Medieval Mayhem

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4 May 2002 at 04:00 (Minor update on 7 Jun 2008)

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Bartman (More uploads by Bartman)
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medmayhem.j2l Medieval Mayhem 8.99 kB 07 Jun 2008


I’ve been meaning to update this level for quite sometime. After a hard drive crash, I randomly decided to download the level, update it again, fix the problems I had with the level previously.

Once again, using the castle tile set, I provide a medium sized level with all the items rebalanced. Changed the eyecandy in certain areas and increased the flow between areas. Its an effort to keep corners tight, with plenty of changes to run around. Weapons featured are toasters, bouncers, RF-missiles and a sprinkle of pepper, literally.

Some of the fixes include far fewer carrots and no invincibility carrots, items spawn in slower, as well as the bonus area re-arranged. Plus I placed warps under the Vertical poles in case some unfortunate player gets stuck there.

Its probably not going to get any notice at this point, but I think this is a much better revision on this level. Personally, its probably the best I’ve ever done.

This level is still without a password for anyone to edit freely. Also, Single Player start positions for once.


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Review by White Rabbit

Posted more than 20 years ago
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (435 Points)
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Argh! We’re under siege!! Man the battlestations!! Er…nevermind…

Medieval Melee (or should I say Medieval Mayhem?) is a fairly good battle lvl.

When I looked at the lvl in JJ2 I expected something much better than a very linear lvl with far too many carrots but, since the author has been away for quite a long time it’s really no wonder why his lvls are a bit “rusty”. ;-D

The eyecandy of the lvl is nothing special. It’s sometimes boring but the Castle tilesets have always boring so it isn’t exactly Bartman’s fault. The gameplay is much better though. There are almost no dead ends and the corridors are sensibly placed. Weapons placement is also fine.

Since this is such a small lvl, this is all I’ve got to say about it. I’ll give Medieval Melee a 7.


White Rabbit.

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Review by Stijn

Posted more than 20 years ago
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First: Now I understand why everyone nagged me when I didn’t place SP start positions in my Battle levels :D

Review. The level is rather big, with much original eyecandy usage. Sometimes there’s a little glitch when you used the corridors anyway. There are too much carrots in the level, even a invinciblity-carrot. NEVER put that in battle levels! It’s quite unfair.
The layer 6+7 usage is nice. It gives the really castle-feeling and every castle level should have that feeling ;). The ammo placement is good, maybe a bit too much. There are way too much dead ends. Altough I personally think every dead end is one too much :P.
Overall this is a nice level with some eyecandy glitches and too much carrots.

Download? If you like battle.
Rating? 6.5

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