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8 Apr 2003 at 04:00 (Minor update on 25 Apr 2015)

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<b>Levels:</b> Bluez, BlurredD, CelL, defalcon, Disguise, EvilMike, FireSworD, Jeh, Martin aka Partydude, Merlyn, MidN aka Chimaera, Project Forward, Shadow GpW, Spy, and Violet CLM<br><b>Help:</b> Bobby aka Dizzy, FireSworD, and Violet CLM

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LevelInfo.txt 4.04 kB 05 Apr 2003
Bash5 BattleMusic.txt 0.91 kB 11 Apr 2003
Bash5 CTFMusic.txt 0.95 kB 11 Apr 2003
Bash5 CTFMusic.txt 0.95 kB 11 Apr 2003
ab5btl1.j2l Officials VS Competitors 8.65 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5btl10.j2l Doomsday Darkdream 5.36 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5btl11.j2l Green Beret 4.92 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5btl12.j2l Hectic Housewars 4.04 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5btl13.j2l 10.88 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5btl14.j2l Forsaken 11.83 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5btl15.j2l Virtual Headache 9.85 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5btl16.j2l Higher Fragging Rate 6.79 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5btl17.j2l 60,000 Feet Under 6.68 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5btl18.j2l Rockingham II 8.72 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5btl19.j2l The Dark Fortress 14.14 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5btl2.j2l e-Line Circuits 6.58 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5btl20.j2l Spider Swamp 10.58 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5btl21.j2l >>Chemical Reactionz II<< 20.35 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5btl22.j2l Where Warriors Fall 4.72 kB 07 Apr 2003
ab5btl3.j2l MyStIc FoReSt CaVe 8.47 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5btl4.j2l Universal Warzone 7.53 kB 11 Apr 2003
ab5btl6.j2l Chocolate Lamp 6.62 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5btl7.j2l Carrotus Squash 10.72 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5btl8.j2l Shine-o-rific land 6.68 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5btl9.j2l SandStrand O'Hazes 12.74 kB 05 Apr 2003
ab5ctf1.j2l Zaitox Station 67 23.90 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf10.j2l Arabian Highlands 11.53 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf11.j2l Knightmare Castle 8.02 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf12.j2l Swingin Jazz 6.39 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf13.j2l Happy Castle CTF 12.02 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf14.j2l Happy Semiconductor CTF 5.70 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf15.j2l Darker Science 10.66 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf16.j2l Smog CTF 9.11 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf17.j2l Security Breach v2 5.19 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf18.j2l Diamondus Warzone 5.90 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf19.j2l Darker Science 11.03 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf2.j2l Angelic Warfare 11.96 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf20.j2l Dirty Laundry 7.75 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf21.j2l ClAuStRo MaNiA 11.51 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf22.j2l ShockWave 17.44 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf23.j2l Fiersome Flaggin' 4.62 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf3.j2l BloodBunny's Lair 6.62 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf4.j2l Martian Megatropolis 9.02 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf5.j2l SPACE ISLAND LEVEL WITH ISLANDS 8.17 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf6.j2l Celestial Wargrounds 9.16 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf7.j2l This Level Is Untitled 11.90 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf8.j2l One Silver Penny 9.03 kB 08 Apr 2003
ab5ctf9.j2l High Volume CTF 5.75 kB 08 Apr 2003
7th Lava Fall.j2t 7th Lava Fall 345.14 kB 06 Sep 2000
Castle2E.j2t Castle 2 Eclipse 199.53 kB 30 Jul 2002
CyberSpaz Tileset2v.j2t CyberSpaz Tileset2v 170.25 kB 18 Jan 2000
darkness.j2t darkness 71.70 kB 07 Mar 2003
Dats01.j2t Plastic Dreams 64.69 kB 17 Jul 1999
Egypt.j2t Egypt (day) 223.15 kB 02 Mar 2003
ETs Planet2 v3.j2t ETs Planet2 v3 83.06 kB 13 Oct 2001
Heaven.j2t Heaven 156.10 kB 26 Nov 2001
j1Battleships.j2t Jazz 1: Battleships 35.74 kB 20 Oct 2001
j1Battleshipsv2.j2t Jazz 1: Battleships v2 52.97 kB 29 Mar 2003
j1Diamondus.j2t J1: Diamondus 36.29 kB 07 May 2000
Lava.j2t Lava Lamp 15.33 kB 23 Jul 2001
MEZ03B.J2T MEZ03b 42.69 kB 03 Jul 1999
Neonius.j2t Neonius 69.53 kB 26 Mar 2003
Oasis.j2t Oasis 121.78 kB 20 Feb 2003
PersianParadise.j2t Persian Paradise 145.71 kB 17 Nov 2002
Space.j2t Space 100.35 kB 06 Apr 2002
SpaceWarbase.j2t Space Warbase 138.96 kB 30 May 2002
Spacey.j2t Spacey Universe 143.81 kB 27 May 2001
SwampsD.j2t Swamps Day 196.30 kB 11 Nov 2001
Townsville2.j2t Townsville ][ 168.79 kB 30 Jan 2003
Wasteland.j2t Wasteland 38.52 kB 11 Jun 2001
WinterlandW.j2t Winterland Wonder 182.37 kB 30 May 2002
Dreamland.j2b DreaM LanD 285.51 kB 02 Nov 2000 Revenge of the Cats 623.08 kB 08 Apr 2001
BAO!BAO!.XM !bao!bao! 177.39 kB 31 Jan 2000
existing.xm Existing, by MickRip 471.49 kB 08 Dec 1998
HGH-WILL.XM Highland Willows 592.45 kB 28 Dec 1995
Into_The_Shadow.xm Into the shadow 470.85 kB 21 Aug 1995
qum-myst.xm Mysterious Society 625.07 kB 30 Jun 1999
DISTORT.MOD 316.30 kB 05 Mar 1999
mywonder.mod my wonderland 665.70 kB 28 Dec 2001
stardust.mod stardust memories 150.07 kB 23 Oct 1999
T2000-5.MOD tune4 -SMILE!- 100.58 kB 02 Mar 2000
Depeche.s3m visions 63.27 kB 07 May 2001
Isotoxin.s3m isotoxin - necros / fm 461.24 kB 06 May 2000
mofc.s3m Carol Of Murderer I (KSM) 452.52 kB 10 Mar 2001
song0.s3m 77.13 kB 04 May 2000
TRAILS.S3M Jupiter Trails 196.59 kB 30 Jun 1999


