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A Domination level using Blade’s “The Space” tileset,, This does include a better, updated version of the Player’s Manual,, ppl before found it hard to understand, so made a better one,, anyway, enjoy!


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Review by American

Posted more than 18 years ago
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Here is the player’s manual without all the formatting and such for those who are unsure of whether to download or not:

..:: Player’s Manual: Domination ::..

You need at least 6 people; two of which will be scorekeepers, the others will be actual players
It is recommended that you play on a stable server – timeouts are annoying.
Set the game on CTF, one point to win.

This is where the players will all start off, including the server and the scorekeepers.
This is the scorekeeper’s box. To get in here, go through the warp, which is just above it in this level. If you can’t find it in other levels, ask someone.
This is the crate that locks the entrance to the crate area. Simple enough.
This crate lets the scorekeepers through first. Scorekeepers must make sure that they fall on your designated point or they won’t end up where they should be. (Below the box, there are different coloured blocks that have a warp just above. No two scorekeepers should have the same warp!)
Lastly, this is the Start Crate. Note that this crate is NOT Jazz-friendly.

During Gameplay
Player’s Objective: locate the domination points and guard them against the opposing team
The way you achieve points is to be on that point by yourself or with your team. Only one team must remain on a point in order to rack up points.
For every 5 seconds since you made the claim, your team receives one point. The first team to come up with exactly 60 points on one domination point wins the game.
If at least one player from both teams occupies one point, counting stops until only one team remains there once again.

If a player gets stuck/disconnected, counting stops (no points awarded) until (s)he is freed.
If a tie is declared, the first team to get a +3 streak in kills wins. Or, you can play a next game tiebreaker.
Part seconds don’t count. (ex. 3 seconds doesn’t count for one point)
Every so often, scorekeepers must say who is winning, and by (approximately) how much. (ex. “Red is winning by about 10 points.”)
If a different team dominates a point, the scorekeeper is obligated to say which team currently has that position. If no team occupies a point, it is considered “open”.
Finishing the Game
One or both scorekeepers will pick up a gold coin in the starting box. In the area they warp to afterwards, there will be a coin warp. Note that this warp is only to be taken when a winner/tie is declared.
The coin warp takes the scorekeeper to a little area where they will then score one point in CTF, starting the level switch.

It doesn’t matter what team the scorekeepers are on – just as long as the players are happy with teammates and opponents.
To make it easier on scorekeepers, man made writing utensils and paper for them to use in the game. (Ticks or numbers – take your pick)
It is important that the scorekeeper is worthy of everyone’s trust, as he/she will be the only one keeping track of points for that specific domination point.

From the Author (of this document)
You may not edit this document without my permission.
Contacts: MSN Messenger, Email: (I’ve had this mail since I first started playing JJ2 – in ’98. I never bothered to change it since. Stop laughing.)
I don’t own this gameplay – don’t sue me!
Feel free to make your own Domination levels (you can also include this document).
Last updated: April 14, 2003


First off, I would just like to say that I am reviewing the level and not the gametype. I am debating whether or not to include a rating, but for now I will not. Since the gametype does decide some of the elements of the level (notably its size), the level would probably get a fairly low rating (six point something or other). So I will not give it one for now.

TILESET/TILESET USE: Blade’s “Space” is used fairly well. There is not an increadible amount of eyecandy, but it is suitable for a level such as this. The theme seems to be, unsurprisingly, a space station, and it looks pretty good. I found no eyecandy errors, and nothing I could find looked questionable. The level is small, and that probably does make eyecandy a bit easier. All of the different tile types were used and everything, and generally everything was quite well-done. Nice job.
Pros: Everything seems to fit together, and looks quite nice.
Cons: Not all that surprising, considering the level’s size.
Rating: 7.7

WEAPON/ITEM/ENEMY PLACEMENT: Again, this factor was not bad. All of the ammo was not powered up, but that is not a fault. In fact, for a level of this type and size and gamemode, this is probably a good thing. All off the basic ammo was positioned well where players could access it without too much trouble, and it was not that hard to find everything. Overall, this meter was very good.
Pros: Very nicely done.
Cons: No major ones.
Rating: 8.2

ORIGINALITY: It is a new gametype, so it definitely is original.
Rating: N/A

GAMEPLAY/DESIGN: Gameplay was generally good. The only real complaint I had involves the fact that the level is sometimes hard to navigate. That and teaching players who join what the gamemode is, but that is not a level flaw. Too small, though.
Pros: N/A
Cons: N/A
Rating: 5.7

REPLAY VALUE/FUN FACTOR: This would involve rating the gamemode, which I am not going to do. So nya.
Pros: N/A.
Cons: N/A.
Rating: N/A.

OVERALL (not an average): This is a solid, but small level, that is well suited for the gameplay. No rating, though, since this does not deserve much of a rating as a demo level of sorts.
Pros: Solid level for the gamemode.
Cons: Small. Not good for any other gamemode.
Rating: N/A

Flow: B -
Layout: B
Creativity: A
Bugs: A

Tileset use: A -
Eyecandy look: A
Creativity: B+
Bugs: A

Weapons: B+



+ PROS: Good for the gameplay.
- CONS: Nothing much, that is, if you are playing this level in its true gamemode.

- Trafton

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Review by mikeejimbo

Posted more than 18 years ago
Frog (20 Points)
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Not a rating, but good job on actually creating a new game mode!

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