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30 Jun 2002 at 06:00

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Drake (More uploads by Drake)
Capture the flag

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Dra4.j2l Flames 2.89 kB 30 Jun 2002
RagingInferno.j2t Raging Inferno 121.78 kB 30 May 2002


This level took alot of work and dedacation but i didn’t get to use any eyecandy because there was none in the tileset! This is a Capt. the Falg level so i didnt add many wepons! I spaced out the flags enough were no one had an exact advantige! Well thats it -DrAkE


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Review by Violet CLM

Posted more than 16 years ago
I might as well work here (514 Points)
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This, which is possibly the first level using the Raging Inferno tileset other then the example one by Disguise, doesn’t use the tileset too well.
Sure, the platforms have the tops, but the sides are messed up, ramps are messed up, bottoms are messed up. And there’s no layer 4 background to make it look better.
The design consists of a bunch of platforms which are a wee bit too big, with not enough springs.
There are two bases in the upper corners of the level, along with seeker powerups somewhere below each of them. There is no other ammo.
I don’t like it. But I had to get it, if only to get rid of the 1.0 average rating.

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Review by Jman

Posted more than 16 years ago
Frog (24 Points)
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  • Fourth Level – Dra4 – (Raging Inferno) – This is accually a good tileset to use….but to small for the way you used it.

Things I Like About The Level: – This is a good tileset to use. – This is a little bit better than the others. – The Background is nice too for aa rookie like yourself!

Things I Don’t Like About The Level: – The Platfroms are all wrong. – Very low Details…..or not enough detail! – You could fix the level up a bit too……=) – Weapons are not spaced out well. – DO NOT LIKE THE SPIKES BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT GET HURT BY THEM IN BATTLE ARENAS!!!!!! NEVER USE THE HURT THING IN BATTLE OR CTF……IT DOES NOT TAKE ANYTHING OFF OF YOU SO DO NOT DO IT…….ONLY IN SINGLE PLAYER MODE! – Eyecandy not great but good for a rookie! – Same as usual……

Things To Work On: #1. Layers #2. Weapon Arrangement #3. Warps #4. Same o…Same o….=)

Overall Rating: – I give this a 4.0 because it is a good level for a rookie…….D-DoG….Keep it up!

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