This is the level pack for the upcoming Anniversary Bash 5. For more information, see below.


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Review by American

Posted more than 20 years ago
I might as well work here (708 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings577 Featured reviews5 Average helpfulness85%

Well, it’s that time again – Anniversary Bash is coming this weekend (the 12th and 13th). This pack features the battle levels for AB (CTF will be coming in a bit). AB is Anniversary Bash, an event that occurs once every year on the anniversary of the release of the shareware version of Jazz 2. Since I did not make the levels, please do not rate this, though feel free to review them). Here are a few shorts reviews of the various levels in this pack (I will post extended versions once I get enough time to):

1. Officials Vs. Competitors (ab5btl1.j2l)
This is a good and fairly unknown Medivo level. I like it, so I thought I would include it. My apologies to whoever made it, as I’m not sure.

2. e-Line Circuits by BlurredD (ab5btl2.j2l)
This level features a very creative and well-done layout and some neat-looking eyecandy. Also, I thought that BlurredD should have three levels in here.

3. Mystic Forest Cave by Spy (ab5btl3.j2l)
This is a really good Jungle level, and far underhosted in my opinion. The flow is nice, especially for a battle level, and it is a classic.

4. Universal Warground by CelL (ab5btl4.j2l)
What would AB5 be without an array of levels based on Disguise tilesets by CelL?

5. Toxic Waste by Shadow GpW (ab5btl5.j2l)
One of my favorite all-time Shadow levels, and definitely a great battle level. Plus it has a lot of cheese.

6. Chocolate Lamp by Violet CLM (ab5btl6.j2l)
This level is nice, as it is a break from a lot of dark-like space themed levels. It’s an enjoyable, fun level with enjoyable gameplay.

7. Carrotus Squash by martin aka partydude (ab5btl7.j2l)
Definitely a classic. You really can’t go wrong with Martin’s levels, even if it does use Carrotus.

8. Shine-O-Rific Land by EvilMike (ab5btl8.j2l)
This level uses JJ1: Diamondus and is a fun level, especially when there are quite a few people. Even though it is small, it balances that out with good weapon placement. An old favorite.

9. Tribal Temple CTF by Cell (ab5btl9.j2l)
Something about this level just makes me want to put it in the pack. I really don’t know what that is though. In any case, this is a worthy level, and one with no serious flaws.

10. Sandstrand O’Hazes by spy (ab5btl10.j2l)
This is a popular level, and while I am not a huge fan of it, something made me want to put it in the pack anyway. So I did.

11. Green Beret by Bluez (ab5btl11.j2l)
Like six hundred people asked me to put this in the pack, and I like it, so it’s in.

12. Hectic Housewars by Disguise (ab5btl12.j2l)
I wanted to include a Disguise level, and this one was his most recent, so I elected to put this in. It’s fun and definitely a unique level.

13. by EvilMike (ab5btl13.j2l)
I included this half because it’s a great level and half because I like to be yelled at for including a level featuring a shield.

14. Forsaken by BlurredD (ab5btl13.j2l)
What can I say? A BlurredD level using Agama’s Egypt. I love Agama tilesets and this level definitely makes great use of Egypt.

15. Virtual Headache by Project Forward (ab5btl15.j2l)
Perhaps one of the best collaberation levels of all time. A great use of Jungle, and tons of fun to play.

16. Higer Fragging Rate by FireSworD (ab5btl16.j2l)
A great FS level. I had to include one level using 7th Lava Fall, and this definitely was the best this year. Nice gameplay, good weapon placement, and all-around a fun level.

17. 60,000 Feet Under by BlurredD (ab5btl17.j2l)
It’s always a good idea to have plenty of default tileset-based levels in AB packs for obvious reasons, and this is one. Well done with good item placement and gameplay. And it’s by BlurredD, so why not.

18. Rockingham II by Merlyn (ab5btl18.j2l)
It may be a Carrotus level, but it’s amazingly well-done. I feel bad for including two entire Carrotus levels, but well…this is just too good to resist.

19. The Dark Fortress by CelL (ab5btl19.j2l)
A fun and definitely unique Castle level. Plus it’s by CelL.

20. Spider Swamp by defalcon (ab5btl20.j2l)
A fantastic level using the famous Agama tileset. This was apparently a first level, and a great one at that. Fun to play, and even more fun to just sit back and look at.

21. Chemical Reactionz II by MidN aka Chimaera (ab5btl21.j2l)
By (in my opinion) the most underrated levelmaker of all time, this is a great Labrat level. I had to put something by MidN in here, and this is a great level, not to mention fun to play.

Special thanks to Bobby aka Dizzy, FireSworD, and Violet CLM for help along the way. Also thanks to the AB5 organizers and hosts. I hope you enjoy this pack. See you at AB5!

