided. Unless I don’t pick up the ammo… but other than trhat….

Stijn on October 29, 2001 05:00

Yes ;)

Tik on October 30, 2001 05:00

You’re right, the evil thing needs the level. Too bad it can’t just encrypt the level into the macro itself. If we ever got ahold of the source code I imagine that the macros would include cheat code, weapon switching, and different characters. Heh, first time I tried to do a short demo I switched to Spaz using jjmorph, and when I ran the demo Jazz just acted like an idiot. Hehness.

Anyway, some other things – I found out that it’s safe to delete those other macros, so then you just include your own instead of Epic’s. You can also temporarily move them so that you only have one .j2m file. This way Jazz2 won’t scroll through all of the other files to get to yours. Very spiffy indeed.

anonymous on December 23, 2001 05:00 [Edit]

this is very nice but it doesnt work in XP

Wazz Wackrabbit on December 25, 2001 05:00


No Gzou, you’re not alone.

1. In Dungeon Dilemma I use blaster, but macro shoots only bouncers.
2. In Tube2.j2l – da same.

I must get ready for this.. So I’ll record an film in my lvl w/o weapons
;) I’ve got 2 demos around me…

Link, U ROCK!

Nobody on October 26, 2004 10:34

The command only works if i go to start menu and go click on run… So it works, but only by the run in the start menu. This could be useful if you want to let people see you play in single player. What i dont like is that im a spazzer and dont use jazz as much… but i could still play with jazz though.

Alexander on January 05, 2005 16:10

if you use commadn parameter -spaz jazz2 starts up with spaz default. so yo ucan record demos with spaz (Just something I remember remember (or not :P ))

Jarno vos on January 06, 2005 14:58

What For Program I Must Use???????????

Violet CLM on January 06, 2005 23:32

You should use any working version of Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

Janus on March 06, 2005 13:08

If I record my custom level, and the thing plays the demo, it says: \“Level or tileset not found: .j2l\”. And with a primary level such as Haunted2.j2l, it works.
Any ideas?

ratboy on January 15, 2006 17:10

this does not work tell more now

Jimbob on July 06, 2006 01:35

Oh yeah, and here’s another glitch:
i’ve done this before, and when the demo plays,
(if u’ve ended the level when recording) it will play the Demo on the next level, with Jazz doing stuff that recorded on the other.

drmooCSW on July 06, 2006 21:48

What supposed to happen when you type the command line?
\“C:\\Games\\Jazz2\\Jazz2.exe\” -spy castle1.j2l -record

-record doesn\‘t record anything. Am I missing something? Software? What\‘s wrong?

Jimbob on July 07, 2006 02:41

Drmoo, i think u already had Jazz2 open when u clicked ok.(That was my problem). Run opens it for u (with the level), and records it.
Oh yeah, i almost forgot.
Link, when it saves the filename it saves it in ALL CAPITALS.
if u record on Colon2.j2l, it saves it as

Jimbob on July 07, 2006 22:02

when u do this, and it plays, Jazz will just stand there acting like an Idiot.
(I Tried recording with TSF and it did this, ‘cuz the levels in TSF are HUGE, and i usually record the whole level.)