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22 Apr 2003 at 04:00

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Readme.txt 0.52 kB 27 Apr 2003
DLevel1.j2l Year 3005 3.16 kB 27 Apr 2003
DLevel2.j2l Mission Street 2.67 kB 26 Apr 2003
DLevel3.j2l Queens Ship 1.49 kB 27 Apr 2003
DLevel4.j2l Muckamok 2.84 kB 27 Apr 2003
DLevel5.j2l END BOSS 0.90 kB 27 Apr 2003
j1Decksta.j2t Jazz 1: Decksta 21.79 kB 30 Mar 2003
j1Muckamo.j2t Jazz 1: Muckamo 22.50 kB 30 Mar 2003


It’s a Level Pack with J1 Tilesets.


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Review by Violet CLM

Posted more than 19 years ago
I might as well work here (538 Points)
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STORY: No story.

TILESET/TILESET USE: The author uses automasked versions of Muckamo and Deckstar, and neither are used incredibly well. Muckamo fits together, but there’s no background eyecandy, and the levels are sparse enough it ends up looking really dull. Deckstar isn’t really used correctly, and it comes off way too boring. The author could have at least used conversions (NeW’s Mayhem has both of them.. or he/she could have used Haze’s Muckamo Day), but he/she didn’t, so the slopes in Deckstar don’t work, but the windows are masked, while in Muckamo you stand on top of stars in the background.
Pros: Muckamo fits together.
Cons: Very plain, masking difficulties.
Rating: 3.0

WEAPON/ITEM/ENEMY PLACEMENT: There are actually quite a lot of weapons. Mostly Bouncy, but towards the end you get some Toaster, Ice and Seekers, while at some points there’s TNT to blow open a secret. It isn’t placed with too much care, but there is enough of it, to be sure. In levels 1, 2 and 4, there are 100 coins scattered about the level. Collect them all, and you get some sort of reward at the end. This is interesting, but the coins are all a bit too out in the open (in fact, they’re on the linear line of gameplay, for the most part), so they could be done better. The other various goodies are placed ok, with the notable exception of the Gem Rings, which are placed directly next to the ice powerup (!). As for enemies, I can’t say too much about them. They seem to be placed basically where there’s room, though some places show a bit of thought (like the dragon flies).
Pros: It’s decent.
Cons: Ice + Gem Stomps = No.
Rating: 5.2

ORIGINALITY: These levels are, to put it bluntly, not very original, with the notable exception of the final level, where you fight Uterus on either swinging vines or a bridge (your choice!). This surprised me in contrast to the previous levels, which were very linear (except for the maze in the first level) and (for the most part) uninspired. Muckamo, overall, came out tops in terms of originality in this pack.
Pros: Some originality.
Cons: Not too much, and the Deckstar levels are just dull.
Rating: 4.5

DIFFICULTY: These levels are, for the most part, not hard at all. It’s a little challenging to remove the orbiting spike balls from around Uterus, but other then that, there are enough carrots and weapons to get you to the end of the level basically (if not completely) intact.
Pros: N/A
Cons: N/A
Rating: 2.7

REPLAY VALUE/FUN FACTOR: These levels (again, with the exception of the last level) are not paticularly entertaining. They consist mainly of walking through the enemies, jumping up and down a little to collect the coins, and reaching the exit with not too much thought required. There are one or two trigger crates, but they are not incredibly interesting (though they did help the first level out).
Pros: N/A
Cons: N/A
Rating: 3.0

OVERALL (not an average): The author shows promise, but the fact of the matter is, these levels are not all that good. The eyecandy is plain (try to use conversions, and not the original things, next time), the gameplay boring, and the difficulty low. However, if he/she tries a little harder, I can evision better levels coming our way.
Pros: Levels 1 and 5 are ok, Muckamo fits together.
Cons: Nothing too interesting, gameplay poor.
Rating: 3.2

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Review by Lark

Posted more than 19 years ago
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (493 Points)
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Nothing special, just a boring maze full of goodies.
A little bit better, nothing special.
A boss level, again, nothing special.
Not as bad as the others, actually pretty good.
Another boss level, horrible because the boss wouldn’t get hurt :-/

I gave it a 5 because the enemy placement was nice, and… well I don’t think this level pack was awful.

Nice try, in the future, I reccomend the usage of one way events, getting interesting eye candy, and making it so you can only get to the coin warp destinations if you go through the coin warp (I could easilly get to the secret area in level 4 without the warp).

Download? If you want, nothing really impressive, though.

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Review by progenitor_caretaker

Posted more than 19 years ago
CTF Bug (5 Points)
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My HONEST rating- Here’s why:

-There isn’t really ANY backround eyecandy in the Muckamok tileset.
-Same thing for deckstar.
-It was not short, it kept me occupied for a good 20 minutes.
-There are very clever ploys to confuse you on which way to go.
-This requires strategy, just like the levels that are rated much higher.
-If I can remember, on mukamock, the green goop HURT.
-There shouldn’t be any open spaces on DeckStar.

5 good reasons, 2 bad ones…
Round off, multiply by 100…
70%. Good reason, eh?

(Your rating seems to be excessively high. Rating removed. -Trafton)
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Review by Sun Fun Dude

Posted more than 19 years ago
Frog (24 Points)
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Um its kind okay but eye candy is bad and the levels get quite boring.

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