EDIT: Various longer reviews.

16. Higher Fragging Rate
“Higher Fragging Rate” was intended to bring some strategy into the fairly strategy-deprived world of battle levels. This is a step in the right direction, but there are a few more steps before battle is truly a strategy-heavy mode. The level may be gameplay-centric, but it is not short on gameplay. It has an elevator-ish background with a foreground that is sort of industrial (it uses 7th Lava Fall by Dethman, which usually ends up either looking like a city or some sort of factory, this time it is a factory.) Weapon placement is good, but not amazing. The flow is good, but there are some places where it is hard to move around. It did, at times, remind me a lot of battle1, with a lot less ammo. It’s definitely worth a download and the eight point two I’m giving it. Great job, FireSworD.

17. Rockingham II by Merlyn
I had the pleasure of playing this excellent battle level online and must say that while I am a CTF lover, this is one of those few levels that actually makes me consider playing more battle levels (not that I’m un-lazy enough to get around to doing so.) If you thought that there was no room for battle levels in Carrotus to get anymore (or any less, for that matter) innovative, you may want to rethink your assumpitons, let alone your entire world view. Most battle levels fall into a fairly narrow margin of creativity. A lot of them are fashioned off of the gameplay of Battle1, and these days the sight of one that truly attempts to put some strategy into the realm of battle is a rare commodity. While it does not go as far as to revolutionize the entire gameplay as a whole or introduce some psychadelic funky eyecandy set, it does what it does best: be a really, really, really good and solid Carrotus battle level.

When you first start playing the level, it is hard not to compare it to Every Other Carrotus Level Ever Made. After all, Carrotus levels have been stereotyped more than Michael Jackson has had pretend skin diseases. This level is not predictable in any way, shape, or form. That’s why it is so strikingly different from other Carrotus levels out there (I am not saying the tileset can not be used with interesting gameplay, it’s just that levels using Carrotus often are similar in gameplay – solid but uninspired, much like the tileset). Gameplay is always very good. Weapon placement is one of the two areas, however, that were not perfect and could have been improved if it was thought about enough. While most powerups were fairly well-placed, certain areas had an overkill of powerups that seemed a little too out in the open. While I can’t say that this effected gameplay that much, it still was just one of thost things that annoys me without actually mattering that whole too much. However, WCS (Weapon Clumping Syndrome) is annoying beyond belief, and this level has a very minor case of it. A few weapons moved around here and there would be nice. The second area that could use some minor improvement was eyecandy. Generally, the level looked solid and had sufficient eyecandy to keep you interested, but in many cases there were small overlookings in the scenery. A few tile errors here and there did not exactly help how the level looked, but unless you were specifically looking for them, it probably won’t bother you too much. Since I informally beta-tested it, I must say that I am disappointed that the author did not fixed either of the two mentioned tile bugs after we pointed them out, but nonetheless that doesn’t detract a huge amount from the overall feel of the level. Flow was excellent for a battle level. Flow isn’t as important in battle levels as it is in Capture the Flag, but that doesn’t mean I like to see levels just ignore it, and this one certainally pays due attention to this often overlooked aspect of the battle genre. Another interesting thing which may fall under the “pros” column or the “cons” column depending on personal preference is the use of coins and a bonus coin warp in this level. You don’t see this often in battle levels, since the “roast as fast as you can” additude of battle levels does not exactly lend itself to hunting for various coins to get a powerup which you will probably lose after being killed a minute later. Still, while few people were able to get this powerup, the coin price seemed fair, and its inclusion certainally did spice up the level a bit.

What you have here is an example of a Carrotus level at its best. While it may not echo every other Carrotus level ever created, it achieves the hard-to-garner goal of being new and lemony-fresh without being so revolutionary puritist players who refuse to play anything more revolutionary than Chemical Warfare won’t play it. It bridges the large gap between classic and innovative, and bridges it quite well. While it may have a few quirks, the amazing level of concentration, ability, and knowledge of how gameplay structure works in a new JCSer is about as common as unpoisoned water in Death Valley. Even if you aren’t a fan of battle and aren’t amazed by this rating, it is definitely worth a download just to see the great skill of a new level designed. I seriously recommend you download this pack, and I think that a 8.2 rating, while it may not seem extraordinary, is still quite high. This may be the highest rating I’ve ever given someone’s first officially released level, and I really hope to see future releases from this level’s author. Rockingham II is really that good.

21. Spider Swamp by defalcon
This is a very nice battle level using Agama’s excellent Swamps tileset. When I saw someone using Swamps, I was in dobut, since it’s a somewhat hard set to use. But neither graphically or play-wise does this level fail. The level excels especially in ammo placement, which is near perfect. It also flows very well. The only problem is that the level is very small. It takes a long time to make a large but very good level using this tileset, so I won’t knock this level that much for it. However, this level would not be suitable for multiperson duels or the Battle Server (though I would have no complaints if the Battle Server accepted it.) All in all, and excellent level, definitely worth a look. A big download recommendation.

I hope you enjoy these levels. See you at AB5!

- Trafton[This review has been edited by Trafton AT]

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Review by defalcon

Posted more than 20 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (29 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings29 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness100%

I love the selection. It can’t be faulted – Carrotus Squash is in it, and Toxic Waste is in it. Good stuff. I’m sorta glad that ‘Bobbo Meets Royalty’ isn’t in it this time ;)

First level? Meh, not really. :P

EDIT: Hmmm Newspaz is right, they replaced it last year cause of that.[This review has been edited by defalcon]

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Review by Violet CLM

Posted more than 20 years ago
I might as well work here (539 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings280 Featured reviews26 Average helpfulness90%

What did I do? :)

Level 1: Officials VS Competitors (original name unknown)
Trafton’s copy of this level may have come from an OVC match, but I always have and probably always will identify it with Team Battle, a game mode it is ideal for. This level, using the Medivo tileset, has good (though nothing spectacular or new) eyecandy, great gameplay and design, and the standard music. I find I can not say anything bad about this level at all, in fact. Yay whoever made it (Mike?).

