One Silver Penny

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22 Jan 2003 at 05:00

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Capture the flag
Thanks to everyone who helped me test this online.

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olcsilvpenny.j2l One Silver Penny 9.04 kB 22 Jan 2003


A brand new level using the Diamondus 2 tileset, with a fairly interesting carrot placement. The level is fairly small and mostly ment for duels or 2vs2 games.


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Review by Red_XIII

Posted more than 20 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (36 Points)
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I like. Then again, I do over-rate levels. Butttttt, this one kinda rules. Nice structured CTF level, brilliant idea of one silver penny for the carrot, and.. well, have fun. Yeah, brilliant for 2vs2. Nice eyecandy,


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Review by Taz

Posted more than 20 years ago
Jazz Jackrabbit (279 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings279 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness39%

Another grrr eat level by CelL of FoR and OLC (blah).
Just what Red_XIII said, it kinda rules. The level isn’t so big, but that no problem.
You can get the fullhealcarrot with one coin (No, really). The level uses the diamondus tileset, wich is very good used in eyecandy & co.
You can get the Seek PU easily and the FullHealCarrot is simple to find.
The – points are that there are PUs wich you can get too simple.
But overall I think this is one of CelL’s better levels. I hugely recommend this.
But please, use next time the Diamondus (1) tileset. It’s used too few times.

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Review by blurredd

Posted more than 20 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (198 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings198 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness90%

One Silver Penny? What an evil idea…


I can’t find anything horribly wrong with this. I can get around easily. It looks balanced for the most part. I don’t think I can get stuck anywhere. And one coin for the coin warp sorta adds a little originality. I barely played it online, but everything seems alright; No real complaints here.


The eye candy is pretty good. It looks a little bland with all of the purple on purple on purple, but that’s just the tileset. Other than that, it’s definitely above average.


And here is the evilest part of the level: a full energy carrot only accessible with a coin. Nice idea, maybe too evil since you could hog the coin and keep anyone else from getting it. I like it; it adds some strategy. I have nothing bad to say about where the ammo and powerups have been placed.


If you suddenly get the urge for a duel or a 2vs2, consider this evil level. I’m giving this an 8 just because.

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Review by spazz

Posted more than 20 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (166 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings166 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness25%

Good eyedea of the one silver coin.
Only then you can get a full heal carrot.
I’m only geving a 7.7 bechause I dont like the eyecandy.
I’s only dark.
The background is good, very nice with that cave background.
Now about the level itself:
I get around esely, this level is too easy. And one more thing: the generator is coming back too quik. In overal: Almost an 8.

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Review by JechT

Posted more than 20 years ago
Frog (13 Points)
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I like this :p It seems to be very good CTF level and it will be much used in 2 vs 2 or 1 vs 1. First

The eyecandy is preety good not to much not to little! And well placed!

*Gun and ammo placement
It was well equal and very well thought out

*Carrot placement
Very nice idea to put the coin warp that will help with camping

This is a good level! keep up the good work!

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Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 20 years ago
Way better than Aiko (862 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

Composing Review…….

The eyecandy here shocked me, I was really addicted to it.The backround thing, although its not the first time its been done, is a good addition to the level. The eyecandy doesnt get confusing (since either way, the blue cave tiles are unmasked) Though there isnt anything what you would call new with the eyecandy, its still a good addition. Also, behind those blue backround tiles is the mountainous/river backround and of couse, the warped sky. There is a great deal of backround eyecandy, and it doesnt get to the point where there is to much. There isnt any foreground eyecandy that I can see (aside from the layer 3 used to help with the layer 4)but thats ok, since foreground can tend to confuse you a little. There isnt that many things to mention about eyecandy, and it doesnt get irritating like it does in some levels. The eyecandy is just your good ol’ basic and happy eyecandy which makes the level look really nice. The eyecandy is definately a great addition to the level.
Quick edit: There is some foreground, the trees. I cant beleive i didnt spot them before. Anyways, the trees are good, widely spread in the foreground and dont confuse you at all. (at least thats my point of view. So I have no problem with the trees.
Pros: Great Backround and foreground, everything pretty much good.
Cons: Nothing that shocks you to much like OMG WOW. Other than that, none.

Like the eyecandy, the tileset usage is also great. There is a vareity of tiles used (even that flashing white block or whatever you call it is used), though not all the tiles are used (which is actually a good things, since some of the tiles could of ruined the level a bit), there is a good variety and the basic, important tiles are used. I have no problem with the tileset usage. Though i feel more of those gems in the walls could of been used, that barely affects my rating since this isnt very important. Anyways, like I said, nothing wrong.
Pros: Probably almost everything.
Cons: Barely any aside from some minor things, some of which I wont even bother to mention in my review.

