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25 Jan 2002 at 06:00 (Minor update on 11 Jan 2019)

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Electric Ir (More uploads by Electric Ir)
Tested by Newspaz, ElectroPiZZa, Flea, Xan and Spotty
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CHeMiCaLs LaBoRaToRYs.txt 0.37 kB 25 Jan 2002
elec1.j2l CHeMiCaLs LaBoRaToRYs 7.62 kB 25 Jan 2002


A battle level using the Labrat tileset.

I worked on this in 2000, found it again and rebuilt a whole area, removed obsolete texts, etcetera. The final piece was finished in 2002.


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Review by Bod XAN dbZ

Posted more than 16 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (38 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings38 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

its a Great lvl and its succesfull made ,your hosting it now so i will go one playing ;) cya


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Review by sebzero

Posted more than 16 years ago
Frog (12 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings12 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0

Great Level, I pretty much love it but… There could be a little more ammo,

Good job Electric

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Review by MR MAGOO

Posted more than 16 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (47 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings47 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness66%

Off we start again with my unusually large review:

Eyecandy: The eyecandy in this level was okay, but pretty basic. Nothing really caught my eye. It uses vines and sucker tubes and a good backround. The eyecandy is full and packed. A few minor mistakes here and there, but not much to worry about. Also, I noticed that those belts that move are floating without anything below them to make it look better. I find that to be weird looking.

Gameplay: The gameplay was pretty good, but for Jazz sometimes it’s a struggle. I suggest adding a few more springs in a few areas. I also noticed a few dead ends. Try to replace those with springs or tubes leading out.

Ammo: The amount of ammo was sparse in some places. A good amount of ammo in one spot, but barely any in another. Try adding different patterns of ammo to make it look more interesting. And what’s this? Gems in a battle level? It may look good, but gems in a battle is a nono. You also added food, which I don’t have a problem with.

Overall, Chemicals Labratorys is an average labrat level with good points and bad points. Download recommendation? Sure!

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Review by Spotty

Posted more than 16 years ago
Turtle Goon (87 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings87 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness73%

Yay you posted it, it’s a bieutiful wide open and good “platform” of a level . The tileset is underused which just makes it better! Good to see levels with lab rat once in a while. Good job and keep making good levels :).
P.S. How’d your lev already get more reviews then mine :P

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Review by blurredd

Posted more than 16 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (198 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings198 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness90%

I liked a lot o stuff in this level. Like the eye-candy, the layout, and the ammo placement, and the tileset that was used. What I didn’t like were those sucker tube things in layer 3 at the bottom-right of the level; they kinda seemed to have no point. Everything else was good. So just download this whenever you get the chance.

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Review by Chi Chi DZ

Posted more than 16 years ago
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0

I like this level because you can make good battles in it. The backgroud is nice. Cool level =)

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Review by aiko

Posted more than 16 years ago
I might as well work here (510 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings490 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness82%

“Chemicals Labroratorys” (i wonder if that’s grammatically correct…well, english sucks :-) is a nice little (standard size: 100*50 tiles) battle level using the good old Labrat tileset.

It has an acceptable layout that is obviously supposed to be round and easily playable (which it isn’t because of reasons i’ll mention later).
The weapon selection is very good. As for the event placement, i didn’t find it exceptionally good: the gems and food are pretty useless in a battle and the destruction events (which are quite annoying sometimes, esspecially regarding navigation) are just not my favourite idea in such a level (no real big problems, though).

Regarding the layer work, i have to mention this real nice(!) “JAZZ” arrangement in one of the background layers. Otherwise, nothing special about it.

Well, all in all, even if it may sound harsh, i don’t see this level too far away from the average. It is just missing something in my opinion. In addition to that, i find it horribly overrated here, which also influences my rating of “only” (high) 6.5 points. Still worth a download, if you like the tileset, the “Made in Holland” sign or if you just feel like.

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Review by Derby

Posted more than 16 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (43 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings22 Featured reviews5 Average helpfulness87%

Introduction to CHeMiCaLs LaBoRaToRYs:

CHeMiCaLs LaBoRaToRYs is a level that uses the laboratory tileset that boasts a new kind of flow.


The zip file contains one level file and one text file.

Unbiased Review:

This part of the review focuses on the level’s characteristics, which determine how it ultimately plays.

Design/Layout: 1.8/2.5

This level has a flow that is somewhat unique. While some routes are tube-based and others are manually traveled, there is clearly a choice between quick access of areas and reliable access of areas within the level. This level was made to flow, so steering yourself out of the way of obstacles is not as necessary as in some other levels. While the layout is decent, and the general flow is unique, the level’s flow is still a bit awkward at some points, as you either need to take yourself out of dead ends and change your mind on forks (tubes or manual travel). Controlling points also seems a bit strange when creating a strategy or traveling a route does not work too effectively at all. The gameplay also changes for the worse when more than two players are present. Controlling points almost seems out of question, as the routes are often ineffective and backtracking to the climbing portion of the level is necessary. This almost forces all the players to use one specific route, but this is easy to overcome. Overall gameplay should be nice.

Tile/Tile compatibility: 2.1/2.5

The tiles in this level are correctly combined to show fine eyecandy, so there are really no problems with that portion of the tile/tile compatibility. However, there are cases where jutting platforms and other protruding tiles do not look wrong, but simply odd and unfitting. These do not severely hinder gameplay, but they could possibly hurt the impression a player gets when playing or reviewing the level.