Level 2: e-Line Circuits
This is another of my favorite battle levels. I have been told it is grossly underplayed (I don’t join servers as a general rule, so I’m taking their word for it), and I can’t see why. The eyecandy is/was new, though just a little on the sparse side, and the rest of the factors are great. The multiple warp targets idea is used well IMHO. So far, this pack is turning out great.

Level 3: Mystic Forest Cave
Oh well. A lot of people like this, but I can not say I really care for it. Battles end up converging around the Toaster powerup, and the flow is horrible. Still, despite the fact that I do not like it, I suppose it’s a good level.

Level 4: Universal Warzone
Several of the levels in this pack seem to be levels I hosted as Newer Rabbitaria pregames, and I’m beginning to wonder if that’s how I helped. Anyway, this is a good level using a good tileset. The main problem with this level is, of course, the infamous bug where you get stuck if you hit a certain spring. Trafton/whoever was apparently able to do nothing (or didn’t bother to) about this, sadly, so it’s still there. Other then that, this is another great level.

Level 5: Toxic Waste (no, not THAT Toxic Waste, the OTHER Toxic Waste)
I can not say I really like this tileset all that much, but this level (as do seemingly all that use it) uses it pretty well. There is nothing revolutionary or amazing about anything in this level, it is just a solid battle level which takes few chances. The flow could use just a little work.

Level 6: Chocolate Lamp
This level is HORRIBLE! Boring background (just a flashing color with some moving bubbles), single (for the most part) colored walls, incredibly sparse ammo placement, tons of chocolate.. you name it! The whole level looks like it was made by a hyperactive kid on a sugar rush in two days with an urge to add every powerup imaginable! The top half of the design is ok, I’ll admit, but the bottom half is either too cramped or too open, and plainly uninspired. As a saving grace, there are some nice sucker tube things, though the vertical ones on either side could have been done much better.

Level 7: Carrotus Squash
This is possibly the best example of an unoriginal, solid level I have ever seen. The author knew what he wanted (I think) to present with this level, and suceeded – normal Battle gameplay, but at its best. This is, simply, a great level all around. The eyecandy is nothing amazing, the gameplay is nothing new, the design is standard, but all put together they come out AOK.

Level 8: Shine-o-Rific Land
This is another example of a good, solid level that doesn’t rely on dazzling special effects to generate fun. My only real complaint about this is that the background is too plain.

Level 9: Sandstrand O’Hazes
I do not recall seeing this level before. Regardless, it’s an interesting level, but while like the last two it shows nothing new or exciting, it does not execute this well enough to make it super cool. I am not too fond of this, but it’s ok.

Level 10: Doomsday Darksdream
Now, THIS level I have seen before. I can not, however, think of too much that is interesting to say about it. Everything in it is done well, except for one or two spots where I think it’s a wee bit too cramped, and the background doesn’t work in 8-bit (not entirely the level maker’s fault). Still, this is another great level for this great (as of yet) pack.

Level 11: Green Beret
I never want to see this level again. Not that it’s very bad, in fact it’s good, but I am so incredibly sick of it!

Level 12: Hectic Housewars
One of the most recent levels of this pack (I’m not sure how many of the levels were actually Made in the previous year, but probably not too many), this is interesting but I think it’s grows a bit boring after extended play. The tileset use is, of course, good, and the design is good, but there’s just something wrong about this level I can’t put my finger on.

Level 13:
Never seen this one before! It uses Blade’s Oasis tileset, and I can only assume the level’s theme is an Oasis as well. This level is overall good, but I have one gripe with it, the background. It’s nice that Mike found tiles in the tileset that could be textured, but it really needs support from the other background layers to not look so incredibly dull, especially in conjuncture with the lack of color of the rest of the tileset. (The level needs more greenery) Apparently there’s a shield in this level, but I don’t know where.

Level 14: Forsaken
A good level by BlurredD, using one of the most complicated tilesets in existance (certainly harder then Metal Mania). For some reason I thought this was a Treasure Hunt level at first. Anyway, there is really little to say about this level, as it feels like any other Egypt level based inside the temple and not outside.

Level 15: Virtual Headache
Umm.. this level, using the Jungle tileset, was made by a variety of different people and comes out with multiple types of eyecandy, gameplay and design, if not music. It is actually kind of hard to review, and besides, I worked on it (though it’s hard to tell as almost everything I did was cut out by someone later on in the chain).

Level 16: Higher Fragging Rate
I’ve reviewed this one before, and I don’t feel like doing it again. Let it just be said that this level is a very vertically oriented piece of work with some nice strategy.

Level 17: 60,000 Feet Under
This is another good, solid level with nothing much all that interesting. My main gripe with it is the eyecandy, as it uses Dam Nation in such a way as it looks like the most boring tileset in existance, which it isn’t.

Level 18: Rockingham II
This, like Carrotus Squash (a better level, however), is a simple solid Carrotus level with nothing too amazing, just bringing normal tileset use/gameplay to its best. I am not quite sure if the two of them belong in the same pack, but oh well.

