Roman Sewers

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10 Apr 2003 at 06:00 (Minor update on 10 Apr 2003)

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Jesterjj (More uploads by Jesterjj)

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I will just copy and paste the first part of the text file in the .zip:

©2003 Jesterjj

= Roman Sewers =

Hey look! Jesterjj made a level!

= Description =

Your in an Italian town… a town that just so happens to be Roman!

A Roman town… that has sewers!

What do you think about that?!? Huh!?

= Thoughts =

I wish I had all the original TMNT episodes…

= Serious Thoughts =

I have tried to make this level look as professional as possible.

Unlike most level makers, I don\‘t feel it needed to fill up every
little inch of the level with space to play in. That just makes the
level harder to navigate. With my level, I have attempted to make
every area unique… which also makes the level easier to map out in
a player\‘s brain.

Weapons and pickups are balanced for fair gameplay, with there being
just enough extra pickups and one upgraded weapon to make matches
interesting and add a little zing to the game.


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8

Review by mikeejimbo

Posted more than 19 years ago
Frog (20 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings20 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness40%

Interesting level. I’ll try to rate as per the usual, ‘professional’ rating outline.

TILESET USE/EYE CANDY: Very good, everything fits together, and it looks nice. One problem (minor detail), is that at the very top there are houses in the background that are ‘floating.’ But, I can overlook that. One thing though, it doesn’t really look Roman. The street lamps and clothes poles kind of distract from that idea. However, I have not let this lower my rating.

ITEM/WEAPONS PLACEMENT: Also good, but I never understood the point of food in a multiplayer level. I feel a sugar rush would be an unfair advantage. But, to each his own I always say. (Someone else does too, but I can’t quite remember.) The carrots and weapons are well-placed, and the power-ups are not too easy to get to.

GAMEPLAY/REPLAY VALUE: Since it is a battle map, (and a well made one at that) there is plenty of replay value. The travelling is smooth and circular, like the way I like battle maps.

ORIGINALITY: It’s a battle level, there have been plenty of those. The idea of being in Roman times is kind of new I guess, but like I said, it doesn’t seem very Roman. I’m not sure if there are a lot of battles in sewers, but it seems like a good idea.

OVERALL: A good level I think. But who am I to say?

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Review by Jesterjj

Posted more than 19 years ago
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness100%

I se what you mean about the floating houses. I re-uploaded the level and fixed that.

You see, I usually play in split screen mode, so I have a habit of ALWAYS going into split screen mode, even when playtesting a level. With the smaller area of vision, I missed those houses.

Anyway, here’s the fixed version.

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Review by American

Posted more than 19 years ago
I might as well work here (708 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings577 Featured reviews5 Average helpfulness85%

I have to say that the first time I saw this rating, I thought that it would be extermely overrated. And while it is significantly overrated, I have to say that I am pleasently surprised by the level. For a first level, this is really, really good and absolutely shows quite a lot of promise. Keep working on levels – this is nicely done.

TILESET/TILESET USE: The tileset used is the somewhat difficult but still nice-looking “Colon” tileset. Everything fits together fairly well. There is not anything amazing about the eyecandy, though – it is more or less plain as a general rule, and the walls look sort of messed up, but generally everything fits together and it looks good.
Pros: Everything seems to fit together.
Cons: Nothing amazing.
Rating: 7.5

WEAPON/ITEM/ENEMY PLACEMENT: Weapon placement was probably the worst aspect of this level. There are a lot of barrels put together in one place in some areas (“clumping”) and the basic ammo is a little sparse and seems to be placed in some not-so-interesting ways. Still, there may be some room for improvement, but generally weapon and item placement is good, especially for a first level.
Pros: Well placed.
Cons: Some clumping.
Rating: 6.7

ORIGINALITY: There is not anything ultra-original about this level. It is just a solid, Colon-based level. There is little here that has never been seen before, and nothing amazingly original, but, well, it is still really good for a first level, and that is what counts.
Rating: N/A

GAMEPLAY/DESIGN: This level is relatively small, more or less. It’s probably about half way between small and moderate-sized. The layout is fairly unusual though still nicely done. Flow was a bit difficult in some parts, and I often did hit into walls, but that is not as important in battle levels as it is in Capture the Flag levels. Gameplay is good, though there are a few problems that need to be worked out before this level can be really good. Very good for a first level.
Pros: Nicely done.
Cons: Small. The flow needs a bit more work, even for a battle level.
Rating: 7.5

REPLAY VALUE/FUN FACTOR: There isn’t anything that is really amazing about the level, but it is still generally fun to play.
Pros: N/A.
Cons: N/A.
Rating: N/A.

OVERALL (not an average): Colon is not an easy tileset to use, even for more advanced levelmakers. This level uses Colon well and also has solid gameplay. It may need some work, but for a first level, this is extremely promising. The flow needs work, even though it is a battle level, but is still not bad. Many of the common mistakes that occur when making a first level are completely missing here, which is definitely a good sign. Keep making more levels, as this definitely shows some very good promise. Nicely done.
Pros: Shows promise. Not bad gameplay.
Cons: Still needs some work. Small.
Rating: 7.2

Flow: B
Layout: B+
Creativity: B+
Bugs: A -

Tileset use: B+
Eyecandy look: B+
Creativity: B+
Bugs: A -

Weapons: B



+ PROS: A solid level, especially for the first.
- CONS: Nothing amazing, still. Small. Ammo clumping. Still, very good for a first level.

- Trafton

EDIT: One last thing. The carrot is contained within an area of destruct blocks. It would probably be better, if you want people only to be able to warp into it, to use one way instead of thsose blocks and surround the area with riochets so no one can shoot through to get it. If you want people to have to go through blocks to get there, use buttstomp scenery. Just a tip, although it is not that flawed the way it is.[This review has been edited by Trafton AT]

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