Grassy Battle Fields Pack

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27 Jun 2002 at 04:00

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Drake (More uploads by Drake)

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Grassy (245.23 kB)

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Dra1.j2l Grassy Battle Field 1.72 kB 27 Jun 2002
Dra2.j2l Dimond Battle field! 1.58 kB 27 Jun 2002
dra3.j2l Mirrow Battle kingdom! 1.16 kB 27 Jun 2002
Dra4.j2l Flames 2.39 kB 27 Jun 2002
MirrowKingdom.j2t Mirrow's Kingdom 116.70 kB 24 Jun 2002
RagingInferno.j2t Raging Inferno 121.78 kB 30 May 2002


Well I work night and day on these lvls but these lvls are my First!


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 3.75

Review by MR MAGOO

Posted more than 20 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (47 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings47 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness66%

This level pack contains levels that are all pretty much the same, but with different tilesets. I’m not going to rate each level individually, because there’s almost an exact similarity between all of these levels.

Eyecandy: The eyecandy in these levels is very simple, underused, and not used properly. There are very few changes in eyecandy throughout the levels, and there are no patterns or variety in the way the eyecandy is set up.

Gameplay: The gameplay in this pack is very bad. Very few curves, or anything that can make the level more fun to play in. There are springs leading to the next platform, which is very simple and boring. These levels mostly consist of square platforms with springs leading to one another.

Weapons/Ammo: One thing I found completely annoying was that all of the powerups were beside eachother. You can never do this. You must put powerups in all different parts of the level, so it isn’t so easy to get powerups, and to avoid camping. Other weapons are scattered throughout the levels, and I don’t have too much of a problem with the weapon placement, other than the powerups.

Grassy Battle Fields Pack is a very simple and poorly planned battle pack. I suggest you use more variety in your levels next time. I give this pack a 3.5

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Review by Drake

Posted more than 20 years ago
CTF Bug (9 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings9 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0

Give me a break man these are my first lvls!

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Review by Jman

Posted more than 20 years ago
Frog (24 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings24 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

Grassy Battle Field Pack:

  • First Level- Dra1 – (Carrottus Tileset) – This is like a 5 minute lvl…….it is not a very BIG lvl either……I do not recommend this to people…..You can tell that this is your first level.

Points I Like About The Level: – There are no spelling mistakes in the level made by Drake =P – The background is very good for a rookie like yourself.

Points I Don’t Like About The Level: – Not enough eyecandy – It is not well thought out. – Weapons are just placed there without thought. – The springs just lead up to the next platform and is kind of boring after a while. – There are like a thousand bugs in the level simple because you did not use the layers properly. – There is a seeker power-up and a bouncer power-up within like shooting distance. You can not do that on a level this small. – There are too many carrots in the level as well. With a level this small, you should only have one carrot. I mean common man… is only a 64 by 64 level! – You need to look at the tileset before you put stuff on it. There are several tiles where you can see a black space inbetween it. Look at it first!

Things To Work On: #1. Layers #2. Weapon Placement #3. Gameplay #4. Warps #5. Eyecandy

Overall Rating For This Level:
- I give this a 3.7 because you are a rookie and this is a better level than mine was when I first started playing. You should be proud of your first level of the carrottus tileset! I think mine was the worst rating you can get! Keep it up D-Dog!

  • Second Level – Dra2 – (Diamondus 1) – I think this is a little bit better than the first level you made (Dra1) in this pack. At least in this one u got a secret area. I still can not recommend this to people because of it’s gameplay……sorry. =(

Points I like About The Level: – You attempted to put a secret area which I am real proud of you doing! =) – The background is once again good for a rookie and looks nice with the level….or it goes along with it….=P
- There are two carrots but they are in the same place so…..

Points I Don’t Like About The Level:
- The eyecandy is very poor and not thought out well. It looks like you just made up while you went. Not knowing what you would put down next. Which is kind of sad….but you are a rookie level maker…I have to keep telling myself that when I am rating it……=) – The weapon placement is a little better than it was in the first level (Dra1). I don’t like how you put more than one power-up in one place. You had 4 seeker power-ups and 4 bouncer power-ups in one place!!!! – The gameplay is not ok because it gets kind of boring going around in wide open areas like that. No fun what so ever……It gets boring real quick =( – Weapons are not place as good as they should be though…..=/ – Could not find the way in to the secret area. – Minimum detail. – Layers are not used correctly

Things to work on: #1. Layers #2. Weapon arrangement #3. Eyecandy #4. Gameplay

Overall Rating: – I will give this a 4.0……because I truly believe that you spent a extra minute on this level than you did in the first one (Dra1). I liked that you used a secret area though. That is about the only thing different though. Everything else is just the same….KEEP IT UP D-DOG!

  • Third Level – Dra3 – (Mirrow’s Kingdom) – This is a tileset that I would not use simply because there is no detail in it what so ever! There is only a naked girl statue…=P

Things I Like About The Level: – Very GOOD spelling – There is less bugz in this level……but that is just because there is less detail in it….=) – I LOVE THE STATUE =P – This is better gameplay than the others… least it has some hills in it!

Things I Don’t Like About The Level: – No detail – Poor tileset…..and that is your fault because you picked it. – Not enough SPRINGS! Can’t get out of bottom with jazz…..You have to consider jazz too….along with spaz….when you make levels. – Weapon Placement…..There are more choices of weapons than just seekers! – Other than that….same as other levels.

Things To Work On: #1. Details #2. Weapon Choice #3. Weapon Placement #4. Platforms

Overall Rating: – I give this a 3.7……just because you did not use enough springs! ALso no Detail….=(

  • Fourth Level – Dra4 – (Raging Inferno) – This is accually a good tileset to use….but to small for the way you used it.

Things I Like About The Level: – This is a good tileset to use. – This is a little bit better than the others. – The Background is nice too for aa rookie like yourself!

Things I Don’t Like About The Level: – The Platfroms are all wrong. – Very low Details…..or not enough detail! – You could fix the level up a bit too……=) – Weapons are not spaced out well. – DO NOT LIKE THE SPIKES BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT GET HURT BY THEM IN BATTLE ARENAS!!!!!! NEVER USE THE HURT THING IN BATTLE OR CTF……IT DOES NOT TAKE ANYTHING OFF OF YOU SO DO NOT DO IT…….ONLY IN SINGLE PLAYER MODE! – Eyecandy not great but good for a rookie! – Same as usual……

Things To Work On: #1. Layers #2. Weapon Arrangement #3. Warps #4. Same o…Same o….=)

Overall Rating: – I give this a 4.0 because it is a good level for a rookie…….D-DoG….Keep it up!

On jazz 2 online…..people rate very hard….so don’t give up keep on trying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE RATINGS AVERAGE OUT TO A 3.8 I THINK. SO I WILL ROUND IT UP TO THE NEXT THING WHICH IS A 4.0. SO THATS WHAT YA GET! cONgRaTz! -Jman

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