Groovin Grinders

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17 Jan 2002 at 06:00

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ggrinders-readme.txt 0.30 kB 17 Jan 2002
Groovin.j2l Groovin Grinders 5.57 kB 17 Jan 2002
funkacid.xm funkacider 988.68 kB 02 Aug 2001


Well it has been some time now but I’ve made a new level.This might not be the best level (DUH!) but I sure think it is fun to play.


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RecommendedReview by Payback

28 Jan 2015, 10:22
CTF Bug (3 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings3 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness100%

This and Martin’s Carrotus map have always been personal favorites of mine. The sheer mayhem on this map (I recommend around 5+ players) is amazing. I love the placement of weapons. It forces players to carefully manage ammo consumption. Powerups are scarce and this allows players to take more hits and make games last a bit longer.

The eye candy is fantastic, something F!re always received most criticism for. He obviously took the advice to heart and made sure everything looks nice and polished, which can be quite difficult with this tileset.

The excellent music track pushes the score further up, giving this level a big fat stamp of approval.

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Review by Bjarni Cool

Posted more than 18 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (32 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings32 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%


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Review by Stijn

Posted more than 18 years ago
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (455 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings282 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness87%

Cool, indeed. But I really don’t think this deserves an 10.0. The level is sometimes really looking empty, but that’s prolly cuz the non-existant background mountains. The level is nice, has some good ammo plaecement, maybe a bit too few but that doesn’t really matter. But now I see why this level looks empty. It has not enough groovy flowers, trees or caterpillars. Also the platforms are maybe a bit too linear, and in fact there are really some empty places. But the music adds the points that you lost with emptyness: it’s excellent! A really seventies disco song (or something, I’m not from the seventies ;). It kinda reminds me of the music from the “Monolpoly” PC game (part one, from about 4 years ago or something) and Jamiroquai ;).

To sump it all up, a 7,0 is yours.

EDIT: Oops, reviewed whil low detail was on. Added 0,5.[This review has been edited by Fl@$h aka BlewMeUp]

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Review by SPLASHcc

Posted more than 18 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (102 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings102 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness25%

Psychic tileset. Finally! :D
A pretty nice battle level, here. The layout could have been better, as Flash said, too lineair! You could improve it by adding more hills and paths. Also, the level has mostly open (unused) spaces, doesn’t really look good. However, weapon placement was good, as well as the groovy background music. Also, using a well-underused tileset adds up more points.

Overall, not a level you should download for the great eyecandy. No, you should download this level for the same reason you download all of F!re’s levels: Big mass fighting – play this with alot of people! a 7.2

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Review by Taz

Posted more than 18 years ago
Jazz Jackrabbit (279 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings279 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness37%

One of the orginal tilesets that i love :P
cool music…
and great lvl!
a cool d/l

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Review by aiko

Posted more than 18 years ago
I might as well work here (510 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings490 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness82%

Whew! I really like the style of this level. Psych is still so underused and in “Groovin Grinders” F!re really shows us what you can do with this awesome tileset (actually not one of my favourite ones, but hey, if you have a good level…).
The level is kinda large (150*50 tiles, a tad too large i think) and it has a pretty cool design: good platform, weapon and event placement (argh! food! :-), circular, quite easy to navigate and just fun to play. There a lot of obstacles (those mushrooms, for example) and nice arrangements. About the layer work: being not totally breathtaking, it’s based on a few passing objects in the foreground, hills in the background layers and some detail work (not bad at all, really).
Furthermore, as a main reason for the funky “feeling” of this level, the author used a great background music: “funkacider” by reed/trsi (whew, oldskoolerz! finland style!), which was an multichannel compo entry at ASM 2001. Usually, i don’t like the idea of not using the original J2B file for an Epic tileset, but this time i see it totally different. It’s funky to the bone!!
Anyways, in the meantime i’m here to rate the level, not the music (would be a 9 then :). Which leads me to the conclusion, that “Groovin Grinders” is a very 0Oo.FUNKY.oO0 battle map that will garantuee a lot of fun and also may cheer you up a bit (if you live in one of those cold, dark, rainy grey landscapes like me :). My recommendation: DOWNLOAD NOW! (a very good 7!).

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