Jungle Explanatory (Good idea too take a look at...)

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17 Jul 2003 at 06:00 (Minor update on 17 Jul 2003)

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sonictth (More uploads by sonictth)
Single player
Er... no i think there is no other guy... or? Oh, Excuse me, i`fe forgotten my mom! Read the intro text for mor instructions about her

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J-Explain.j2l Jungle Explain 11.21 kB 28 Jun 1988


BEcause it seems that too often people at J“o make New and new and ever new tilesets for jj2 i have made this jungle level (Uses JJ2`S Jungle Tileset) which shows you that you can make good and better levels with original jj2 tilesets too. (Mabye this is a little protest)
About my Mom: I have told her about that many people upload many tilesets so she ask me if there are basically origibnal tilsets… So i make a level from an original jj2 tileset (Jungle) Full of Food Enemies, Gems, goodies, coins, springs secret places (AND Dont forget i`fe used all tiles in the tileset!!!) I used many events….
And Lbratkid is right: I Want to get a goal with this: I wanna not have sooooo many tilesets! No one want this! (I think on this site are more than 300) THINK 300!) This is much! This is good that you have a great phantasy and use it for drawing!but: Wont we make enough levels From the old ones with are there? Remember:
Think there is a new one. A Really good one!: People say: Hey i wanna make some levels out of tis! OR THIS IS GREAT!!! OR AMMMAAAAZZZIINNNG!!!! THen a new tileset has finished… One week later. the people like it as much as well.. and the spoke (nearly) the same than from the other tileset about it! Now what is with the old one? It is slide down the download list and it isnt so great when before a week! (Mabye we make a rule that only 10 Tilesets ( I think that is enought) in one month. so this are 120 in one year!!!! TOTALY ENOUGH!!!!! ALL What i want is, think about what i say.. Ok? this doesnt want to take much time. AND Include in your review what You think! Its your turn! We are the Future! Spend time in Your Fantasy! Good Luck! Very Very best Regards- Sonictth NAB-NewArtProductions For JJ2 The Future is now. Thank you.


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Review by Ðx

Posted more than 16 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%
assault?! sorry i dont get this level. please send a messege. and whan thing, its not assault( i hope you know what that is , i know ) but the level if this was in single player i will give this an


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Review by Lark

Posted more than 16 years ago
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (493 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings373 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness76%

DX gave this an 5. He didn’t know what assault was, and didn’t realize that when people are in a hurry to get their rushed work uploaded, they tend to forget to take the type off of assault. So, anyway, assault is when you try to reach a goal. This is not assault. It’s supposed to accomplish something and explain it, but I still can’t understand what this below average level has to proof. I wouldn’t call it a GOOD example of a jungle level, but it’s not too bad. 5.2 it is. And, DX, please don’t write in those hideously fiendish and ugly big HTML based letters, because… it’s annoying =p

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Review by Spotty

Posted more than 16 years ago
Turtle Goon (87 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings87 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness73%

This is an other I believe, its a protest about the person not liking how jj2 has so many custom tilesets. It shows his bias and should be viewed that way. Anyhow in my opinion I see nothing wrong with having loads of tilesets in jj2. It just means that people can make better levels. Without the mezz tilesets for example I can think of absoultely tons of levels that couldn’t have been made in the same way at all. So if you ask me custom tilesets are good for the jj2 community and they help us to expand and to seek out new things to do .

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Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 16 years ago
Way better than Aiko (860 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

I personally disagree with your protest. People can make as much tilesets as they want, its a free world. And there are many tilesets which are quite old and still popular, like agama’s. If it’s anything, I think there are too many single levels uploaded to this. Think about it, 300 tilesets, 2200 levels. 2200>300. plus most of the tilesets are quite original. I haven’t seen any heaven tilesets except agamas. I haven’t seen any swamp/jungle tilesets like swamps, I haven’t seen any castle tilesets that are like Corrupted Sanctuary. Mind you, having plenty tilesets is good. If you want to make a level taking place in a jungle, there are plenty tilesets that are jungle based to choose from. If there was only one tileset for each main theme, it would be very boring, because levels would be too similar.

In my opinion, if you couldn’t make tilesets in jj2, jj2 would be long dead. About 80/100 levels made are using custom tilesets. Without custom tilesets, there wouldn’t be as much levels, meaning people would have less levels to play and host, meaning what I said before, Jazz won’t be as popular and probably dead. And finally, posting this in jcf would of been much better than just quickly making a level, and only posting it so you can type in a bunch of letters descibing your opinion in the wrong place. Review for the level will come later.

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Review by snzspeed

Posted more than 16 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (326 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings269 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness65%


Eyecandy is….hmmmmm,little bit lower average. why?? because tiles were placed wrongly in someplaces.there were also some good things in eyecandy , like the those trees in the middle of the level.there were also many, many platforms( i think, :p)but im not an a fan of them, so no any bonus-points from them.

Tileset use was…yeah pretty average..
…..hmm, tileset use was good in someplaces(like those treesc in the middle of level).Ok, i dont have more to say about tileset use….
Overall, tileset use was average.or maybe little,little bit over average.

This level werent so original, there were an little cutscene, in the level.Ofterwise the level was very original. shooting bad guys,(like monkeys)colecting goodies, etc.
(By the way, if you think why i have taked originality in my rating system, the reason is simple.Because i like originakl levels.And yeah im sorry if i havent spelled some words right…. :P)

enemy placement were….hmmmm….little bit above average.In one part of the level, there were soo much platforms.some platforms had gems above them, some had enemies in them.but, i dont like if there enemies on platform, were jazz should jump.But anyway,enemy pacement was average…….

Difficulty level was good.level was quite hard, but fun…..I liked about this level of difficulty…. :)

Event placement was average. there were many pickups and gems in the level , and i think that their placement was average…..

Like i said before, this level was fun it was nice to jump around , and collect pickups.

This average level what should have more good eyecandy in it.
Good luck with your next level… :)


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