Making great gameplay in levels is even harder than making good eyecandy for most people. The gameplay in this level is quite good. I have dueled someone online with this, and found the gameplay quite satisfying. Though I have a few small complaints, such as the helicopter.(This doesnt have to do specifically with your level, CelL, many levels have this). I dont really think having copters in your levels is that good, since if you’re being chased by someone, having to wait for a copter to appear so you can get away on it is quite irritating. Though I do not mind having a copter in the level, there could of been something such as a spring or a sucker covered by layer 3 there as well incase the copter doesnt appear as quickly as you want it to. I found the “one silver penny warp” a good idea, since it will have you collecting pennies if you ever want a carrot. The warp is also well placed. Though, people may camp at the silver penny, if they know their opponent is injured and lacks a penny. This isnt very good, there could of been another (maybe hidden) penny in the level so people will find it much harder to camp near it on 1vs 1 duels. Also, I have a small complaint. Usually, the person, who at the start, gets roasted by their opponent looses a huge advantage. When I played online with Genex, I got roasted and lost all my pennies and weapons and he gained the upperhand, but he kept it for almost the whole game (until I roasted him). So, what im saying is that in this level, if you get roasted, you automatically loose a great chance of winning, and it will be very hard to reclaim the upperhand. This doesnt affect all levels, some like BBLair you can get roasted many times and quickly regain the upperhand. This isnt a tremendous problem though, but it still affects the mark.
Pros: Gameplay is fine, good spring placement and stuff.
Cons: Helicopter con which I mentioned, camping at the silver coin, hard to regain upper hand.

Hmmmm….The levels layout appears to be fine. There are smooth edges (if you know what i mean) and there are springs placed where they should be. The level, infact, almost looks symmetrical, which is good for the layout. I dont have much to say about it, since most is mentionedin gameplay. It is quite easy to travel in this level, and to make geta ways, so i dont havr any complaints.
Pros: Basically everything, excpet for the problems mentioned in GAMEPLAY
Cons: Some places a bit bumpy, and the cons in GAMEPLAY.

AMMO: I actually quite like how the ammo was placed here. Not only was it placed in a creative fashion, but its not sparce so one could quickly gain some ammo. There is also a large variety to use (bouncer, RF, seeker, electro blaster, toaster i beleive). I have no complaints about ammo, but its not that outstanding either.
CARROT: There is only one carrot in this level, which is the fullenergy. I dont complain about that, since the level is quite small and doesnt need any other carrots. The carrot is placed well, pplcant technically camp at it. The warp for the carrot is also placed well, in the center. The penny is placed well as well, except I think there could of been 2 pennies in the level.
POWERUPS: Hmm…powerups. The seeker is placed good as far as I can see, its placed about in the center. The toaster powerup, though, is placed just on top of the red base, giving them quicker access to it. This can be an advantage for red, since the toaster DOES deal 2 damage, and ppl only have 3 hearts in CTF. But im thankfull that its not the seeker or bouncer that is team based. Other than that, there is a good choice of powerups.
BASES: One base (blue) is placed higher than the other (red) but it isnt a problem. You can get to both bases quite quickly, nut thats because of the size of the level. The red base seems to be more closer to the toaster and the coin though, but it seems blue has an easier access to the warp. There isnt much wrong.
PROS: Creativly placed ammo, not to sparce, carrot warp and carrot placed in center. Bases generally placed well.
Cons: Some things lead to camping, Red base has a greater advantage.

MUSIC: The music is chosen well for the level, though I expected the diamonus music. Nothing wrong with this.

FINAL: I guess ill rate this an 8. I was leaning towards the rating of 8.5 but then as I played further I noticed more cons which took from the rating. The levels is also quite small, I reccomend it for private duels. The level is also quite well made, and it was fun to play. Although definately not CelL’s best, still a great addition to any CTF server or jj2 folder. Great work celL

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Review by DarkSonic

Posted more than 20 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (307 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings177 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness85%

Ok, here comes another fun review.
First impressions: One Silver Penny, one of CelL’s many great levels.

Gameplay: Good/Very Good. Well, I can say this is a nice gameplay, but could be better, though. I will explain. First, there is a nice spring placement. Second, there are one ways in some places. Third, there is a copter in the level which makes the level Lori-unfriendly. But who cares, it’s mostly a 1.23 level and not hosted alot too. Fourth, there are some warps in some places. Fifth, the layout and flow are nice. Sixth, there are some tubes in some places. Seventh, there are some float ups too. And eighth, the level is not too big, but that doesnt matter much.
Conclusion: Nice gameplay, but not perfect.

Eye Candy/Tileset use: Very Good. Yes, this is again a very nice eye candy in a level by CelL. There is very nice eye candy in layer 4(sprite layer). There is a nice background. The tileset use is very good, too. There is a foreground, and that are trees. There is also something in layer 3, and it looks nice too. Even layer 5 had something, I saw too.
Conclusion eye candy: Very nice.

Pickup placement: Good/Very Good And here it is, the evil part of the level. I will explain why. First off, there is a very good ammo placement. Second is, there is one silver coin(penny) that’s why the name is One Silver Penny. There are 2 Power-Ups. One Seeker PU in the middle, with a Toaster PU at the right side. The Toaster PU is probably closer to the Red Base, but I dunno if it’s really true. Why is there a Silver Coin here? Well, there is a bonus of one coin and when you inserted the coin, you will be at the Full Energy. That’s quite evil, but it’s original. The other evil is, there is not another carrot in the level.
Conclusion: Nice placement.

Originality: Good/Very Good. Like I said, the idea to put a full energy in a warp where you need a coin for is very original. The music used is bonus2.j2b, and that music isn’t used alot for diamondus. Most times people that use a diamondus tileset always put Diamond.j2b as music. But I am glad to see that this time it isn’t the default music.
Conclusion: An original level.
Host this: Occasionally.
Download: Sure.
My final rating is an 8.2.
- DarkSonic of XSD and CC -

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Review by Unhit

Posted more than 20 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (28 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings24 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness75%


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