Saphir's First Racepack

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28 Nov 2003 at 05:00

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Saphir (More uploads by Saphir)

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Saphir's first racepack.txt 2.99 kB 28 Nov 2003
SaRace0.j2l Pipe Mosaics 1.88 kB 28 Nov 2003
SaRace1.j2l Toxic Raceway 3.23 kB 28 Nov 2003
Sarace10.j2l Ice Cold Speedway 2.09 kB 28 Nov 2003
SaRace11.j2l Flying through the Milky Way 3.80 kB 26 Nov 2003
SaRace12.j2l Deep under the Ground 1.25 kB 26 Nov 2003
SaRace13.j2l Epileptic Pinball 2.71 kB 26 Nov 2003
SaRace2.j2l Storm Tests 2.53 kB 26 Nov 2003
SaRace3.j2l Primitive Speed Laboratory 2.41 kB 12 Nov 2003
SaRace4.j2l Tube Facility 4.33 kB 27 Nov 2003
SaRace5.j2l Asteroid Planets 7.22 kB 19 Nov 2003
SaRace6.j2l Running through the rain 2.83 kB 26 Nov 2003
SaRace7.j2l Springy Pink 2.29 kB 28 Nov 2003
Sarace8.j2l Spacy Raceway 3.76 kB 26 Nov 2003
SaRace9.j2l Head for the crater 2.55 kB 28 Nov 2003
Atry.j2t Clouds1 5.81 kB 22 Sep 2003
Clouds2.j2t Clouds2 7.58 kB 22 Sep 2003
Clouds3.j2t Clouds3 5.70 kB 22 Sep 2003
Clouds4.j2t Clouds4 8.72 kB 22 Sep 2003
SaAnoUn.j2t Another Universe 6.99 kB 10 Nov 2003
SaBrown.j2t Brown Cave 2.72 kB 22 Sep 2003
SaEruption2.j2t Eruption Night 13.95 kB 10 Nov 2003
SaIcec.j2t Temple of Winter 5.68 kB 10 Nov 2003
SaPinkWalls.j2t Pinkish Walls 4.54 kB 22 Sep 2003
SaPulCol.j2t Pulsar Colors 6.25 kB 10 Nov 2003
SaStarlit.j2t Starlit Spaceship 5.59 kB 11 Oct 2003
SaTower.j2t Slimy Tower 17.75 kB 26 Nov 2003
SaWarbIn.j2t Warbase Inside 7.15 kB 22 Sep 2003
SaWarbOut.j2t Warbase Outside 7.35 kB 22 Sep 2003


I’m sure you all have been waiting for my next upload so you could rate it low. Well, here it is. This pack contains 14 levels and as many tilesets. The levels vary much in filesize and type, but they are race levels. All of these levels use my tilesets. Hope you’ll like this!
PS please tell me what you like the tilesets too


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.1

Review by MattW

Posted more than 20 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (44 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings44 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness20%

/run saphir_race_pack_review.txt

Level 1: Pipe Mosiacs
Eyecandy/Tile Placement: So-So here. Some parts look just plain odd (the beginning), and others look as they should be (clouds). 1/2
Flow: Only one real part in the level actually annoyed me, and that was the part where you had to freeze the springs then move down. Not bad here. 1.8/2
Possible with Jazz? Yes. .5/.5
Possible with Spaz? Yes. .5/.5
Total for level = 3.8/5 B

Level 2: Toxic Raceway
Eyecandy/Tile Placement: Pretty much dead on, except the light tricks can be very annoying. 1.9/2
Flow: Nice. Only sometimes it is possible to get confused on which way is the correct way to go. 1.9/2
Possible with Jazz? Yes. .5/.5
Possible with Spaz? Yes, albeit some parts are a lot tougher (Disappearing Floors). .4/.5
Total for level = 4.7/5 A

Level 3: Storm Tests
Eyecandy/Tile Placement: The colors get annoying. Otherwise, it’s O.K.. 1.6/2
Flow: Tests? Race? It can get – like most other tests – very annoying and tough. 1/2
Possible with Jazz? As with just about any other test, Yes. .5/.5
Possible with Spaz? Very hard, but possible with persistence. .2/.5
Total for level = 3.3/5 C

