Demonic Chicken's Forest

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27 Feb 2003 at 06:00 (Minor update on 27 Feb 2003)

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Trafton AT (More uploads by Trafton AT)
Capture the flag
Demonic Chickens

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dOOmchicken.j2l Demonic Chicken's Forest 4.53 kB 27 Feb 2003
Forest.j2t Forest 121.96 kB 30 Aug 2001
Static.j2b static universe 757.71 kB 15 Jul 2001


A CTF level using Forest by Blade. It uses the music that Blade originally used in his levels, Static. I host this publically under an obvious psuedonym, so it is hard to list all of the beta testers. For anyone who made comments, thank you. I worked on this level with Demonic Chickens. They were sincerely a pleasure to work with, except for the pecking my head part. Their JCS skills are truly admirable.Feel free to review, comment on, complain about, poke, annoy, bother, bug, pester, hate, love, date, marry, and/or deep fry this level but DO NOT DIGEST IT. If you do digest it, contact poison control immediately and run around madly in a panic. Thank you.-Trafton the disgruntled chipmunk


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 6.5

Review by KJAZZ

Posted more than 18 years ago
Turtle Goon (62 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings62 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness23%

It’s a good level. I like it. ;p

Let me break down the grade for you.

0.1 for the level
0.4 for the music
7.0 for the fact it’s a chicken forest.

Total Score: 7.5

Good Job, Taftron.>[This review has been edited by KJAZZ][This review has been edited by KJAZZ]

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Review by American

Posted more than 18 years ago
I might as well work here (708 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings577 Featured reviews5 Average helpfulness85%

Official N/A review reply thingy:

KJAZZ: The music has been uploaded and is fixed now. As I explained via MSN, there simply is no way to make a SP start position without complex trigger work that would delay starting the whole thing, since the single player start position functions the same in multiplayer. Regardless, thanks for your input…if only I can make a level that is better than 1.0 and stop relying on it being a chicken forest. ;-P

KJAZZ Again: …Or make that above 0.1. I’m glad you like the name, though. I guess. ;P

Violet: Thank you for your feedback. I generally avoid storylines on multiplayer works, because they just are fairly pointless (no one actually reads them mainly). I agree about the general boringness of eyecandy; I should have worked on the walls a bit more like they were in EvilMike’s “Cavern CTF.” In this form, the level does feel very flat and stuff. I will probably work on the emptiness of this level and make it feel more personal for the final version, which I probably will not upload unless I really need to. This level should not have been uploaded in this state. Since my computer was down for two week, I had forgotten everything I was going to work on. I will make it less linear and less flat in the final release, and take out some of the pits.

spazz: Thanks for your feedback as well. The chicken insignia is only viewable in JCS and is more of a trademark than anything. I have to agree that the level felt flat; I will definitely improve on that before final release.

I feel as if this level needs work but could be salvaged. I will try to make it more interesting, as it is not very much so right now. Thanks for your feedback.

[This review has been edited by Trafton AT][This review has been edited by Trafton AT]

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Review by Violet CLM

Posted more than 18 years ago
I might as well work here (531 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings280 Featured reviews25 Average helpfulness90%

STORY: No story. A lack of story is acceptable in multiplayer levels, and while having a story can potentially raise the rating, having a lack of story is not a – point.
Pros: Not applicable.
Cons: Not applicable.
Rating: N/A

TILESET/TILESET USE: The author uses “Forest” by Blade, but I can not say too much for the tileset use. It is all fairly bland and uninteresting, to tell the truth. There’s a lot of tile repetition in the ground, the background is very same old, and about the only thing I found that interested me was some of the layer 3.
Pros: No noticable tile bugs other then one of the cave windows.
Cons: Rather dull. Some of this may be caused by the fact that much of the level is flat, all four sides.
Rating: 6.5

WEAPON/ITEM PLACEMENT: No items other then the full energy carrot (near the blue base), but like a story, this is only a potential rating increase for multiplayer levels. Most of the ammo, with the notable exception of the blaster powerup and fastfire, seems situated near the blue base. It does have the feel of trying to be somewhere in the middle, but doesn’t quite suceed. Interestingly, the author gives Blue the Bouncy Powerup and lots of ammo, while Red gets a Blaster Powerup and lots of Fastfire. This is actually rather fair, and I like it.
Pros: Fairly fair.
Cons: Just a Little more ammo on Red’s side would be nice, though.. and maybe some on the top path..
Rating: 7.0

ORIGINALITY: Hmmm.. I like the chicken on the far right, despite it taking up way too much space. But other then that, except for the toaster ammo cache (an arrow might be nice here, as it feels distinctly like a bad pit), there is nothing much very new in this level. Yes, it’s fun to hit a green spring and go up for a long time, but it’s not anything new.
Pros: Some originality.
Cons: Not enough, executed kind of poorly in some places.
Rating: 6.2

GAMEPLAY/DESIGN: This level is very flat and straight. Most of the ground, walls and ceilling are straight lines, and the level has an unusual number of pits which go straight down. All but one of the pits (this one leading almost directly to the red base, bad) can be gone through in either direction, but it still is kind of disorienting. As for the gameplay, the design makes it all feel kind of dead, and the paths are often a bit too long. If you’re being chased, this level will not be your best friend.
Pros: It does have a CTF level design.
Cons: It could be executed better, a little less flatness, say..
Rating: 6.5

