Celestial Wargrounds

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3 Nov 2002 at 05:00

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Enigma (More uploads by Enigma)
Capture the flag
Everyone who deserves a "thank you" for this can be found in the readme file

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CelestialReadMe.txt 0.57 kB 03 Nov 2002
EnCTF02.j2l Celestial Wargrounds 9.16 kB 03 Nov 2002
Heaven.j2t Heaven 156.10 kB 26 Nov 2001
Depeche.s3m visions 63.27 kB 07 May 2001


Behold my newest proof that i suck at making levels =). I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway. If not, then just admire Agama’s nifty heaven tileset that was used for this.


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Review by MoonBlazE

Posted more than 20 years ago
Turtle Goon (91 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings87 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness73%

A decent level using Agama’s heaven tileset.
Enigma has made some tricks with the tileset, for make a great eyecandy here.
You’ll find both bases in each side of the level, and in the middle there’s a RF powerup and a Full Energy.
Also, Enigma made a nice use with Float Up, and he placed a Bouncher powerup too, maybe a little too close on the Red base.
Overall, its a great level and I recom you to download it.

I somehow managed to press “Submit” before finish the review.[This review has been edited by Moonblaze]

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Review by >CelL<

Posted more than 20 years ago
Jazz Jackrabbit (265 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings242 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness73%

Bah. He beat me to it. Anyway, Enigma’s latest level is very good, especialy if you consider that the author thinks he sucks at making levels. The layout is very fluent, there is good ammo placement and eyecandy, and it uses the nice Depeche tune by mel o’dee, the traditional music file for Heaven levels.

The layout of this level is, as said before, very good. Its not too complicated. It is like to other levels you see these days, but also pretty origenal in its own way. The level basicly consists of an outside area at the top and corners, and 2 underground halls in the lower middle. The carrot and an RF powerup are placed in the lowest hall, and the seeker powerup in the upper hall. The bouncy powerup is placed a bit close to the red base maybe, like MoonBlaze already said, but still the powerup-carrot-base balance is good enough imo. The layout is also very fluent; springs and such are well placed, and there are also a few float ups in the right places.

Ammo placement is also very good in this level. A lot of ammo crates were used, more then in most other levels, but still nicely balanced with the normal +3 ammo, well devided across the entire map. The powerups and carrot are, as said before, well placed; nothing more to say about that here. A few fastfire guns were used, but you can avoid those if you don’t need them.

All in all, this is a very good level, and I highly recomend you to download it. High 8.2 points.

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Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 20 years ago
Way better than Aiko (862 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

Eyecandy: Good,I like the idea of putting grass on rocks in the middle of a wall and the flytraps, nice. +3

Weapon Placement: Not to many, but fiarly placed I guess. +2.5

Bases: Easy access to both so +1.5
The rest: Gameplay is ok, I love the cave becuase it looks really cool +3

Not big enough, it could ove been a bit bigger and some coin warps or more secrets so -1.5
Here you go your 8 enigma
The readme file was sort of funny, you tried to hide CelL’s name :P

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Review by American

Posted more than 20 years ago
I might as well work here (708 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings577 Featured reviews5 Average helpfulness85%

This is a very high-quality level, but a tad bit smallish by Enigma. At first, it appeared that this level suffered from small masking problems. However, the more I played this, the more it seemed like coincidence. Weapon placement was outstanding, and so was eyecandy. I searched for quite a while, but I could only find a few tile errors, which is a good feat for this tileset. The tileset was used correctly in all areas. The level’s flow was it’s strongest point. Navigation was a breeze, and I rarely hit into walls. The only downfall was that this level is a bit on the small side. However, for games that don’t require a huge amount of space, this level is definitely a must-play. Certainally this deserves a download recommendation. :)

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Review by Krezack

Posted more than 20 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (35 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings35 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

Is it just me, or does BlackRaptor always copy MoonBlazes general review context and score? ;-P

This level is awesome. I’ve been waiting for a level to put this tileset to good use. I love the name, aswell. Two cliched words put together to create an original name. l33t.

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RecommendedReview by White Rabbit

21 Nov 2004, 15:40
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (435 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings268 Featured reviews15 Average helpfulness85%

Whoa, man! Why did I betatest Celestial Wargrounds and then forget it and not review it? A thousand apologies. eats Enigma

Celestial Wargrounds is a small, fast-paced CTF lvl. A nice, smooth game of CTF between two friends can quickly turn into a frantic slugging match if more than 4 additional players join in. This is lvl is so tiny that you won’t stay alone for long. :-)

For those that have a quick trigger-finger and like speedy games and CTF, this is a must download. MUST MUST MUST!

The eyecandy is average. There doesn’t seem to be much stuff in the lvl… just air. It’s ok, I suppose, but it could’ve been much better. I mean, come on! Enigma, you’ve failed to create good eyecandy using an Agama tileset!

The gameplay and weapons placement is by far the best part of the lvl. There are “only” two dead-ends, but they’re so obvious only idiots go there while being chased. Springs, float-ups and suckertubes are nicely placed and you will always be able to not smack yourself into a wall at 180mph. The suckertubes, however, are slightly hard to get into, especially the one leading into the blue base. I would also like the lvl to be more Jazz-friendly (make even larger, open spaces! :-D).

All in all, Celestial Wargrounds is a great, although small and plain, CTF lvl by Enigma. eats Enigma

8.2. Download recommendation.

I can imagine FireSword hacking away at his keyboard in this lvl with his trigger-finger…!

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