Level 19: Dark Fortress
VERY interesting choice to come after the last two levels, as it contrasts with both of them so incredibly. While 60,000 feet under and Rockingham II were solid normal levels with mostly standard tileset use, this is different. The author takes chances and usually suceeds, with fun gameplay, good design (a little too vertical, but oh well), and eyecandy which you can look at it without getting dizzy. There are also a lot of coins, several morphs (!), and some TNT (…) to round out this very interesting level.

Level 20: Spider Swamp
I find the only thing I can say about this is “I never knew Swamps had an owl”.

Level 21: Chemical Reactions 2
Ok, who made this (..oh, MidN), how did it get in here (I see, MidN made it), and why on earth is it Battle and not Treasure Hunt? This would make a GREAT treasure hunt level, but it seems to be Battle instead. Anyway, it feels amazingly like the official multiplayer levels, in that it’s rather linear and has several dead ends. The eyecandy is a lot more daring then in the official levels, but I’ve never been a fan of layer 4 walls in the background without at least a transparent black tile in front of them. While this is interesting, and probably the most different level in the pack, I still say it should be Treasure Hunt instead.

Level 22: Where Warriors Fall
WAHHHH MEMORIES!!!! I learned to fight in this level…. . did you know you can push Monolith all the way from the coin warp back to it again? Umm, anyway. This is a good, oldish level, but I find that it makes a pretty good last level. As with many of these levels, it’s a good solid play.

Overall, this is a great pack composed of some of the best levels around (and one or two others). My main complaint is that there are too many good, solid levels and not enough exciting ones like Dark Fortress.[This review has been edited by Violet CLM]

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Review by Violet CLM

Posted more than 20 years ago
I might as well work here (539 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings280 Featured reviews26 Average helpfulness90%

Bloodbunny’s Lair, Happy Semiconductor CTF AND Diamondus Warzone got in here, so I refuse to review any of them.

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Review by FoD

Posted more than 20 years ago
Frog (11 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings11 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness28%

(Written after the re-upload was doanloaded)

Overall, I think this years pack is good. I have a few objections I’d like to share, though I’m not likely to be playing it.

It’s not so much that the levels I’m going to point out are bad, so I hope none of the authors think badly about it. :P I didn’t like the One where you jump from island to island and if you miss you fall to get warped. I also didn’t like Knighmare Castle due to it being so easy. It’s kind of like Stupid CTF, but no where near as fun (or as small). I also didn’t like JAIL being included. I like the level, and in the day I hosted it a ton, but I think it’s been a bit overplayed. :P

Other than those: Good picks.

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Review by Newspaz

Posted more than 20 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (140 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings132 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness68%

I’d take Toxic Waste out, it crashed last year’s server.

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Review by Stilettø

Posted more than 20 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (181 Points)
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YaY i like most of the levels.
and WHY did you have to put JAIL in it omg that lvl is …..

ab5ctf12 got tileset not found o.0

(Acronym edit. -Trafton)[This review has been edited by Trafton AT]

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Review by BlackRabite

Posted more than 20 years ago
Turtle Goon (81 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings81 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness21%

NOW you’re concerned about lag and stuff.

Weee, these are teh greatest levels ever. But if you’re so concerned about download lag, maybe you shouldn’t make big levels with lots of eyecandy. Just a thought…

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Review by blurredd

Posted more than 20 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (198 Points)
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There goes my last minute effort to make the pack myself. All I had to make was the stupid little text file that goes with it. I did change a few levels in the pack, but it might not really matter. I think I’ll go bang myself in the head with a heavy object for wasting all that time which could have been better spent.

(and i wasted more time just writing this up. bleh.)

And in other news, I had no idea of how many classic levels to keep. Me personally, I would have had five or less since some of them seem to be getting overplayed, but go figure. Also, I didn’t pick/suggest every level in the pack. In the end, something about someone else’s opinion got in the way so I don’t know and enjoy the levels. And last (but not least), is Security Breach v2. Version 2? I see many disappointed players in the near future. Security Breach just isn’t as fun without the jail. BTW, it uses j1Battleships.j2t.

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Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 20 years ago
Way better than Aiko (862 Points)
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Wow, the 5th bash. Anyways, I’ll just review the chosen CTF levels for fun, (Which I will most likely do for the battle pack as well).

Here goes:

Level 1: Zatox Station67
Well, Im not surprised that this level has been chosen. The tileset use and eyecandy is quite remarkable here, makes it seem realistic. The layout and ammo is quite strongly made as well, a solid choice for this pack.

Angelic Warfare
By: CelL and RagE
This level is also one of my favorites. I like the way it was designed, and the way CelL and RagE used the heaven tileset. I also expected this level to be in the pack.

BloodBunny’s Layer:
By: Bloodbunny
Well, I think this level has been in every bash so far, despite its very overplayed. Though I played this many times, I still quite like the layout. Its very roomy and easy to travel around. Though it sometimes gets irritating if you fall down while jumping on platforms, this level is good for running around in and dueling etc.

Martian Megatropolis:
Hmm…This level is also well made, though I didn’t like the dead ends where the powerups were. I liked some components used in this level and thought of them as quite interesting. This level is also quite underplayed so adding it to AB5 would do good and add it some popularity.

By: EvilMike
This is an unusual type of CTF level, but that makes it fun to play. I like the triggering systems used here and all that, and I basically like the idea. Though I hadn’t a clue that this level would of been included in the bash, Im quite glad it was.

Celestial Wargrounds:
By: Enigma, I think…
Hmm…another heaven level. Some things I liked about this was the carrot placement and the floatups for easier gameplay. The level was wellmade and was also fun to play.