REPLAY VALUE: The main thing making me not have much wish to play this again is that the level seems so very dead. I can’t see demonic chickens living here, or for that matter, anyone else. Not to mention it doesn’t feel like a forest. But I’m getting off subject. While you may want to play this level if there aren’t any other servers up, or you’re tired of the classics (I AM!), you may want to play this, but otherwise this may be a bit too dull.
Pros: The music helps to make it feel a bit less dead.
Cons: It doesn’t do that good of a job. Maybe if it was a little more active..
Rating: 6.5

OVERALL (not an average): This is a not very amazing CTF level with a few flow problems, which is a wee bit biased towards blue. It’s also dead.
Pros: Not a newbie level (like most levels I’ve reviewed lately), CTFish, some interesting parts.
Cons: Uneven, takes too long to get around in, seems dead (maybe it’s just the size of everything….).
Rating: 7.0

By the way, just because having a Jazz Start is a bad idea, doesn’t mean players should have to use FlyNowalls in SP. Jazz starts (if there’s no start position for him) at position -1,5. Put a few warps underneath there leading wherever you like, and you’re fine. (I looked, and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with doing this)

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Review by spazz

Posted more than 18 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (166 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings166 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness25%

Nice level, but what a chicken does to do with it? Okay, I saw the chicken with JCS, funny.


The gameplay is nice, the cave and stuff. The springs are good made. Only thing that is bad, as Violet CLM said, it’s all flat and the cave all strait lines. But that doesn’t matter so much, because this isn’t a titleset and my rating wil not go down. Put also a little action in it, some pads are just to long, you may have a look at Diamond Dead Zone are Diamondus Battlezone of me. :) And also put a Jazz start in the level. Rating: 7.0


Some good, some bad. The flowers are funny, but it’s all flat. Use next time an other titleset. Rating: 5.0


No, it doensn’t look like a forest as Violet CLM said before. And where are the chickens? Make a chicken out of blocks, then you may get a higher rating. It are all very long pads. That’s boring. The bakcground is made of moutains. Why don’t you chance the name in Demonic Chicken Moutain? That will fit much better. Rating: 3.0


Low. The most of the ammo is found near the bleu base, try to spred around things. This is all the ammo you can find: at pos 19,18 are 8 weapon 8 ammo, a bounce power-up at pos 4,28. Only one carrot, a full heal carrot at pos 13,36. At pos 20,50 there are 12 gun 5 ammo. Near there is a secret: at 45,58 walk to the left, theres a secret in the wall: 8 gun 6 ammo. At pos 53,36 there are 9 gun 9 ammo. At pos 131,39 there are a blaster power-up and 6 fastfire guns. Send me a private message and tell me if I forgot something, then I will edit this review.
Rating: 6.5

OVERALL(Not counded up or something.)

Well, it looks like a CTF level. But all the walls and stuff is just flat. That chicken on the right was a nice idea, but it taking to much space in.
If you like, chanche the name of the level, it doesn’t look much as a forest.
The music file whas stupid, a woman talking, I woud use an other music file. I think a 6.5 will do perfectly.
Download reccomend, if you want to play a quik CTF with your friend.

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Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 18 years ago
Way better than Aiko (862 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

Im tired, its late, ill get this over with.

LAYOUT: I didnt like, to open and boring,not much special and to small for people to explore for over 1 minute. Nothing really interesting.
AMMO: Very poor, sparce and uncreatuve, I expected a lot more from a person who reviewed the most levels.
Gameplay: Not too good, but not terrible. Nothing really worth mentioning.
Eyecandy: Well, could of been better.
OVERALL: Just above average with a rating of 6. It looks like trafton spent an hour at most on this, probably way less. Try better next time. This will stay a 6, with no d/l recc. Sorry..

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Review by blurredd

Posted more than 18 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (198 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings198 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness90%

To be honest, I was expecting something much better…


I wish I could say it was almost balanced, but it’s not even close. On the left side, there’s the blue base near the top of the level with lots of ammo and a carrot. While on the other side, theres the red base close to the bottom with almost nothing there except for a blaster powerup and some fast fire. If games could be played fairly every time this level was hosted, it would be a miracle. And I don’t really understand that huge hole at the bottom of the level. I think it’s too deep, but I suppose it could be used strategically (maybe, if anyone is willing to play the level that is). Also, I found a slight tiling error to the right of the red base. It’s small, but you can tell by the masking of the wall that different tiles should have been used.


It’s average.


The full energy carrot is placed too far to the left and too close to the blue base (I’m assuming there’s only one carrot so please correct me if I’m wrong). This makes the gameplay even more unbalanced. The ammo is also not placed well at all. It’s in a few clumps in a few places, but not spread thoughout the level. If I knew any better, I would say that this level isn’t even finished yet (which wasn’t mention in the Author’s description). Please fix this, please.


I advise that you don’t. I’m kinda hoping Trafton wasn’t trying too hard when he made this level. 6.5 is my rating.

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Review by Blade

Posted more than 18 years ago
Turtle Goon (84 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings84 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness64%

It’s nice to notice someone uses my sets :)
Though this Trafton’s level is way too simple. Looks like it was made in 30 minutes, or something like that. The level doesn’t use the capabilities of the Forest, as you might notice the cave entrance tiles in the ground near the blue base.

The level isn’t complete crap, but quite boring it is. You should have spent more time in JCS when making this level, Trafton.

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