Level 4: Primitive Speed Laboratory
Eyecandy: The tubes on layers 2 and 1 can get annoying. But that’s it. 1.8/2
Flow: A tad more annoying then Storm Tests. Mostly because of all those darn springs and the pinball part at the end. .9/2
Possible with Jazz? Yes, but a bit tough. .3/.5
Possible with Spaz? Again, Pretty hard. Mainly the Pinball kept messing me up. .3/.5
Total for level = 3.3/5 C

Level 5: Tube Facility
Eyecandy: All is fine here. 2/2
Flow: AGH. Superannoying and Superconfusing. Superannoying for all the spring parts (one it is even possible to get stuck in and never be able to get out), and Superconfusing for the tubes at the beginning. 0.2/2
Possible with Jazz? EXTREMELY tough. I almost wanted to give up before i even got halfway through. .1/.5
Possible with Spaz? See above. .1/.5
Total for level = 2.4/5 D

Level 6: Asteroid Planets
Eyecandy: “Look mommy! I’m flying through space!” Very cool. 2/2
Flow: Jump Jump Jump. Not very cool. But it’s still a bit fun. ;p 1/2
Possible with Jazz? Of course! .5/.5
Possible with Spaz? If you have a ton of time to waste, yeah. Otherwise no. .1/.5
Total for level = 3.6/5 C

Level 7: Running Through The Rain
Eyecandy: Rain is falling. Not much else. 1.1/2
Flow: Jumping across clouds, Jumping fro beacon to beacon (i don’t know what else to call them, okay?) in the darkness, and hopping from platform to platform. Oh, and an airboard part. Feels partially like a race. 1.2/2
Possible with Jazz? Yes. .5/.5
Possible with Spaz? Sure. .5/.5
Total for level = 3.3/5 C

Level 8: Springy Pink
Eyecandy: Pink Pink. Could be better. 1.6/2
Flow: Albeit there’s a lot of springs in the level, this is actually a very nice race level. I didn’t really get annoyed except at some of the small parts. 1.9/2
Possible with Jazz? Yes. .5/.5
Possible with Spaz? Yes. .5/.5
Total for level = 4.5/5 A

Level 9: Spacy Raceway
Eyecandy: So-So. All the tiles on one of the front layers do is annoy me. 1/2
Flow: What? A maze in a race? An invisible spring maze too? It makes the race almost impossible if you don’t know what to do or which way to go. 0/2
Possible with Jazz? Yup. .5/.5
Possible with Spaz? Uh-Huh. .5/.5
Total for level = 2/5 D

Level 10: Head for the Crater
Eyecandy: Kinda missing here. Albeit the mountains and fade-to-black parts are cool. 1.4/2
Flow: Feels like a race. A real race, even. Only one thing to complain about, and that’s the part right after the fade-to-black spring part. 1.9/2
Possible with Jazz? Yah. No problems. .5/.5
Possible with Spaz? Yes. Again, nothing to complain about. .5/.5
Total for level = 4.3/5 A

Level 11: Ice Cold Speedway
Eyecandy: It’s snowing! Of course, almost all the bricks are bluish colored. Nice. Sorta. 1.7/2
Flow: Springs. Blue springs, of course. And freeze traps. And ice. Only one thing not so obvious. And that’s the belts on some of the bricks. But it still doesn’t mean the level is ruined because of them. It actually makes it a tad better. 1.7/2
Possible with Jazz? Yes. .5/.5
Possible with Spaz? The only part that kinda is hard is trying to jump over the water. .3/.5
Total for level = 4.2/5 B

Level 12: Flying Through The Milky Way
Eyecandy: Nice. Just tell me how you got those borders to work almost flawlessly. ;p 2/2
Flow: Airboard flight. One great race. The only thing i don’t get is the bombs and TNT part at the end. 1.9/2
Possible with Jazz? Of course! .5/.5
Possible with Spaz? Yes! .5/.5
Total for level = 4.9 A+ = Arguably the best level in the pack.

