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2 Mar 2003 at 06:00 (Minor update on 2 Mar 2003)

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*Fireball* (More uploads by *Fireball*)
Custom / Concept
BetaTesters: Ninja, FireSword, Violet, Dizzy, KRSplat

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ReadMe.txt 1.08 kB 02 Mar 2003
Domination01.j2l A Struggle for Power 3.66 kB 02 Mar 2003
Domination02.j2l Darkest Hour 4.93 kB 02 Mar 2003
1179-kingdomofnowhere.xm Kingdom of nowhere 319.75 kB 19 Jan 1998
xr-cd.xm The Ultimate CD 849.52 kB 03 Apr 1996
Domination.doc 63.50 kB 02 Mar 2003


a new gameplay for jj2,, this pack consists of two levels – Disguise’s “Corrupted Sanctuary” and Mez01 tilesets were used,, there is also a document that tells you “How to Play”, so read that before doing anything,,

as far as rating goes, i would like the level rating to be an extremely small portion of the entire rate,, i didnt work very hard on the levels, but i DID put a lot of time into the playing manual,, rate on how well you understood that, and how well the gameplay went when/if you tested it out online,, beta testers may post here, but know that ive changed a couple things,,

note that this DOES take a while to set up, with players and everything,, i know thats a downside, but its worth it,, probably meant more for JDC than the usual online, but it can go both ways,,

anyway, download and enjoy! ,,more levels on this gameplay will be created and submitted, so keep your eyes on the lookout,,


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Review by American

Posted more than 16 years ago
I might as well work here (708 Points)
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Well, this is an interesting new gametype. I will not rate it since the levels are not exactly designed great, and I really would rather not rate it by the gamemode it used. For those who can not download it, the documentation file’s contents (I will edit this and link instead once I can get this uploaded somewhere):

How to Play Domination


Playing Domination is relatively easy, actually. It’s only that you must understand how to play it first. First off, you need at least 6 players and a good server to play on. Two of these people will be scorekeepers, and the others will be players. Also, you will want to set the game type as CTF (one point to win), as there will be two teams (at least two players on each).
Once you get into the level, the two scorekeepers will rename themselves according to where the domination points are (Left Corner, for example. It’s recommended, but isn’t required). Furthermore, there will be an area where the scorekeepers will warp into, right beside the normal players (see picture).
After teams and scorekeepers are set up just right, the server will start the game!

This is where the players will all start off, including the server and the scorekeepers.
This is the scorekeeper’s box. To get in here, go through the warp, which is just above it in this level. If you can’t find it in other levels, ask the server.
This is the crate that locks the server in the crate area. Simple enough.
This crate is what lets the scorekeepers through first. Make sure, scorekeepers, that you fall on your designated point or you won’t end up where you should be. (Below, there are different coloured blocks that have a warp just above. No two scorekeepers should have the same warp!)
Lastly, this is what lets all the players (and server) through to start the game. Note that this crate is not Jazz-friendly. Get a Spaz to do crate duty if the server is Jazz.

In the Game

Once you have started the game, your objective is to find the domination points and guard it against the other team. The way you achieve points is to be on that point by yourself or with a team member. For every 5 seconds since you made the claim, you receive 1 point (Scorekeepers record both teams’ points for that one area). If the other team comes, blows you off and claims it for them, then they are getting the points instead. The first team to come up with exactly 60 points on one domination point wins the game (if the server/players wish to set the score number differently, it is up to them).
(Or, as another option, you could keep adding up both scorekeepers’ points and play until they equal 60. This is the way we did it while beta-testing, but it took too long to do so.)


If a player gets stuck, the game is paused, and (s)he is freed. Then, the player(s) who freed the stuckie goes back to their spot(s), and the game resumes. Other players, during this time, MUST NOT MOVE, GET WEAPONS, OR HEALTH. It is unfair to everyone else if you do. (The same goes for when a person times out or is disconnected)
You must be in/on the domination point in order to acquire points.
If a tie is declared, the first team to get a +3 streak in kills, wins. Or, you can play a next-game tiebreaker.
If you win, you have full rights to celebrate. If not, don’t be a sore loser. Practice more. Take revenge later.
Only the server may go in the crate area – anyone else who goes in there will have consequences (up to the server to decide). Or, if the server wants, (s)he may have another person do crate duty.
It is more convenient to make this a passworded game.
No killing/hurting others pre-game time.
Scorekeepers must know how to count. Well. (Count and type simultaneously).
(When counting, go “1-one thousand, 2-one thousand, 3-one thousand, …”)
Part seconds DON’T count.
Scorekeepers must say the scores every few minutes, more often towards the end of the game (say in colours, or “R(#), B(#)”).
When at least one player from both teams is in one domination point, counting stops and no points are awarded until only one team remains there once again.
Scorekeepers may NOT tell a team anything about the other team (stats, etc).
When a different team dominates a point, the scorekeeper is obligated to say which team currently has that position (type R or red, or B or blue). If no team occupies a point, it is considered “open” (neither team gets points for an open point).