Tile/Event Compatibility: 1.6/2.0

The events are not a major flaw in this level. The level itself, however, is mutated so the events can work with the level and its flow. While there was nothing wrong with this, the awkwardness in the level was contributed directly from this problem. One example of such a problem is the lower right hand corner, where the springs are placed so the gameplay may go into a minor loop just above it. Still, this level has events and tiles carefully blended together so the flow remains smooth while the level still looks decent.

Event/event compatibility: 0.7/1.0

Overall, the weapon placement is rather pleasing, and strategies in the battle level could be easily planned out according to this. That is only one portion of the score, however. These strategies cannot be carried out as well as they are planned due to various problems with the placement of other events, such as springs, hooks, and vines. The springs in the lower-right hand corner are one example of a problematic event set, where one of the springs can get you cornered for attack, and there is really no reason to go there. The hooks are placed in such a way that you cannot escape or plan a strategy with fluid motion, and you might just end up falling off of them on purpose. The vines (wires) just seem odd the way they are placed; you may often find yourself falling onto them, thinking they are a part of the background.

Layer use: 1.8/2.0

The way Electric happened to use the laboratory tileset for this level was very complex. This even shows, as he creatively interlaced the word “Jazz” in the background, spelled in pipes. There is not much confusion at all, set aside the transparent pipes in the lower right hand corner (many specific flaws are found in the lower-right hand corner of the level), which are definitely confusing where they happen to be placed (the transparent pipes should be placed carefully). Other than that, this is possibly one of the strongest points of this level.

Game compatibility: -0.0/1.0

There is nothing wrong here, as usual. The only thing that could possibly be a nuisance about this level is its name. The first two and the second to last two sets of letters are capitalized, and every other letter is capitalized. This does not subtract from the overall rating, but make sure the level names are easier to spell.

Overall Unbiased Rating: 8.0/10.0

This level is considered to be “good” by current standards on the ten point rating system. A ten does not denote a perfect score by any means; it just means that the level has exceeded the standard. A score of eight is a good score, and it is only expected to be improved by one point to meet the high-end standard for levels.

Biased Review:

This review may or may not be lenient towards the download; it is based upon my tilt when playing it. In order to prevent discussing previous topics upon the quality of this download, aspects different from the unbiased portion of the review will be discussed. This portion of the review has no effect on the final rating of the download.

Replayability: 3.0/4.0

This level introduces a new kind of flow, but after a while, you get used to it. It will become like any other level, and it will wear out like any other level. There is, however, a sense of interactivity and making bigger decisions in the level with the tubes and normal routes. This almost seems to balance out, but in the end, the replayability is above average.

Maximum estimated sessions: 30 sessions.

My Opinion on This Level: 3.0/4.0

While this level is somewhat impressive with the overall gameplay and uniqueness, various other problems in the environment that were mentioned earlier may make this level hard or inconvenient to play. The laboratory tileset was used very well in this level, but the way it blended in with all of the events and the layout itself makes it look slightly mashed up after a good look. The way it plays after all of that, however, is excellent.

Professional Appearance: 1.5/2.0

Overall, the level has an excellent appearance. I am not sure how long it may have taken to create the level, but a decent amount of time of careful thinking and planning was probably put into this level. Altogether, the gameplay is fine, and the level looks nice.

Overall Biased Rating: 7.5/10.0

I found the level to be slightly “above average”. The actual score may vary .5 either way, and that depends on what the person’s opinion of the level was. This is likely to be the center rating for the level, even if it is not as fair as the main rating.

First Impressions: 7.0/10.0

What really made this score low at first was the awkward, but unique layout and flow. It is not often that you see tubes taking place in central gameplay, and where they really count. Also, as a Jazz user, the uphill movement in the right side of the level took longer to scale, but then came alternate routes, which was out of the first impression. After learning the layout, the level makes a lot more sense, and finally a strategy can be made.

Unbiased and Biased Review Score: 7.75/10.0

This is the average score between the Unbiased and biased reviews, which is an important count.

Full Score: 7.5/10.0

This score combines all three rated portions of the review. This is not very important at all, but it is nice for comparing statistics.

Fully Biased Score: 7.25/10.0

This score combines the biased and first impressions review. This is also not important, but it is also convenient for comparing statistics.

True Score: 8.0/10.0*

This is the most important portion of the review, mainly because it is the unbiased portion of the review, and that is what is best for the rating system.


CHeMiCaLs LaBoRaToRYs is a pretty good level that takes time to get used to, and it is good for both having fun and competing, because it has a decent balance of gameplay and the need for skill. In short, it is a fun and compact level that anyone could play.

What Could be Improved Upon:

The lower-right hand corner contains most of the problems. The springs should be relocated so players can smoothly get out of the area and not get cornered for an attack, which could make them avoid that area altogether. The glass tubes that are not used for transport should be moved a little bit so players will not get confused when they are in that area. Also, the hooks need to be raised or added so they are actually useful wherever they are. Text strings are unnecessary in the level (although they do not contribute to degrading the level), as they simply get in the way, but leaving them in is also fine. This level simply needs to be a little looser in these areas so it could get a better score.

Interesting Fact:

If you did not read the entire review or simply did not know about this before, you would know that the word “Jazz” is written in the background in the form of pipes. Try and find where it is, if you have not noticed it before.


With each review, a new feature is added.

  • Only the unbiased rating counts towards the site’s rating system.

~ Derby[This review has been edited by Derby]

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Review by White Rabbit

Posted more than 16 years ago
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (435 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings268 Featured reviews15 Average helpfulness85%

Since Derby’s review is so darn long and detailed…there doesn’t seem to be anything left to say about Chemicals Laboratory. However, I don’t like this lvl so much that I’ll give this an 8. It does have some dead ends and hasn’t got much powerups either. I’ll give it an, in my opinion, fair 7.

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