This level is Untitled
By: EvilMike
Another level by EvilMike. The layout here is good, somethings I didn’t like about the placement was the clump of stuff around the blaster powerup. I don’t think so much fastfires in one place was necessary. The level itself was also well made.

One Silver Penny:
By: CelL
Another great pick by BlurredD, the level not only looks great but plays well as well. I think I’ve said enough about this level in my review about it, so I haven’t much else to say.

High Volume CTF:
BY: FiresworD
Im not surprised this level got chosen. It has a very good balance, and designed nicely. The ammo was placed nicely as well.

Arabian Highlands:
By:Super Saiyan
Wow, I had no idea that this level would be chosen, but like for many others, Im glad it did. The level design was good here, I like the tileset use as well. An interesting, but good choice by BlurredD.

Knightmare Castle:
By: I have no clue whatsoever.
The first thing I noticed was the interesting eyecandy, great use of BlurredD’s castle remake. The layout was pretty good as well. I can’t say I’ve played this level before, so I dont know by whom it is.

Swinging Jazz:
By: BloodBunny
Hmmm..Im glad this level had been edited so the sides arent open, this way the chance of a flag bug happening is very dim. The layout is ok, but I think this level, like some others in the pack, is severely overhosted.

Happy Castle CTF: (aka JAIL)
By: Stripe, Bobby, Quist.
Hmm…JAIL has been included. Though it is an ok level, I think its been overhosted to much. I don’t mind it in the pack, but I wished for some less popular levels, so that those levels can have their share of popularity as well. The level is good though.

Happy Semi-Conductor CTF:
By: Stripe
I quite expected this level to be in the pack. It has an interesting design and fun to play. Though it is overused, I still think it should be in the pack because its one of the best CTF Levels.

Darker Science
By: Shadow[GpW]
This level has also been included in some bashes before it, and the level is also well done.

Another unexpected level. The layout in this level I found ok, except I haven’t a clue how to get the RF powerup(without checking JCS at least)

Security Breach V2:
By: BlurredD
I have always loved to play SB(security Breach for you clueless people), mainly because of its great balance and layout. BlurredD has inlcluded his non jail version, which is good, since jail sucks for duels =P Anyways, SB isone of my all time favorites and im glad BlurredD included it in the pack.

Diamondus Warzone:
By: Epic
AAHHH no, not this fiendish level. Its probably the most overhosted and overplayed CTF level ever!!!Its also included in probably every CTF bash btw.

Dirty Laundry:
By: Bloodbunny
I also knew this level would get included. I don’t have much to say about it, except its also overhosted. Anyway’s, its still nice to have it in the CTF pack though.

Claustro Mania
I quite like this level as well, good use of the mez tileset , interesting layout etc. Though I feel the suckers are a bit slow and there’s too much of them. Other than that, not a problem.

A tubelectric level which I’ve played often, but not often have I seen it hosted. Its interestingly designed and well made. Its a great level and Im glad it made it into the pack.

Fiersome Flaggin’:
By: Disguisey Wisey the wise guy in a disguise (Disguise)
This level is also interesting, though I do not like the dead ends or all those fastfires in one place easy to get.Other than that, its a pretty good level.

Well, some interesting levels included here, others are overhosted though. Anyways, happpy AB5 Bash everyone!

[This review has been edited by Blackraptor]

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Review by Captin Shmit

Posted more than 20 years ago
CTF Bug (0 Points)
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yeah ALL of them were good except the half that didnt have music and got me stuk in the top-left corner
i think ya gota put a JAZZ START in there!!

[Official response: The levels themselves are used for multiplayer…and in multiplayer, a Jazz start messes up CTF because it is team-based. Music was not included because it is both very hard to get ahold of and also would increase the file size greatly. -Trafton][This review has been edited by Trafton AT]

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Review by RSPSS FR

Posted more than 20 years ago
Turtle Goon (86 Points)
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I looked it over and, it may just be some kinda bug on my part or someting, but is Zatox Station67 by CelL supposed to have two blue bases and no red bases?

[Official response: Good eye. I’m not exactly sure why, but when played in single player, Zaitox DOES, in fact, have two blue bases. In multiplayer, however, it is perfectly fine, so no harm there. -Trafton][This review has been edited by Trafton AT]

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Review by Unhit

Posted more than 20 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (28 Points)
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Blackraptor, Knightmare Castle is by me. I forgot to put a sign in in this version :).

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Review by ~[GpW]NinjA

Posted more than 20 years ago
CTF Bug (8 Points)
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i was gonna say that, but i was to lazy to delete my old review until today. >=P

anyway, kC rox.

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Review by defalcon

Posted more than 20 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (29 Points)
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Okay, after the like 8th upload the CTF music is up – filesize was too large. had to exclude one song that wouldn’t fit in either zip without making them over the limit – ss_skyli.xm

Enjoy. And be appreciative, this whole debacle cost me bandwith, and I’m already over my limit. ;P

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Review by defalcon

Posted more than 20 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (29 Points)
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Okay, after the like 8th upload the CTF music is up – filesize was too large. had to exclude one song that wouldn’t fit in either zip without making them over the limit – ss_skyli.xm

Enjoy. And be appreciative, this whole debacle cost me bandwith, and I’m already over my limit. ;P

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Review by EvilMike

Posted more than 20 years ago
Jazz Jackrabbit (217 Points)
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I made OVC if anyone cares. Keep in mind that this pack has a modified version of the one used in JDC. The level is also on J2O, listed as “Team Battle.”

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Review by Black Ninja

Posted more than 20 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (34 Points)
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winzip says it isnt a valid zip file. so i’ll go lag the servers by downloading.