Level 13: Deep Under The Ground
Eyecandy: Short. Very short. .5/2
Flow: Vines and Bombs. Hitting springs while avoiding pinball bumpers. Horizontal spring puzzles. Trying to get to the other side by hitting pinball bumpers. Ack. .8/2
Possible with Jazz? Yes. .5/.5
Possible with Spaz? Yep. .5/.5
Total for level = 2.3/5 D

Level 14: Epileptic Pinball
Eyecandy: Just cool. VERY cool. The BG just makes it look as the name implies, Epileptic. Except if you play in low detail. It makes the level almost impossible. 1.9/2
Flow: Pinball puzzle after Pinball puzzle. Makes me get annoyed at the pinball bumper for once. 1.2/2
Possible with Jazz? Yes. .5/.5
Possible with Spaz? With a little trouble, yes. .4/.5
Total for level = 4/5 B

Total for pack = 7.5 (rounded) B
Great Job! This surely was fun to play while i was reviewing (save for some levels). Download Recommended.

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Review by BeckY

Posted more than 20 years ago
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness25%

Whee, fun! Not many people make race levels. When they do, they aren’t usually this good. These levels are fun, and they are hard. You should download these! If you fall in the toxic on Toxic Raceway, you get put back almost at the begining. On Stormtests you have to have it on low detail…..but it’s still awesome. :D I love these levels. You should host these often. Primitive Speed Laboratory is very confusing….and fun! :D On Tube Facility you have to keep finding the right tubes or you get put back at the begining. Asteroid Planets is an outerspace one. You have to jump from planet to planet and if you fall, you go back to the begining. Running Through the Rain is extremely strange. Then you have to cross cloud without falling. Springy Pink is very interesting….and has a weird bakground. The whole thing is like…pink. Spacy Runway is pretty big. It’s a maze-like level. Head For the Crater is huge, like the rest of the levels. The levels are ALL fun. :DDD Ice Cold Speedway is a really hard one…and fun! Flying Through the Milkyway is awesome. It’s like a video game. You have to go through the pinballs on an airboard, then you have to go through a place where you have to jump onto things, without and airboard (duh) and TNT is going off everywhere. If you fall… are warped back. Deep Under the Ground is another hard one. Epitleptic is VERY confusing….and hard. Wow, there are a lot of levels there. Good job, Saphir. :D[This review has been edited by Becky][This review has been edited by Becky]

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Review by Saphir

Posted more than 20 years ago (edited 25 Oct 06, 17:51)
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness68%

Thanks, Becky!

About each level!

Pipe Mosaics:
A standard type hard race.Tileset: Clouds1

Toxic Raceway:
A quite short race. If you fall in the slime you get back into the tube. Tileset: Slimy Tower

“Storm Tests”:
Like a test. You CAN play this on high detail, but it is hard. Tileset: Clouds4

Primitive speed laboratory:
A long race level with annoying foreground Tileset: Clouds3

Tube Facility:
Choose right tube.
Tileset: Warbase Inside

Asteroid Planets:
A HUUUGE race level where you jump from planet to planet.
Tileset: Warbase Outside

Running through the rain:
A strange level. Tileset: Clouds2

Springy Pink:
You run from the right to the left.
Tileset: Pinkish Walls

Spacey Speedway (or what was it again):
A maze level.
Tileset: Starlit Spaceship

Head for the Crater:
A quite typical level.
Tileset: Eruption Night (Quite good except for the lava)

The frost lvl (dont remember the name):
A long ice race with belt slopes. Tileset: Temple of Winter

Flying through the Milky Way:
Fly with the airboard through the pinball track. Tileset: Another Universe

Deep Under the Ground: A short but hard and ugly race level.

Epileptic Pinball:
Name says it all. Tileset: Pulsar Colors
That’s all, I think!
Rate them high!

P.S. Actually, all levels are easily playable with Spaz, I think… except for Ice Cold Speedway.

Yea, AcId, there is a way to “cheat” in springy pink, if you mean the drop thing..I maybe should’ve edited it, but it doesn’t help you go much faster.

EDIT: Omg, Ischa way overrated this.

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Review by Lark

Posted more than 20 years ago
I might as well work here (500 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings376 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness77%

I’m not going to review these because there are so many, but I just want to say that they are indeed fun, but fun isn’t everything… First of all, they are rather ugly eyecandy-wise. They have slow moving gameplay, and I just don’t seem to like them. Many of them are more like mazes and tests than races. Trafton, please don’t delete this, it’s not spam, BTW ;P I’m just saying that I agree with Becky that they are fun, but that’s about it. If I rated these, I’d give them around 6.