Codes for Domination

Code Meaning
Stats? What’s your status? (Reply H/D or A/1 or 2/[GR]) (Health/Defend or Attack/Which Point/GR if you are)
D1/D2? Which are you attacking/defending? (assign numbers beforehand)
-> Domination 1 or 2 (usually two points in one level – may be more)
BU! I need backup!
GD Gonna die
GR Weapon/Health gathering (Gaining Resources) —> Any others from CTF or whatever may be used as well, such as “h” for health.

Finishing the Game

One or both of the scorekeepers will get a gold coin in the starting box. In the area they warp to first (when the game actually starts), there will be a coin warp. This warp is only to be taken when the game ends. The warp will take him/her to a little area where they will score a point in CTF and start the level switch. The next level starts, and you start all over again (if you want to, that is).


The final CTF point doesn’t count towards anything – the team who won the domination march beforehand has already finished the game. This is merely a way to switch levels.
It doesn’t matter what team the scorekeepers are on – just as long as the players are happy with team-mates and opponents.
To make it easier on scorekeepers, man made writing utensils and paper for them to use in the game. (Ticks or numbers – take your pick. While you add up ticks, you can write the number; cross it out, write the next one, etc, and when the time comes to read off the scores,
It is important that the scorekeeper is worthy of everyone’s trust, as he/she will be the only one keeping track of points for that specific domination point.
The difference between “defending” and “attacking”: when you are defending, you are currently on a domination point; when you are attacking, you are going to go blast the other team off one of the points, and claiming it for your own team.
It is helpful for Team Chat to actually be working – otherwise your opponents know what you’re doing and how you are as far as health and weaponry go. That’s not very fun, now is it?
There may be more than 4 players in a server; the above was used as a minimum.
In every level, the domination points are made like a “room”. A player must be in this “room” to be able to get points.
Ex. In “Darkest Hour”, the domination point consists of the entire top platform. There are two exits for each. The little “bump” just identifies the main spot of the domination point.
You may not edit this document without my permission. (Aside from erasing the purple.)
Contacts: MSN Messenger, Email: (I’ve had this mail since I first started playing JJ2 – in ’98. Stop laughing.)

When It Comes Time To Rate…
You can’t fully rate this, really, until you’ve played it for yourself.
Feel free to create your own Domination levels. Including this document is also allowed, so that others may know how to play if they don’t. I don’t own this gameplay, so don’t sue me.
The levels are cheesy – I KNOW. They were made in 3 days. Better ones will be made later, so go easy on these ones! Rate on how well you think the gameplay goes in JJ2. It does take a while to set up (gathering ppl, server, etc), so don’t flame me there.
When putting this document into another level zip file thingy, erase the stuff in purple. You may leave some of it if you like, like the first couple points.
The concept itself is fairly complicated compared to many other gamemodes. Also, it’s hard to get enough people who know how to play in order to play. I can see that this gameplay could cause certain “OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG THAT WAS NOT A SECOND YOU ARE A LYING LIAR FACE AND YOUR FACE IS LYING AND FACE-LIKE” disputes, and it would be a good idea to find a group of patient people who are able to work with eachother. Beyond that, this gameplay requires little more than a good method for keeping time and patience – lots of it. The playing manual is frankly a bit confusing if you have not first seen the level, and judging how to play entirely on it can really mess up a game. Try playing the level a few times yourself and getting used to it before playing it online. The rules are a bit too strict to be a viable gametype for JDC, but I can see this being a good game when a lot of capable players are together in one server. As challenging as it is to set up, it is also pretty fun to play (this is based on playing with only a few others, not a full roster of players). I can not lend a rating to this, nor a standard review, but the bottom line is that it is fun but challenging to organize. If you are able to organize it, however, this is great fun.

EDIT: I do not think making the rules more vague is ever a good idea… ;-P

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Review by Strato

Posted more than 16 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (42 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings38 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness57%

Ahhhh, the good old domination from UT. You have to control points for a long time. Sounds like fun yes?It would be great, but the server control is too high to imagine. You must allllllways watch, and that gets boring. I would sugest a hole in which you slowly fall thorugh and hit Trigger Zones until you make it through. Could work I guess.

Good points: :/
It’s domination

Bad points: >:(
Server control
Hard level design. Really.

Overall: N/A( :| )
Well people aren’t rating it so… Well anyway, a good rendition of domination. Work more on teh system and make teh lvls less cluastrophobic.[This review has been edited by Inf. Spaz]

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Review by ~[GpW]NinjA

Posted more than 16 years ago
CTF Bug (8 Points)
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You just need people like Ninja, FireSword, Violet, Dizzy, KRSplat..only KRSplat and Fireball had seriously diffrent ways of counting seconds. o.O

I would rate this 10, because any new gamemodes are welcome, and help improve JJ2..but I don’t know what Fquist would think. :/

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Review by *Fireball*

Posted more than 16 years ago
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0

since this is a test pack, reviewers are free to tell me about how i could improve the whole thing,,

again, i know its a little difficult to set up, but i couldnt help that,, am currently in the process of making more, better levels, and suggestions of improvement are welcomed,, (should i make the rules more vague?)

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