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Review by DarkSonic

Posted more than 20 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (307 Points)
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Okay, I will review this with help from my own reviews on single levels, and I will write a few sentences about the levels I didn’t review so prepare for a long review.
Level 1: Zaitox Station 67 by CelL.
Gameplay: Good/Very Good. It’s not perfect. The spring placement was very good. But when you fall down at a base, you need to go back up. You can get stuck somewhere. There are many sucker tubes, and that makes the gameplay even better. Also, the balance is as good as it must be.
Eye candy: Very Good. I loved it. There were lots of stuff in layer 4 and 3. It was really one of the best eye candy I ever saw. There were also lots of brown and mud tiles. I liked that.
Pickup placement: Good/Very Good. There was not really many ammo, and the place of the bouncers was questionable(the bouncers near the bases). It’s better for Jazz, I think. There are 3 PU’s. Seeker, Bouncer and Toaster. The most ammo in one group was 9 gun9. There was also a Full Energy(of course). It’s good placed, but I think that it’s closer to the blue base. There is also a +1 carrot at the centre of the level. The Toaster Power-Up was closer to the red base, I guess.
Level 2: Angelic Warfare by CelL and RagE.
This is a nice level, the level has good trigger use, and a nice ammo placement. Great eye candy and gameplay. One of the best levels in the pack.
Level 3: BloodBunny’s Lair by BloodBunny.
Gameplay: the gameplay in this level is awesome. It’s the best gameplay ever. The layout in this level is kinda good, although the level is open. The flow in the level is very good. The spring placement is very good and there are warps which prevent you from jumping. There is some Spaz biasing here. You can get the left carrot with Spaz, and if you fall off, you acn get up again. Jazz has to copter and that’s a biasing. There are many platforms and you can get on them without jumping.
Conclusion gameplay: the best gameplay ever. Very nice flow, level is quite open. Some Spaz biasing, but a very good spring placement.
Eye candy: the eye candy in this level is nothing really special. There is not too many, but there are some secrets here and there. The tileset is used good enough. The tileset is under-used too, and it’s also hard to use it good. The lava in this level is made translucent, but sometimes, you don’t see the translucency. This is a bug, but that’s the game’s fault.. Layer 3 has alot of stuff, and that’s the reason why the eye candy is not bad or very good.
Pickup placement: the pickup placement in this level really rox. The ammo placement is very good, it’s good spread throughout the level. There are 3 power-ups, bouncy, seeker and gun9. The seeker power-up is placed at the left side, and you can get it with TNT, bouncies or gun9. This really rux. The bouncy PU is placed probably closer to the left base, and the gun9 pu is placed at the right side(and base). There are 2 full energy, you can shoot one down and it’s more close to the left base. The other carrot is at the right side, and cannot be shot down. There are coins in this level and tehre is a coin warp that leads you to the base. Left is left base, right is right base.
Originality: This level is very original. That coin idea was very good. The tileset was used original too. The tileset is under-used. The music is just standard, but it fits this level. The level’s name is original too. I will just say that this level is the most original possible. That means 8.5 points.
Level 4: Martian Megatropolis by URJazz[si]
Gameplay: Good/Very Good. It was very good. There was good spring placement but that horizontal springs were annoying. You don’t have to jump alot that’s very good. There are dead ends, that’s the only bad.
Eye candy: Very good. The eye candy was also very good. There were lots of things in layer 3 and 5, and the other layers were used good too.
Pickup placement: Good/Very good. It was almost very good, but I liked to use one type of ammo less, that would be good. The other ammo was good, because it was on the platform and not above. The full NRG was in the middle, thats good.
Gameplay: This r0x. That idea of the level was so original, and the layout was very original too. The level has not too many camp places. The size of the level may be quite strange, but I like it. This level doesn’t even need alot of springs. The gameplay is already very good(even without springs). The level seems quite big, and I like that too.
Conclusion gameplay: Pros: Everything.
Cons: Nothing.
Eye candy/Tileset use: Good/Very Good. Nothing really special here, but it’s quite good imo. I think the tileset is used well, and I kinda like it. There isn’t too many, but some places had nice eye candy. Others didn’t have, and that’s probably why the eye candy isn’t perfect or very good.
Conclusion eye candy/tileset use: Pros: The tileset is used well, and there are some places with nice eye candy. Cons: There could be more eye candy in some places.
Pickup placement: Very Good. I love the placement here. There is alot of ammo and there is enough in every place. There is a full energy placed in the middle of the level. There are fly carrots, which prevent you from falling I think. They’re also used for the fun I guess. And the originality. There are 3 Power-Ups, A Seeker, Toaster and Bouncy PU. The Bouncy PU is placed at the left-top of the level. There is less bouncy ammo there then Toaster ammo at the right side(with the PU too). The groups of ammo are mostly placed 5 × 2 or 6 × 2 or 7 × 2 × 3 ammo. There is also ammo on that small platforms, which you can get without jumping. The Seeker PU is placed in the centre of that two PU, where are 5 platforms. And the Seeker PU is placed on the 3rd platform of them.
Conclusion Pickup placement: Pros: Everything what needs to be good.
Cons: Nothing.
Originality: Good/Very Good. Yes, this level is very original. I give the complete 8.5 points for it. First: The excellent layout. Second: That interesting use of islands. Third: The placement of that fly carrots. Fourth: The tileset that’s used. And fifth: The music in the level.
