JJ1 Scraparap

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9 Apr 2003 at 04:00 (Minor update on 9 Apr 2003)

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Violet CLM (More uploads by Violet CLM)
Tileset conversion
Thanks to Sal for beta testing (..in his own way!), and Disguise for helping me with the palette. Nick Stadler made basically all the original art.
scraparap2.zip (257.07 kB)

File contents

scraparapex1.j2l Scraparap Example #1 3.78 kB 10 Apr 2003
scraparapex2.j2l Scraparap Example #2 3.81 kB 10 Apr 2003
Scraparap2.j2t JJ1 Scraparap 94.86 kB 09 Apr 2003
Scraparap2N.j2t JJ1 Scraparap Night 94.26 kB 09 Apr 2003


Ok, this is my second (and the second, I think) conversion of Scraparap. New tile order, new tiles, new palette, new animations, new frames to old animations, new failures, and maybe some stuff that doesn\‘t somehow fall into any of those categories.

I was originally going to include a readme, but I managed to cram everything I would say in it into the mask.

And I stand by what I said before.. there is no big crashed rocket with fire coming out of it!!!

Reupload: Wrong music file included (Thanks JelZe).


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Quick Reviews Average: 10

Recommendedsonicnathan 1 rated 10

Perfect! All the tiles are here! Great stuff!

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 9.1

Review by Ragnarok!

Posted more than 20 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (146 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings88 Featured reviews9 Average helpfulness80%
Oh, another JJ1 conversion, again it is one of my favourite. Thank god it is good conversion. Otherwise, i would have already criticized. Oh well, this tileset seems to have all of the JJ1 tiles. GREAT!!!!!! Has the music. Thank god. Has night version, thank FQuist (i don’t know why! Actually he made the website so thank him and Violet for making the tileset.)! Well back to my introduction, the tileset is better than your first version. Well, here is my review:

Eyecandy Possibilities:
My Rating: 8.0
This tileset seems to have hardly anything for the background but some to put on the sprite and the foreground, but that seems to be what JJ1 has so i’m fine with it.

My Rating: 10.0
There are enough good, accurate animations and extra tiles as animations, like destruct scenery, but why no trigger scenery or buttstomp scenery blocks. Oh well.

My Rating: 9.7
The masking is great, but the windows or the invisible masks are a bit confusing but oh well, i could get used to it. And i can live with it too, i think…

My Rating: 10.0
The tileset is not too hard to use but it can get boring after a long time but that is if you make a level like 400 × 100.

vJJ1 to vJJ2:
My rating: 10.0
There are some extra tiles which look really cool, and the graphics for this conversion seems to be more better. No tiles are missing, apart from that, this rules!

My Average Rating: 9.54~9.5
Build with: Yes
Download: Yes

3 of 3 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by snzspeed

Posted more than 20 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (327 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings269 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness66%

This conversion just rocks.

My rating is:9
this is a must download if you are an a fan of jj1.

1 of 2 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by Lark

Posted more than 20 years ago
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (496 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings374 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness77%

It’s about time!
The old conversion wasn’t very good, but this one is great. 8.0, +.2 for a big improvement, +.3 for a night tileset along with it.

0 of 0 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 20 years ago
Way better than Aiko (862 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

Well, Violet has edited his scraparap conversion. Im glad, since I like how scraparap was originally designed.

Firstly, I can’t think of any missing tiles, there are spikes and rockes and those magnets, there is even flashing wires and those black layer 5 or whatever it is. The color is also well made, looks like the original scraparap. Nice added tiles though the destruct blocks look a bit strange. Sorry for the short review, but I’ll add on to it when I have time. For now my rating is 8.7, but It may be upgraded/downgraded when I add on to my review. For now it stays 8.7

Edit: Glancing at the tile placement I found it a bit difficult to use, but looking at what can be made with this level I am forced to upgrade my rating to a 9. Great Job![This review has been edited by Blackraptor]

0 of 0 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by DoubleGJ

Posted more than 20 years ago
Turtle Goon (81 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings73 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness73%

Oh just thank you Violet. First you made the best Candion tileset with totally new tile order, and changing tileset in one of DD levels was a nightmare. Now, this is your second tileset with new tile order – and heck, I have a Scraparap level in DD too. Just my luck. :)

Anyway, just another great conversion of you. Keep it up… if I’ll manage to stay alive. ;)

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Review by NOKA

Posted more than 20 years ago
Frog (22 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings22 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness45%

Great work. This is one of the best conversions. Everything is here, none tile is mising. Animations are great. There are a lot of thing added by the author, I like belts, they are just perfect and they fit very well to scraparap.

Go Violet! -I can’t wait to see your Orbitus conversion.[This review has been edited by NOKA]

0 of 0 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by PT32

14 Sep 2008, 17:27
Jazz Jackrabbit (202 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

well, what a great conversion! Like others have said, Violet CLM’s conversion does indeed seem to have all or most of the tiles from JJ1. Not much to complain about there. However, there is one evil little bug in the level. In the floor and ceiling tiles, if you put the floor right on top of the ceiling, and jump hard and fast enough, you can go right through the floor! :(:(:( Fixing needed.
Music fit well, colors were right on [unlike some conversions I’ve played…], so I’ll give you a good rating and a dl rec.

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