Forgotten Temples

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1 Apr 2002 at 05:00

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>CelL< (More uploads by >CelL<)
Capture the flag
The unexisting dishwasher. Shame!

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ForgottenCTF.j2l Forgotten Temples 12.30 kB 01 Apr 2002
NaturesRuins.j2t Nature's Ruins 197.50 kB 17 Dec 2001
ascent.s3m "Ascent of the Cloud Eagle" 800.55 kB 13 Apr 1995


Just your averege lame level… But seriously. My latest CTF level, made with Disguise’s Nature’s Ruins set. Eyecandy is beter then in my other level with this set, and the gameplay… You decide. Enjoy!


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Review by BizarrE aka RazZ

Posted more than 20 years ago
CTF Bug (9 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings9 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0

Well well, look what we have here… A CELL LEVEL!
I waited months for another one!
Well ok nice level like always, and like always you just need a tip raiting else I will tell myself I’m evil.
Fear the diswashes?

Great job CelL

BizarrE![This review has been edited by Bill Gates][This review has been edited by BizarrE aka RazZ]

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Review by JazzSpazJP

Posted more than 20 years ago
CTF Bug (7 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings7 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

The first thing i thougt was WOW.
It’s a great level. I’ll advice to download this directly.

The eyecandy is OK.
The weapon placement is very good.

What could i say more?
It’s simply good!
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Review by Taz

Posted more than 20 years ago
Jazz Jackrabbit (279 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings279 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness39%

Only thing to say: WOW!

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Review by Violet CLM

Posted more than 20 years ago
I might as well work here (539 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings280 Featured reviews26 Average helpfulness90%

Two fortresses, with various passages and ammo. Two trees inbetween, with powerups. A large tunnel underneath. That is what this level is. It also has some tile bugs. I can’t think of much to say about this.

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Review by EvilMike

Posted more than 20 years ago
Jazz Jackrabbit (217 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings101 Featured reviews16 Average helpfulness84%

This is a semi-symmetrical, rather large CTF level by Cell. I hosted this for a short amount of time earlier today, and I found nothing too great about this level. It’s fairly balanced and looks good, but the pros of this level pretty much end there.

When I played this, I found a lot of things I didn’t like. The layout is pretty uninspired looking, as it isn’t too original. I found a lot of springs in areas that cause them to be a nuisance, as well as many unneeded obstacles. The level isn’t the easiest to move around in, making the playing experience rather unenjoyable. I also found a major gameplay flaw where jazz can literally glide from base to base with the flag, almost totally safe from enemy fire. Most of the players will probably be playing as spaz, and as such, they will probably be crossing the level at the bottom of it, completely unable to stop jazz from hovering above and scoring multiple points. I don’t have anything against making some features of the level better for either character, but this is a tad extreme.

As for general bugs in the level, I found one major problem, and a few smaller ones. The small bug in this level is that the mask around the edges of it isn’t quite thick enough to prevent the infamous bug that causes the flag holder’s name to repeat, among other things. To prevent this, make the mask around the level at least three tiles thick. The large bug I found was the warp at position 183, 86. It will bring the person warping to a nearby warp target near the bottom of the level. The problem here is that the player is able to move left or right, thus avoiding a sucker tube that is supposed to carry them upwards. The player will get stuck on the bottom of the level, and will be forced to rejoin.

This author is capable of much better levels than this one. I suggest that he finds people to test his levels, spends a good deal of time listening to their suggestions and complying with them. Omitting the testing procedure, or using poor testers (which cell has appeared to have done with this level) will show, and ultimately result in a low or disappointing score.

I give this level a 6.5 because it is playable, but lacking many things that would have made it a good level.

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Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 20 years ago
Way better than Aiko (862 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

Ok, since EvilMike said most of the stuff in his review, i will keep mine short.

Firstly, good choice of music, it’s very atmospheric. The level is creative, and frequently reminds me of a jungle or a rainforest, which is good, because thats what its suppose to be. One of my complaints about this level is that sometimes the passages are to small and narrow. I also didnt like the top left and right corners. There is a hole, which I thought was a suckertube or a warp, but it was actually a spring bouncing you back up(hidden FullNRG as well, at first i didnt notice since i had full life. This is considered a small dead end, and could of been fixed by having a suckertube or a warp leading elsewhere. Also, Jazz tends to have a bigger advantage because of the free open areas available for flying across. Thankfully, there are some tiles coming out of the ceiling which prevents jazz from hovering across the hole level left to right or vice versa. There are somne interestingly hidden sucker tubes above the window ledges that shoot you up like a cannon.. I have found a few minor tile errors, but ill ignore those. One thing was on the top right where the toaster ammo+15 on the one wayed ledge, i sometimes found it quite difficult getting out of there, a oneway on top could of done thetrick. Bases were placed ok.

Also, why was this level passworded. I do have the special anti pass program, but you should of included the password in a readme or just not icluded it at all so people can look more closely at your level. Anyways, there was some useless, hidden text, but it was fun to find and read. Also, i was searching for the warp evilmike mentioned, and it was in position 163,86 :P The warp is almost impossible to find unless you know where it is, and the chance of you turning is highly unlikely, but possible if you know where the warp leads you and are trying this on purpose.

My overall statement about this is that its a fun level which reminds me of the jungle, and its good to play if youre bored. Not in my top 10 list, but still fun to play. Ill give it a download reccomendation.

So much for the short review :P
~Blackraptor a.k.a Blacky
Edit: Forgot rating :P. Ill give it a 7.5, seeing its good in most parts, and only has a few bugs. Not as low as EvilMike, not as high as everyone else (which in my opinion overated this)

[This review has been edited by Blackraptor]

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