Tubular Motion 2

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13 Jul 2002 at 06:00 (Minor update on 13 Jul 2002)

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Hawkin 87 (More uploads by Hawkin 87)
Whoever made Tubular Motion I gave me the idea.

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tube5.j2l Tubular Motion 2 7.43 kB 13 Feb 2000


I made this a L-O-N-G time ago, after seeing the original Tubular Motion (I can’t remember he author). It has a few glitches, which I cannot edit, due to circumstances beyond my control. (JCS crashes when I try to open it, go figure.) The glitches are:
1: A jail – you need ice to open/leave it, follow the directions at the bottom of this description.
2: A clan section – once again, you need ice. Interesting little place, though.
3: PLENTY OF CORNINESS. I made this when I was new to JJ2, I was about 8 at the time.

Enjoy it. ;-)

To get ice, follow these directions:

When you first begin the level, you’ll be in the top-left corner of the level. Staying as far up as possible, go up the ramp on your right. There is a hidden (“layer three’d”) passage that you should drop into. Go right into the sucker tube, and you’ll come out in a square-ish wodden room, which you can leave to your left. Jump up and into the top right corner of this room and shoot – there is a hidden ice powerup there. I don’t think it regenerates, so make sure you get more from the clan section ASAP.


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Not recommendedReview by Lutijn de Kruijff

16 Mar 2005, 17:12
CTF Bug (1 Points)
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Hi Tubular Motion 2 is just a playground with a lot of suckers, springs warps etc. etc.

I don’t see this is a battle level, cuz when you move once to the left/right or you just jump once you will be warped, sucked, jumped to another place.
That’s cool for sometime, but after 20 minute’s playing online I know the whole level and then I’m bored playing JJ2.

The Eyecandy su*ks. You barely used layer 3, wich is Tube electric great for. Atleast you could a bit more in layer 5, wich you also didn’t do. No layer 6, no layer 7, no layer 2, no layer 1. Pfff…

I give it a 6 because the level itself just is once big rollercaoster. And fun to play sometimes.

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