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23 Jul 2002 at 06:00 (Minor update on 23 Jul 2002)

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Another Jazz 2 fan (More uploads by Another Jazz 2 fan)
Capture the flag
Thanks to all who tested it on the internet with me!

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NebulaCTF Readme.txt 0.34 kB 23 Jul 2002
NebulaCTF.j2l Nebula Alpha 11.28 kB 23 Jul 2002
Astrolumina-reverse.j2t Astrolumina-reverse 23.09 kB 20 Jul 2002 Welcome Self Destruction 54.30 kB 20 Aug 2001


Finally, I have tried my hand at CTF. This level is what resulted. It is my entry to stripe’s CTF contest. Also, an updated version of my Astrolumina tileset is included, so be sure to overwrite if you have the older version.

Oh, and BTW, this level is in a way the sequel to single player level Starbase Lumina 25. ————————————————————————————————————EDIT : You know, I would really appreciate it if someone would review this!! That’s all I ask for all my work on levels, just your opinion on it! Is it too much to ask? Why do Disguise and CelL get all the reviews?


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Review by Stijn

Posted more than 17 years ago
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Okay, lemme be the fiend.

I liek this level. It has a unique spaceship thingy indeed, which looks kinda cool. The gameplay is good, but it’s a bit too hard to find the way to the other base IMO. No (well, I didn’t find one) dead ends and the weapon placement is good, maybe there’s a bit too few ammo but it’s overall okay.
I like the way the tileset is used, it really confuses you sometimes but it looks some sort of uhm… realistic? and it makes the level look very cool, altough it could have been a little bit more colourful :)
I don’t know what to add more… On scale of originality this level scores a 9, but the few gameplay errors bring it back to 7,5.

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