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Review by AcId

Posted more than 20 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (33 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings33 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness66%

Pipe Mosaics-

A rather mediocre race. Dull in eyecandy, it only has 3 colors of pipes, a weird yin-yang thing, and a blue background. The race is littered with springs and pipes that you can go through, but give no indication that you can do so whatsoever.

Toxic Raceway-

This is much better than Pipe Mosaics. It has some interesting lighting tricks, and I especially like the sucker under the toxic goo. The tileset is cool, and while it doesn’t have much eyecandy, it has background mountains, and a 3D background.

Storm Tests-

An interesting race. It’s basically the warp tests in a race. Not much eyecandy in this one, and the clouds are hard to tell between foreground and background. The haze in front of the screen is a cool idea in my opinion.

Primitive Speed Laboratory-

This race apparently uses the same tileset as Storm Tests. You have to be careful on this one, as there are springs everywhere that will send you a long way back. There is an off-color pinball set at the end.

Tube Facility-

This race is mostly annoying. An annoying tube puzzle that can be easily memorized, followed by several annoying spring puzzles. The tileset is pretty mediocre.

Asteroid planets-

In this race, you have to planet-hop around, looking for a warp that you are given no directions to find. The tileset is okay, however, and the star field is pretty cool.

Running through the rain-

Argh. Annoying springs and poles followed by warps, more springs and more warps. Not a very fun level, and the tileset isn’t too good.

Springy Pink-

A short race using a drab tileset. However, it is pretty fun. I think its cool in the part with the poles how Saphir lined them up so that they’d drop you off right at the start if you made a wrong move. There’s a way to cheat in this, but I’m not telling! >)

Spacey Raceway-

I’m pretty disappointed about this one. First, a maze I got completely and utterly lost in. Next, a ridiculously easy flying challenge. Third: AN INVISIBLE MAZE WITH SPRINGS?!? What’s up with that?!? And anyways, this is using a pretty boring tileset.

Head for the crater-

Another cool one. I like the tileset on this one; good eyecandy and a 3D background. Some interesting ideas are used in it, too.

Ice Cold Speedway-

I like this one. While the eyecandy is drab, it has some interesting parts, such as a slippery slope and a speed destroy maze. A very cool level.

Flying through the Milky Way-

Urgh. This one is buggy: I managed to get myself out of the bumper track and then it closed after me.

Deep under the ground-

This is an extremely short, easy and drab race. The bombs don’t do much, the springs and bumpers can be easily dodged, and you can easily jump over the rest.

Epileptic Pinball-

This level is cool. The background shifts to black often, rendering the terrain invisible. The race consists of several pinball puzzles.

And that’s all of them. Keep working at the levels and tilesets, Saphir!

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Review by Ðx

Posted more than 20 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%

i agree with labratkid.
some level(s) ar ugly and some ar nice. that
planet race is very boring >|
and some ar good with bunch
of eyecandy
bacuase its ugly and not VERY originally i give
it a 6.

gameplay 6.1
ugly: 5.7
nice eyecandy: 6.7 bacause i am nice i give it 7.

hmmm so final rating.



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Review by Smash

Posted more than 20 years ago
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0

I think that is a race pac(not for me)
for god players,like you.
(Unsupported rating removal. Tell us more about the other features of the level. Even just a few more details would qualify it in this evil day and age of high tolerance arrganysmycasramble. ~Violet)[This review has been edited by Violet CLM]

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RecommendedReview by Ischa

10 Jun 2006, 07:33 (edited 10 Jun 06, 07:33)
Spaz Slackrabbit (108 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings102 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness31%

Saphir’s First Racepack:

This good racepack is good. And not a little bit, but very!
Each round can take a very long time, because the levels are all very big.

Peter and myself played a tournament and the one that has average the shortest time wins.
The loser are doing the dishes. Peter was the loser, with an average time of 16:27:83. I won with 13:52:11.

It has lots of differents circuits: in space, in a lab, in a pinball-machine, in caves… Saphir: how much time did you spend on this great episode?

With other words: your first levelpack is a great pack for a whole tournament. Well done!

The eyecandy and gameplay are super!

Saphir’s First Racepack doesn’t earn a 7,6, but a fat 10. If you want to do a race-tournament with your friends, this pack is THE racepack that you need. For everyone is at least one good level and this is absolute a download recommendation.

Mark: 10,0
Download recommendation: YES

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