Fun Factor: This level is very fun to play. The bases are easy to defend, but not too easy to kill the opponent after one hit. The RF PU would be nice here, but it doesn’t matter. You can kill he opponent with a RF or Bouncer than too. The full energy is placed on the ground, which prevent it from falling.
Conclusion fun factor: A very fun level.
Level 6: Celestial Wargrounds by Enigma.
This level is nice, there could be more ammo, but the eye candy is nice. The other placement rocked, and the gameplay was nice too.
Level 7: This level is Untitled by EvilMike.
This is a nice level, the ammo placement is intelligent. The eye candy is good, because the tileset is rather limiting. The gameplay here is good too.
Level 8: One Silver Penny by CelL.
Gameplay: Good/Very Good. Well, I can say this is a nice gameplay, but could be better, though. I will explain. First, there is a nice spring placement. Second, there are one ways in some places. Third, there is a copter in the level which makes the level Lori-unfriendly. But who cares, it’s mostly a 1.23 level and not hosted alot too. Fourth, there are some warps in some places. Fifth, the layout and flow are nice. Sixth, there are some tubes in some places. Seventh, there are some float ups too. And eighth, the level is not too big, but that doesnt matter much.
Conclusion: Nice gameplay, but not perfect.
Eye Candy/Tileset use: Very Good. Yes, this is again a very nice eye candy in a level by CelL. There is very nice eye candy in layer 4(sprite layer). There is a nice background. The tileset use is very good, too. There is a foreground, and that are trees. There is also something in layer 3, and it looks nice too. Even layer 5 had something, I saw too.
Conclusion eye candy: Very nice.
Pickup placement: Good/Very Good And here it is, the evil part of the level. I will explain why. First off, there is a very good ammo placement. Second is, there is one silver coin(penny) that’s why the name is One Silver Penny. There are 2 Power-Ups. One Seeker PU in the middle, with a Toaster PU at the right side. The Toaster PU is probably closer to the Red Base, but I dunno if it’s really true. Why is there a Silver Coin here? Well, there is a bonus of one coin and when you inserted the coin, you will be at the Full Energy. That’s quite evil, but it’s original. The other evil is, there is not another carrot in the level.
Conclusion: Nice placement.
Originality: Good/Very Good. Like I said, the idea to put a full energy in a warp where you need a coin for is very original. The music used is bonus2.j2b, and that music isn’t used alot for diamondus. Most times people that use a diamondus tileset always put Diamond.j2b as music. But I am glad to see that this time it isn’t the default music.
Conclusion: An original level.
Level 9: High Volume CTF by FireSworD.
Gameplay: Good/Very Good. I like it, spring placement is very good, only the level is quite small, if it was that big with this gameplay, it was very good.
Eye candy: Very Good. I loved it. This is how you need to use this tileset. I don’t care about that it’s overused.
Pickup placement: Good/Very Good. The ammo placement is really good, but you must get up again to get the ammo at some places. There are more levels which have that. The amount of ammo was very good. The carrot placement was also good.
Level 10: Arabian Highlands by Super Saiyan.
A level I don’t know too good, but I saw the interesting eye candy and good placement. Gameplay is good enough.
Level 11: Knightmare Castle by Unhit.
Gameplay: This level has good gameplay. The CTF bases were good placed in a small level. The springs were good, enz. Nothing bad about this.
Eye candy: Eye candy is very good. There are lots of dark places and all layers were used. That’s very good.
Pickup placement: Ammo placement was very nice. Not many ammo for a small level, great. The full energy was good placed on a small platform in the middle of the level. At each side of the level was a power-up, and the selection of RF and bouncies were good chosen.
Level 12: Swingin’Jazz by BloodBunny.
Another BloodBunny level. This level is worse than the other 2 by him in this pack, but it’s still good. The eye candy is nice, with a good placement and gameplay.
Level 13: Happy Castle CTF by stripe, FQuist and DizZy.
This level has alot of triggers, and I like that. Everything is good enough.
Level 14: Happy semiconductor CTF by stripe.
One of my favourites. This level has a very nice and strange layout, great eye candy and a nice placement.
Level 15: Darker Science by Shadow[GpW]
This level has again everything needed, no complaints.
Level 16: SmogCTF by EvilMike.
Another EvilMike level, this level uses the Wasteland tileset very nice. There is alot of good eye candy, nice placement and the gameplay is nice too. The rf powerup placement may be evil.
Level 17: Security Breach v2 by BlurredD.
This is one of my top 10, and I like it. I don’t know why this level isn’t on j2o, but it should be. Everything is nice.
Level 18: Diamondus Warzone by Epic and jeh(fixed it).
Argh. I don’t like this level. It’s too platformy and has a bad base and ammo placement. More than 1 seeker pu would be nice. The eye candy is good enough, but that’s all.
Level 19: Dirty Laundry by BloodBunny.
This is a nice level, with a great eye candy and placement. Gameplay is also nice.
Level 20: Claustro Mania by Shadow[GpW].
This is a level that uses Mez01, and I think that the way it’s used is very good. The gameplay is nice, but not perfect. The eye candy is very nice, like all levels in the pack. The placement is alright.
Level 21: ShockWave by Shadow[GpW].
This is another Tube electric level, and it’s very big. Again, everything that needs to be nice in a CTF level.
Level 22: Fiersome Flaggin’ by Disguise.
This is another level I don’t know too good, but it looks kinda nice, and has a good eye candy, placement and gameplay.
Well, it’s not too hard to give a long review for a pack like this, especially when you reviewed all levels somewhere. Some levels are not single on j2o, but anyway, bad that this pack may not be rated. I would say: awesome pack.
DarkSonic of XSÐ, CC and -XLM was here.
[This review has been edited by Da man]

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Review by p_daddy

Posted more than 20 years ago
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