SpamPack - CTF (JYTL, NUCS, LabLocked, Stupid CTF)

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19 Jan 2003 at 06:00

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Capture the flag

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spam001.txt 2.61 kB 19 Jan 2003
spam002.txt 2.50 kB 19 Jan 2003
spam003.txt 2.48 kB 19 Jan 2003
spam004.txt 0.57 kB 19 Jan 2003
spam001.j2l Just your typical level 5.59 kB 25 Jan 1999
spam002.j2l Non-Union Computer Store 9.96 kB 22 Dec 1998
spam003.j2l LabLocked 5.50 kB 21 Mar 1999
spam004.j2l Stupid CTF 1.74 kB 10 Jul 1999


(S’ok, Violet, I reuploaded them as one levelpack instead of a bunch of files. Sorry. :-) The rest will be deleted very soon)


Remember the Spamtasia server? (come on, some of the old-timers do) Here’s the four CTF levels that I made and hosted on it. Just Your Typical Level, Non-Union Computer Store, LabLocked, and Stupid CTF, all to bring back that wave of nostalgia that everyone wanted to forget in the first place! Whee!


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 6.4

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
Way better than Aiko (861 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

Here comes my long review. The first level has a below average or avewrage tile placement. The gameplay is around average as well. The level could use a few more springs in certain areas, and the warps were a bit confusing. Kinda hard to get around in certain areas, so this level is about average, but has a more battle like stile.
Non union computer store: Peculiar name, this one was better than the last.Tile placement could use some work, but not as bad as the previous level. Ammo and food placement could use more creativity, and i didnt like the part where it got dark, may lead to chaos if to many people are in there at once.
Lab locked: It seems as the levels keep getting better. This one has better tile usage, but i felt the tubes were drastically overused. Well placed springs, nice X and Y tricks on them. There were dead ends, and that coin in the far top right, if not accesible by a secret, may be a bit spaz biased. I would rate this level about a 6.7.
Stupid CTF: The backround thing was cool, but the level itself was to small. This was probably the worst level in the pack, because the bases are a few tiles apart, and this gets boring fast, and chaotic if more than 6 people are playing. Id rate this about a 4.5, but at least the tile use is good :)
OVERALL: A small basic pack, which deserves about a 6. I can imagine this being famous in the old days where not to many people knew how to use jcs properly. But now it’s just an average pack. Still worth a check though. 6.2

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Review by blurredd

Posted more than 17 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (198 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings198 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness90%

I’ll just write a short review, assuming that you won’t make any more CTF levels in the near future:

Just Your Typical Level

GAMEPLAY: Semi-cramped with bad spring usage. No borders at the top?
EYE CANDY: Not bad.
CARROT PLACEMENT: I’ll tell you when I find one.

Non-Union Computer Store

GAMEPLAY: Kinda balanced, alright flow.
EYE CANDY: Almost slightly above average. Lighting at top might be too dark.
CARROT PLACEMENT: Probably too many carrots.
AMMO PLACEMENT: TNT again! Why? Else generally decent.
HOST THIS OFTEN? Nope, but I almost like it.


GAMEPLAY: Not too balanced at all.
EYE CANDY: Average.
CARROT PLACEMENT: A bunch of them thown around once again.
AMMO PLACEMENT: Almost alright.
HOST THIS OFTEN? Much less often than the last level.

Stupid CTF

EYE CANDY: A change of pace with a moving layer. Nifty.
CARROT PLACEMENT: None that I know of.
AMMO PLACEMENT: Simple with no powerups.
HOST THIS OFTEN? Still no, but I somehow like this one the most.

Overall review: Some of these levels use shields and they all aren’t too spectacular. It may have been accepted back then, but these levels are outdated. They don’t even loop completely, but I suppose you wouldn’t care too much since you didn’t update them in years. I’m not even sure if you care about this review. Anyway, I’ll be nice and make 6.7 my rating. I would say play this mainly for nostalgic purposes.[This review has been edited by BlurredD]

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Review by American

Posted more than 17 years ago
I might as well work here (708 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings577 Featured reviews5 Average helpfulness85%

Since I’m short on time, I will use BlurredD’s reviewing method.

This pack suffers from not having any standout interesting aspects. Sure, overall, it’s a solid pack, but there just is not anything to keep me playing it. Play gets tedious quick, which is unfortunate, but these levels all do give me a nice dose of nostolgia. On to the review.

Just Your Typical Level

GAMEPLAY: First of all, this level has no border at the top, which is flag bug waiting to happen. Overall, the flow of this level is not anything special. The use of springs was interesting but overall not very well done. I can’t say that this is exactly as good as I remembered it.
EYE CANDY: Eyecandy was pretty well-done. This tileset does not allow for much in the way of ultra-amazing eyecandy, but what is there is well-done.
CARROT PLACEMENT: I could not find any carrots.
AMMO PLACEMENT: There wasn’t all that much ammo, but what was there was still placed. Still, I can’t believe that people still release levels containing TNT. IT DOESN’T WORK. INCLUDING IT A LOT WILL NOT MAKE IT WORK. ;P
HOST THIS OFTEN? Maybe once or twice. It just doesn’t have anything to keep me interested more than five minutes.

Non-Union Computer Store

GAMEPLAY: Above average. The balance between the two teams was alright, as well, and flow wasn’t bad indeed. In fact, this was a low better flow-wise than the previous.
EYE CANDY: Interesting use of lighting, which comes out as too dark for this level. Otherwise, eyecandy wasn’t that bad.
CARROT PLACEMENT: Unlike the previous level, this level has way too many carrots, and they are not placed very well, in addition.
AMMO PLACEMENT: Yet again, decent, but this level also has TNT.
HOST THIS OFTEN? Yet again, maybe once or twice. There simply are not many reasons to host this level, though. It is not interesting enough.


GAMEPLAY: Flow is alright, but the balance between the two teams is too slanted. Could use work.
EYE CANDY: Nothing much interesting. Some of the level looked off, which is disappointing, but it reminded me of the eyecandy of the day. Still, during these days, this eyecandy just doesn’t cut it.
CARROT PLACEMENT: Yet again, there are too many carrots in this level, all of which seem to be placed at random.
AMMO PLACEMENT: Fair enough. Probably the best part of this level.
HOST THIS OFTEN? No. This is probably by far my least level in the pack. Unlike the other levels, this not only does not provide any interesting reason to host it, this level just is flawed in many ways. I might host it once, for nostolgia purposes.

Stupid CTF

GAMEPLAY: Gameplay on this level is more or less simplistic. Still, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Flow was generally good, but there was nothing amazing.
EYE CANDY: Definitely different than the other levels here, possibly because of the moving layer. Still, there wasn’t anything extremely amazing in this level.
CARROT PLACEMENT: I could not find any carrots.
AMMO PLACEMENT: This level lacks powerups that I can see, but basic ammo placement is very well done.
HOST THIS OFTEN? Occasionally. This is probably my favorite level in the pack, but it still is not anything amazing.

This pack is alright. It does not provide any levels that are interesting or notable in any way, but it is a good one-time play to remind you of Capture the Flag levels of yesteryear. Don’t expect, however, to stay interested for more than ten minutes, as this level pack provides no reason to be so. Still, it is overall not a bad pack and worth a download for CTF freaks like me.

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